Fruit desserts recipes

Apples flambe "fire and Ice"
3.4k - 60м 3
Delicious, easy to prepare and very impressive dessert! If you're interested - welcome under kat!
German dessert of berries "the Company grutze"
1.8k - - -
The company grutze (Rote Grütze) is a very summery, bright and colourful dessert. To call it a jelly I do not dare, while the principle of cooking is very similar. It is good in itself. In the classic version it is served with vanilla pudding or whipped cream. The company grutze can be used as a sauce to ice cream, to waffles, to cereals and as a filling for pie. But it was a classic serve and vanilla pudding is the most delicious, in my opinion!
1.6k - 40м 4
The recipe my grandmother from the Belarusian Polesye. Nowhere in the Internet did not find, and would like to the cultural heritage of woodland did not disappear, and other people became acquainted with this deliciousness.
1.4k - - -
The daughter said that nothing tastes better "Snickers" did not eat. ( ( Well how is that? ( ( The grapes we have now is cheap, its nuts... decided to make her "Snickers", but only the Georgian - natural, tasty and nutritious treat. PS. Girls Georgian women (well, boys), correct, if not entirely authentic it turned out. But I tried...
Diet fruit dessert
1.2k - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
Croquettes of rice with apricots "Colbert"
1.1k - 60м -
A delicious and hearty croquettes. Especially tasty with peach syrup or compote! Recipe a long time ago I read a magazine. My very much. Since I cook. I suggest to You, hope like it too. Actually made from fresh apricots. I had dried apricots.
Fruit salad in pomelo
1.1k - - 5
Pomelo Latin sounds as Citrus maxima. That is, this huge citrus enough for a big company. But if to make him a salad bowl, then it will fit at least 4 servings of delicious, colourful fruit salad! But this is what you need for Christmas dessert! And this is my hundredth recipe :-) I can't believe!
Fruit graten
1.1k - 15м -
Fruit dessert that is served hot. For a basis I took French orange graten, adding to the recipe notes of soy sauce and slices of papaya (melon). Here, soy sauce is well blended into the sweet fruit and creamy tones. Colorful dessert will brighten gloomy autumn days.
Tart with kiwi
1k - 80м 6
The ball is nearing completion... but let me buy you another dessert. Very juicy and tart with bright kiwi! Spring apparently wants more and faster greens, so I decided to make green cake! Honestly, I thought it will be bland but no, it is very tasty, juicy! Recommend, how to cook very simply and quickly. Invite everyone to a tea party!
Milk-Apple mousse with vanilla flavor
1k - 10м 3
Autumn is the season of apples. Apples is not only a delicious fruit that you can eat. Apples are an excellent basis for many recipes. I suggest you treat yourself and your loved ones with gentle, airy desserts with vanilla flavor. Fast, very easy to prepare and insanely delicious dessert.
Marshmallow roses
1k - 60м 12
Rose of cranberry and Apple marshmallow with a reduced amount of sugar
0.9k - 20м 3
To describe in words, Hastak - it is impossible, it just need to try. A fantastically delicious and incredibly healthy treat. This Oriental sweet is popular around the world because of its delicious rich taste and many health benefits.
Heavenly honey apples
0.9k 4 20м -
I love the taste of baked apples... they remind me of my childhood...
Jam-marmalade on sorbitol "Holiday diabetic"
0.9k - 60м 2
My mother in law's diabetes, but she's allowed a little bit of sweets on the sorbitol. Fruit in season I will prepare her for the winter such sweetness on the sorbitol. This jam can be spread on bread and you can eat as a healthy candy, so it holds its shape and has a dense consistency. Can be served as jelly, but you can prepare for the winter.
Stew the apples in the slow cooker KENWOOD 658
0.9k - 360м 5
Long forgotten by me summer dish with a nostalgic fragrance of grandma's Crimean compote of dried fruits and an unexpected result-a minus of 3 pounds gained during the winter. The recipe comes from the instructions for the slow cooker KENWOOD СР658
Honey Fig
0.9k - 20м -
Spicy, aromatic rice, with a strong dominance of cinnamon and orange. Perfect for desserts and fasting.
Millet dessert with mango and chocolate
0.9k - - -
Dessert, I hope, is not only delicious, but also useful. It is for those who like unusual combinations. My husband, an adherent of traditional views of food - no, my God, meat with pineapple or a salad with nuts - bold their portion of it.)) I recommend to those who are not afraid of experiments.
Fruit dessert from semolina
0.9k - - -
Dear cooks, I want to share with you the recipe of a delicious dessert made of semolina. Two weeks ago, I treated a neighbor and took her a recipe I've made it five times already! That includes semolina nobody knows! Changing the fruit component every time we get a new dessert! Tastes like ice cream! Go! Help yourself!
Salad "Sweet coat"
0.9k - 30м 6
Always fun to try something new. I want to offer You a salad for dessert, "Sweet coat". This dish will delight your taste and will surprise you with its originality. Easy to cook, and it turns out incredibly delicious!
Dessert for children's party
0.8k - 5м 5
Easy to make and beautiful dessert for children's parties
Stuffed dates
0.8k - 30м 6
A friend brought a gift box of dates stuffed with nuts in syrup. I decided to repeat, replaced the sugar syrup with honey, mix a few different types of nuts, and I'm perfuming it was delicious. Present at your trial.