Salads made of poultry offal recipes for birthday

Salad "Primula" with chicken liver
0.5k 5 - -
Wonderful salad. Very tasty. Will decorate any holiday table and will delight not only you but also the guests.
Liver salad "the tough Tiger"
221 - 60м 4
A lot of different decorations in the form of Igrikov already have a website, and decided your option spread. The salad is very simple and for lovers of the liver (such as me)!
164 4 10м 8
This salad drew me with its unusual name and when I tried, I realized - this is mine, try it and you.
Salad "Great!"
159 5 - -
"Fly away" because it flies in the bellies of the guests instantly! A delicious layered salad that can be served as a snack cake, as it retains its shape and does not crumble when cutting.
Salad with chicken liver and orange sauce
146 - 40м 4
Very interesting, delicious, multi-component salad. The ingredients are so diverse that it may seem completely incongruous. But you have no idea how this harmonious and appetizing salad, with a delicious sauce! To be sure, I suggest to try!
Appetizer of chicken hearts and peppers in a honey marinade
142 3.5 - -
Very juicy, very tasty, highly recommend!!!
Salad of chicken hearts
123 5 30м 4
very tasty
Salad with rabbit liver
113 - - -
Who has ever tried rabbit liver, he knows that she has a delicate. sweet flavor. that's why I thought she should have a very good friend with juicy grapes and a spicy arugula salad. The result is before your eyes. And the taste you can experience only when you cook.
Salad liver
111 - 60м -
Very tasty salad for the whole family! With a pleasant garlic taste. Cooking time ( including cooking the liver) 1 hour.
Salad with chicken liver and radish
110 - 20м 3
Hearty and delicious salad with the addition of chicken liver and radish. The salad can be made easily and quickly, and is perfect for a festive family feast.
Salad pineapple
110 5 - -
Salad is my favorite. Quite simply, without problems, and the result is amazing; -)
Warm salad on pita bread "Tenderness for two"
105 - 35м 2
Unreal simply divine! salad, so to speak, "tear from the heart" ))) just Kidding, of course, does not come off, and reveal this wonderful recipe. Share. The first time I made it for Easter 2012, since he seemed very fond of! Come in and learn it yourself!!
Salad with chicken hearts
105 - 60м 4
This salad is very easy to prepare! Suggest!
Salad with liver, mushrooms and radishes
101 3 - -
Rich and juicy salad. In this salad you can substitute dinner.
Salad "Rus"
101 - - 4
The salad is not in vain got its name because it consists of our traditional products (except for mayonnaise). Very nice mix of meat and savoury products, and the coriander adds spice. Very good as snacks.
Perigord salad
99 - - -
Salade perigourdine. Perigord is a region in the South-West of France, which is famous for its beautiful nature, mild climate, rich historical heritage and of course the kitchen. They say that there is enough to bend over to collect the black diamond, truffle. Doing one of the best foie Gras (fatty duck or goose liver).. And the wine Bergerac Cyrano himself worthy.:) Strawberries, walnuts, chestnuts... the possibilities are infinite. That's why, I want to start my week with this region and one of its famous dishes including Perigord salad.
Chicken salad popochku
98 3 35м -
Salad of chicken liver with Apple
96 - 15м 2
This is one of my favorite salads.
Salad "Irina's"
92 - 30м -
Dear cooks! Wanted to post the recipe, but everyone's favorite and recommendable already here.. But recently viewed recipes of salads, and found that one of my favorite and simple salads is not here.. At least to search for the ingredients of the recipe I found.. the Salad is very simple, from a minimum of ingredients, but nevertheless very tender and tasty. You don't like it! Recipe shared for a very long time friend Irina - hence the name)).
Salad with chicken hearts and eggplant
91 - 40м 4
Offer to your attention another salad, which is often cooked in eggplant season. Salad it's filling, tasty and unusual. When tasting it is difficult to determine what it includes.
Language in baked sweet pepper
90 5 180м 4
Almost a separate food. And the meat and vegetables. And cold and hot are equally tasty and healthy. And still and beautiful. Red, yellow and green. For the contest. "Vegetable traffic lights - red, yellow, green"