Hot dishes of poultry offal recipes

Roast the liver and heart with vodka
0.6k - - -
A great dish for dinner, flavorful and tender.
Fried stew with chicken hearts
485 - 60м 6
Stew is so comfortable: the first and the second, the choice of Your consumers. And the products can be used different, a little bit of everything on the table fragrant, rich dish, rich and beautiful. I love every product is pre-fried, I think so delicious, and the chunks of vegetables do not fall apart. Today let's cook a stew of chicken hearts, wild mushrooms, dried peppermint, celery and Basil, delicious. Help yourself.
421 - 60м 6
Maina - dish Jewish cuisine, prepared from sour or puff pastry. The meat part of the toppings for many can be from any of your favorite meats ( except pork ).
Chicken hearts with vegetables in tomato sauce
255 - - 3
A quick and easy recipe from offal - chicken hearts with carrots, onions and pickles, braised in tomato sauce. Delicious, nutritious, budget dish will help to diversify the daily menu.
Cracklings beer "miner" champion!"
210 - - -
Maybe I will be criticized by nutritionists. Possible. But still, on the eve of the Champions League games I can not share with an alternative snack to beer. Crunch, crunch!
Liver with vegetables in Singapore
191 - 30м 4
Add some vegetables and hot chili ketchup (Mahe), and you have a delicious hot dish for a family dinner. On the side, in my opinion, better suited to Fig.
The pie "Longing heart"
189 - - -
Soft, with subtle aroma of the dish. So tender, melts in your mouth. Even small children who don't like offal, will gladly eat this dish. The lack of specific odors inherent in the products will please you and surprise you with new colors of a familiar taste.
Stuffed Turkey hearts
178 - 90м -
This dish from chef Felix Bogaevskogo. My family liked it, I hope you will like.
Liver Forbes in karnolsky
176 - 30м 3
Forbesi considered a kind of jazz in Western cooking and, unlike the classics, the quite liberal attitude to experimental combinations of classic flavors. Normal Forbes is assembled from three components, cooking time is limited to 30 minutes, making forbesi popular dishes among visitors to the cafes and restaurants of an average price category. Anyone can reproduce a favorite dish at home. I decided to cook liver option for two.
Chicken livers in creamy garlic batter
176 - - -
Gorgeous tender liver in amazing and flavorful batter. The batter turns out tender and allows you to keep the liver from drying out. It is very tasty! Try, dear Cooks!
Chicken liver with pickled tomatoes
173 - - -
I love and frequently cook the liver with pickled or pickles. This time I decided to try with salty green tomatoes. Very tasty turned!
Chicken necks braised with tomatoes
171 - 60м 4
This is a recipe my dad. He often prepares the cervix, but I've always turned it down... don't understand how you can have the NECK. Have been stupid. In one remarkable day for lunch with nothing but the necks were not... had to try and I tasted and realized HOW DELICIOUS it is! I want to share with You the recipe, hope you also really like.
Buckwheat with chicken hearts
168 - 50м 8
Want something tasty and delicious, from the ordinary products available. This is it.
Skewers of chicken liver with mushrooms and bacon
167 - - 6
Unusual and very tasty kebab. And he is incredibly flavorful.
Hearts "Flaming heart"
157 3 - -
Hearty, delicious dish from the heart of Turkey, cooked in the oven with vegetables.
Cabbage with chicken hearts, from Lana
156 4 60м -
Long thought, what to cook of chicken hearts? A little onion, garlic, seasoning herbs, cabbage small forks, tomatoes for giving acidity. And now the dish is ready!
Gentle liver pancakes
144 - 40м -
Wholesome, delicious, very delicate pancakes I got the result of my experiment. Husband I was puzzled by the request, to make his liver pancakes, as I have never done that, had to go to the Internet and to your own imagination, that's what happened.
Chicken liver in sweet and sour sauce
135 4 30м 2
For lovers of the liver. And apples! :)
134 3 20м 4
Chicken hearts in a tomato sauce.
Puree in a creamy cheese sauce
134 - - -
From the hearts of turkeys, you can cook many tasty and delicious dishes. They are boiled, stewed, baked in the oven and on the grill, fried. From the hearts of turkeys make the kebabs, chops and burgers. They can stew in sour cream, cream, baked milk, as well as with garlic, onions and carrots. Garnish to such dishes can be cereal, beans, pasta, mushrooms, potatoes. Boiled hearts are suitable for preparation of various salads and appetizers. In addition, they make a great filling for pies and pancakes. From the hearts together with the liver and gizzards of a Turkey, you can cook a delicious soup. Today I decided to cook the puree in a creamy cheese sauce. Go!
Paella with chicken hearts and vegetables
133 3 40м 6
Easy, tasty and unusual!