Potato garnish recipes

Potatoes on the holiday table
1.2k - 60м 6
No party or meal is complete without potatoes. I want to offer you a very fragrant and tasty potatoes. Unusual submission will decorate your festive table. Serve potatoes and any dish out of it, just before eating, so it was hot. The flavors and the melted cheese will captivate you.
Fried potatoes with tofu
0.6k 3 20м -
But this dish was cooked to diversify so beloved of my husband fried potatoes. And surprisingly, he gave me for the fries even praised!
Potatoes "Creamy"
0.5k 4 10м -
Potatoes with cream sauce. In explanation, "A La Carbonara"...
Potatoes "Boulanger" from Gordon Ramsay
497 - 60м 4
The potato got its name from the French tradition (boulangerie - bakery) - before he gave the nearest Baker that brought a dish slowly prepared in the oven. Offer you a recipe from Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay - British chef Scottish descent, worked for many years in renowned restaurants in France, a great specialist "high" cuisine. The chef believes that cooking healthy and delicious food does not require much time, energy or money. This recipe is proof. I think his recipes you can trust.
Baked potatoes
490 5 25м -
Just need to try. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
The potato-lentil mash
482 - - -
You still cook the usual mashed potatoes? And we cook mashed potatoes with the lentils. And tastier and more nourishing, and interesting. The number of ingredients will not only the aspect ratio, because I cook a lot.
Side dish "Potatoes double cooking"
450 - 90м 2
A new taste for those who love French fries. If you decide to cook something in the oven or in a large amount of oil (e.g. schnitzel), as a garnish you can cook the potatoes the so-called double cooking. This side dish has become very popular in the English gastro-pubs, sometimes even triple cooking (in my opinion this is overkill, though tasty). As one English food critic - French fries double and triple cooking has breathed new life into this classic dish.
Potatoes in Hebrew
432 3 45м -
Potatoes baked in the oven with butter and garlic. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Baked potatoes in Turkish
422 - 30м 4
I want to repeat one very good. It is on the website already, but somehow unfairly deprived of attention. I'm kind of potatoes make for a long time. It turns out delicious. The whole secret here is pre-boiling the potatoes. So let's get started...
Potato croquettes with cheese
420 3 - -
The version of potato croquettes.
Potato roll
410 5 80м -
A great dish for lent.
Hearty potatoes
379 4 40м 6
Very tasty and simple dish you can quickly prepare)
Potatoes in Donetsk with sauce
369 4 90м 5
Just wanted to fry taters, but included imagination, try as she worked...
Potatoes in Spanish
336 - 20м 3
Patatas bravas (patatas bravas) – literally: "potato chipper". This is the name of the dish derives from the spicy sauce, which is served to him. Everyone who was in Spain and tried patatas bravas, never ceases to amaze: "How it is prepared, tender, like mashed potatoes, and crisp outside?!!" Indeed, the method of cooking interesting! Try this potatoes, as well as "cheerful" sauce to it!
333 - 60м 6
It's a warm, kind word that I first heard almost 20 years ago when I lived in the Soviet Union in p. Olekma at BAM. When I first made these naive potato-cottage cheese dumplings in Ukrainian. Now in Russia it is sometimes reminded of that glorious time... the Food is the easiest way to travel in time and space))) a Little bit of nostalgia, hour of free time, simple foods and... try paluszki! Soft, gentle, "matecki" with sour cream - delicious on its own. Or neutral side dish for poultry and meat. And if you call them a modern twist "gnocchi", it is possible to intrigue picky.
Simplified potatoes "Anna" in foil
333 - 40м 3
Potatoes "Anna" is a dish of French. On the website is his classic recipe. We have a house for years makes it a simplified version. Time to cook need less, but the taste is not worse than in the classics. Earlier I posted a recipe of meat "Husarik". For the meat on the side I was doing "our Anna".
Potatoes "freak"
325 - - -
Gaijin "freak" (original "Frite"). Surprisingly, the Boy I have not found a recipe of potatoes, which I came up with its name - "freak")! But I will tell about it!...
Chunky chips
290 3 - 3
Tasty, fast, in the oven, like chips, but easier. Taken from the website al hashulhan (on the table).
Slices of potato with mustard
287 5 - -
Delicious potatoes with mustard sauce, baked in the oven.
Young sweet and sour potatoes with herbs
279 3 20м 3
One of many ways to cook young potatoes. Potatoes stewed with white wine and aromatic herbs, which gives it a special taste and aroma. And with a small addition of honey or maple syrup - and even "light" sweet and savory crust.
Roasted potatoes with leeks
277 - 45м 6
Everybody loves fried potatoes, leek it will not spoil.