Salads, meat offal recipes

Salad "the Prague-2"
1.2k - 140м 4
Exquisite, unique taste of the language, the lack of mayonnaise, fresh vegetables - the success of this salad provided! With a holiday!!!
Salad "Siberian"
1.1k 4 60м 8
High-calorie salad is prepared mainly in winter.
Salad "Mexico"
0.6k - 60м 10
Salad "Mexico" - a frequent guest at our holiday table. And taught me how to cook it to my sister, she's a respected administrator in the city of the restaurant)). It sister and was invented composition. Popular, easy to prepare, affordable products, very tasty salad. Cooks, share with you the recipe...
The Salad Mill
0.6k 4 25м 6
It turns out a nice combination of boiled liver and Korean carrots. The taste of the salad is very tender and slightly spicy.
Salad "Ballerina"
0.5k 4 80м 6
I had a salad with this name in the cafe, very much. Reproduced from memory as best I could. Hearty, tasty salad.
Salad "Tuscany"
487 5 30м 4
Salad with a slightly salty taste, perfect for dishes of potatoes.
Salad with tongue "Amazing"
474 4 - -
This INSANELY tasty salad. Thought of it myself. Like all WITHOUT exception. You can also try this.
Salad with tongue and shiitake
472 - 50м 2
Offer to cook a very delicious salad. The structure includes a tongue, oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumber, and dressing moderately spicy, savory, so to speak. Try it, you will not be disappointed!
Salad-cocktail with tongue
471 5 30м 5
Very tasty and hearty salad
Salad "Chamberlain"
459 - - -
Today is a holiday and the temple was a festive meal. Each of the members to prepare delicious and festive dishes. I also made this salad. Very easy to prepare, tender and tasty.
Salad "White nights"
441 4 20м -
In fact, the salad is properly called "Night", but I'm too bright ingredients and decided to rename it.
Salad "Figaro" with the language
439 5 - -
Boiled tongue, fresh cabbage, cheese, spicy curry taste... slightly sweet notes.
Salad of liver
406 - 20м 4
Salad of liver with spicy fried onions.
401 5 80м 4
This salad I also tried it in a cafe, I like it so much that I tracked down in the Internet and now always cook (I understand those who are not indifferent to the dishes of languages). Delicious, hearty salad
Salad "Treason"
391 3 20м 8
When I asked, "Why treason?", it's very simple, my friend, after tasting the salad, I was very surprised unusual taste, but said, "the Only salad that I will change with Olivier!"
Salad "Uzbekistan"
381 4 - -
Hearty, delicious salad of daikon, veal tongue and fried onions.
Salad "Dwarf"
377 3 - -
My impromptu.
Salad "Straw"
365 - - -
Another salad I loved pechenochki. Geniusly simple, easy and useful. :-) And called it a salad because everything is chopped it into sticks. And I wanted to share an idea feeding boiled language. So how? Beautiful? ; -) Try it, you will not regret!!!
Salad " Cossack"
363 4.3 - -
This salad I first tried at your favorite restaurant. Since bought it always. The menu assembled structure, already prepared at home. Want to buy You! The original recipe with polenta, liver and mushrooms!
Salad "Yaroslavl"
349 - 40м 6
The recipe for this salad, shared with me the wife of my brother. She, in turn, tried this salad in a cafe during a trip to Yaroslavl, hence the name. The salad is very tasty and healthy. I think it will also be interesting to those who follow the figure.
Salad "Penelope"
342 - 80м 3
A very hearty salad of beef liver, carrots, radish, pickled cucumbers, canned peas, pickled slippery jacks!!!