Salads made of poultry offal recipes

Salad "Geneva"
499 4 60м 8
Very filling, tasty salad with chicken liver.
Salad "Primula" with chicken liver
439 5 - -
Wonderful salad. Very tasty. Will decorate any holiday table and will delight not only you but also the guests.
Salad "Smoothie"
268 5 40м -
Hearty and easy to prepare salad.
Warm salad of chicken liver
216 - - -
Rich, very delicate salad of chicken liver.
Warm salad of liver with pear
199 - 20м 4
The unusual combination of chicken liver with poached pear and mustard dressing
Salad "Vesuvius"
192 5 30м 6
For lovers of puff salads.
Liver salad "the tough Tiger"
172 - 60м 4
A lot of different decorations in the form of Igrikov already have a website, and decided your option spread. The salad is very simple and for lovers of the liver (such as me)!
Salad of chicken gizzards with nuts
166 4 - -
Delicious spicy salad.
Salad with chicken liver, seasoned with sweet and sour sauce
162 3 10м 1
Salad "Chicken liver in the nuts"
147 - 20м 4
A delicate dish with nuts
Warm salad with chicken liver
145 3 15м -
A delicious combination of pine nuts, liver and green grapes.
Salad with chicken liver and vegetables
143 - 20м 2
Highly recommend You try this delicious salad. The crispy texture of iceberg lettuce with the sweetness of an Apple or pear and piquancy of cherry blend harmoniously with the liver birds. This salad will be a great dinner BoD a glass of wine. And, I did not expect it so delicious! I advise you to prepare. Persuaded?
Salad "Great!"
131 5 - -
"Fly away" because it flies in the bellies of the guests instantly! A delicious layered salad that can be served as a snack cake, as it retains its shape and does not crumble when cutting.
130 4 10м 8
This salad drew me with its unusual name and when I tried, I realized - this is mine, try it and you.
Salad with arugula and chicken livers
121 4 20м 6
For fans of the original. Very hearty and tasty salad. Those who are not imbued with the taste of the newfangled weed suggest to try this combination.
Salad "villager"
111 - 60м 8
The salad is quite nutritious and may act as an independent dish.
Salad "Joy zheglova"
110 - - -
I want to offer you a very easy to prepare, but very tasty salad of chicken gizzards. Recipe found on the Internet.
Salad "La Grande"
109 - 10м 4
Only three main ingredients, but it turns out a beautiful result. Very tasty and hearty salad. And piquancy give him pickles TM "6 acres". Help yourself.
Salad with chicken liver and pepper
108 - 30м -
I confess, I love sweet peppers. Eating it and eating fresh. But my family requires diversity. So today I made a very simple and hearty salad with roasted peppers and chicken liver. It can be served both warm and cold-always delicious.
Salad of chicken liver with mushrooms and olives
106 3 40м 4
Very tasty.
Appetizer of chicken hearts and peppers in a honey marinade
106 3.5 - -
Very juicy, very tasty, highly recommend!!!