Kebab recipes

Skewers of liver with fat tail "Well is very delicious"
1.7k 4 30м 3
These skewers from my family - favorite dish, but for me - a lifesaver. When you need to cook dinner or to surprise guests, and in nature they are particularly good. Try it, you won't regret it.
446 - - -
Mtsvadi is a Georgian shish kebab name. Probably all will agree that the kebab is very tasty and favorite dish of all. Personally, I love Georgian shish kebab, and I was particularly drawn to a recipe from the book "Georgian cuisine". In the book I read that the people of Georgia don't really like the marinade, assuming that it interrupts the taste of meat, so they just salt and pepper the skewers during the cooking process. A barbecue is different from our usual, but it turns out not less tasty.
398 - 20м -
Tired of barbecue? Tinkering with the marinade? La Bombetta di Alberobello Bombette of Alberobello ( southern Italy) is a very good replacement! Absolutely! Quick and tasty and juicy! Can be at home to cook. Immediately my apologies for the photos - they are from your phone how it was...
Barbecue "Traditional"
330 - 120м 6
I called this recipe "Traditional", because it's always cooked skewers only him and nothing else. And so it was not boring, alternate dark beer, dry wine, and experimenting with herbs. Sometimes in addition to the above ingredients, I use a mixture of herbs for barbecue, purchased in the open market for our Asian friends. IMPORTANT: Use only the NECK!!! No other part of pork is not suitable for cooking on skewers. Bow in any case not be cut into rings and put between the pieces of meat - it does not give the fry to the meat. But don't worry, we also have onions and marinade and cook, and of course to eat) Marinate the skewers quite 4 hours, but I prefer to marinate in the evening the next day.
Pork ribs "Honolulu"
228 3.5 40м -
Very tasty. Fragrant.
Skewers of lamb
203 3 180м 5
skewers of lamb in koumiss
Homemade chicken kebabs on skewers
174 3 50м -
Extremely tasty, easy to prepare homemade skewers, cooked in a skillet.
173 3 - -
Cut in large pieces, fry on hot coals, pick a big company, get into nature , warms vodka, eating vegetables and enjoy the taste of kebabs.
Skewers, soaked in birch SAP
168 - - -
Kebab in Belarusian differs from others in that the meat is soaked or marinated in fermented birch juice or kvass bread. Since we now have spring, and that wonderful time, when from birch trees down juice, not use it would be stupid on my part)))
Salmon with mushrooms on skewers
165 - 30м 8
Salmon "Ladies ' man". Very tasty and impressive dish. The fish is very fragrant, juicy and delicious, and the mushrooms make it taste spicy! For this dish You don't need a lot of time and effort.
Barbecue in the Bank
161 5 - -
A great way to barbecue at home.
Skewers of chicken thighs
160 - - 2
I want to share with You, my friends, very tasty, juicy and tender kebabs! It can be prepared like on the grill or on the grill over an open fire.
Kebab "Lemonhead"
160 4 90м -
A good marinade for almost all barbecues.
Skewers, marinated in yogurt
159 3 30м 16
To describe the dish will not. Try it and you will understand why...
Assorted kebabs with homemade pita bread
158 - 500м 10
Here's a delicious cooked on may 9 last year. Fun was the sea, because it was really tasty and varied. Tasty holidays to you, friends!
Barbecue - chew bourgeois
155 - 60м 6
The simpler the better!
The marinade for barbecue
154 4 - -
The option of the marinade.
Skewers of pork neck with ayran and kefir
151 - 150м 3
Skewers of pork neck for a quick marinade, very tasty and juicy! Only a couple of hours and you can start roasting on the coals. A barbecue will be appreciated by all your friends. Nice view and good appetite! ;)
Non-traditional "kebab" in puff pastry with a surprise inside
150 - 80м 4
As you know kebab are mainly made from lamb, but I suggest to prepare non-traditional kebab of two kinds of meat stuffed in a puff pastry at home and take with you on a picnic. The idea of making an unconventional kebab found on the Internet, very tasty and not difficult to cook.
Kebab in pomegranate juice "may"
150 - - -
I think not only me these two concepts - barbecue and May 1 - are inextricably linked. On this day we open the season of picnics, camping or at the cottage. And, as a rule, fry kebabs. Today pickle in pomegranate juice. Help yourself.
Chicken kebab
149 5 - -
Now is the time for picnics and barbecues. :-P I personally love the chicken kebab. Offer the option of marinating kebabs. Option simple and a win-win. :-)