Stuffed vegetables recipes

Stuffed potatoes with minced meat "Mafroom"
4k - - -
Mafroom — dish of the Jewish cuisine, which came from the Middle East and North Africa. It is very popular in Libya. This dish is a stuffed with minced meat potatoes.
Stuffed pepper vegetable cushion
2.7k - 100м 6
This recipe is my favorite maloletki. Recently on the holidays my mom always cooks these peppers, so the principle without the need for me to repeat this recipe at home (mom often). But in the summer namorozila beautiful, fleshy Bulgarian pepper, specifically, so please... Pepper comes out tender and juicy. I'm warning you that here in the end, a lot of stewed vegetables. Invite on trial
Stuffed cabbage with quinoa
2.2k - - -
Finally appeared on the shelves of cabbage, its tender green leaves are perfect for stuffed cabbage. This time I decided to experiment with the classics and to cook a very special stuffed cabbage with quinoa. It turned out just fine, overseas quinoa is very harmoniously blended into the Soviet classics. Grains unusual burst on the teeth and have a stunning rich finish. Made two versions of stuffing, vegetable and not. Lean in to the quinoa I added mushrooms and vegetables, and neostem meat and vegetables. I want to say that both options are very delicious and was highly appreciated by my family. Even my husband who doesn't understand a meal without meat, happy to eat meatless cabbage rolls. To them I filed a spicy adjika, and nepolnym traditionally sour cream. I highly recommend to try this recipe, it will pleasantly surprise you.
Peppers "psycho", baked with cheese
1.8k - 30м 2
Mexican Ramiro pepper in appearance - like a big bitter chili taste like Bulgarian, only sweeter. Offer to cook them a boat-shaped with cheese and herbs and bake in the oven.
1.7k 4 180м 6
I'll post the Kurdish version of cooking dolma and Salma (Salma is stuffed grape leaves). A bit unusual for everyone, maybe, but here everything is so prepared. It turns out very tasty, but long.
Tuscan roulades or stuffed cabbage Italian
1.6k - 40м 2
Do you think that stuffed cabbage is a Ukrainian dish? Not at all! Roulades or rolls of cabbage familiar to all Europe! Just they are all prepared differently, with the national, so to speak, "highlight".
"Scarlet sails"
1.5k 4 - -
Eggplant stuffed with different cheeses. Well, very simple dish, BUT what a taste! Recipe cook only for 1 level. Welcome to the kitchen of the Maghreb.
Stuffed " Shoes"
1.4k - 90м 5
Festive and everyday dish.
Stuffed vegetables with caps
1.4k 4 90м -
Looks nice on the table
Stuffed plugs
1.4k - 120м 8
Great stuffed cabbage :)
Zucchini stuffed with shrimp
1.4k 4 - -
An easy dish.
Moussaka Oriental
1.4k 5 90м -
The well-known dishes. First saw it 15 years ago, I never even realized it was eggplant.
Tomatoes and spaghetti under the browned cheese crust
1.3k 4 30м 4
Quickly prepared.
Peppers stuffed with potatoes and spinach
1.3k - 30м 2
Offer another option for meatless filling for stuffed peppers! Tasty, fast, inexpensive!
Steep peppers
1.2k 5 60м 4
Lay the peppers on the balcony... "What would we do with it?"... Delve into the recipes of chefs, but still what I wanted, was not found. Maybe bad looking, this recipe is already there? Then I ask forgiveness.
Cabbage rolls
1k 3 60м 40
Stuffed with cabbage, beef, pork Yes! Try to cook in my recipe, you will not regret!
"The flying Dutchman"
1k - 45м 4
On one site I stumbled on this rather interesting recipe. A little bit of playing around, got this dish. Very delicate and delicious taste! Satisfying!
Stuffed pepper
1k 3 60м 8
My mother and I for the winter in jars close the peppers to winter his stuff. Present for your consideration my version of stuffed pepper.
English chips with toppings
1k - 90м 4
Potato Skins. Crispy potato skins with juicy, tender and at the same time, spicy filling. And you can make up your own, but don't forget be sure to use cheese.
Squash with chicken liver and mushrooms
1k - 50м 2
A wonderful tasty dish!!! Come on in, help yourself!!!
Pepper Bulgarian fish
0.9k - 30м 4
In Bulgarian cuisine is the dish prepared with cheese, I suggest making the peppers with fish filling. The dish turns out not only delicious, but also beautiful in the context. Help yourself.