Fruit desserts recipes for New Year

Pears in meringue with cherry sauce
271 - 90м 2
The basis of preparation of the dessert I took, many of us know, the recipe for "Drunk pear". Slightly modifying and adding to it, I got extremely tasty, tender and low calorie dessert.
Marshmallow roses
243 - 60м 12
Rose of cranberry and Apple marshmallow with a reduced amount of sugar
The watermelon show
231 - 15м 3
Carving show. Ordinary watermelon in 15 minutes turns into an unusual character!
Scandinavian dessert
205 - 40м -
Very unusual dessert made of rice, unique taste which makes the combination of cherries and cranberries!
Snack to strong drinks
205 - - -
Today my heart Blizzard. When lonely and sad need to call my friend, to meet, to sit and talk. That's when You come in handy, appetizer-light, tart, just awesome. And sorrow and sadness will seem a doddle, because You have people who understand you and accept who you are.
Dessert "squadrons"
192 - 15м 2
Surprise guests with a Flambeau for the holidays, you can use this fruit dessert with a spicy dressing.
Baked Apple with marshmallows
164 - 10м -
Offer dessert recipe baked Apple stuffed with nuts, cinnamon and marshmallows))) This dessert is the perfect end to a festive dinner!
Christmas dessert of oranges for adults
163 - - -
Dessert inspired recipe Ki-Jedda from the book "a Little bit of Cuisine of Provence". Why in explanation - syrup changed according to your taste and preferences and was very pleased with the result! Dessert with a fresh taste, very winter, eaten to the last drop - the taste is indescribable! One word of French, is recommended to serve after a hearty meal)))Try?
Stuffed dates
159 - 30м 6
A friend brought a gift box of dates stuffed with nuts in syrup. I decided to repeat, replaced the sugar syrup with honey, mix a few different types of nuts, and I'm perfuming it was delicious. Present at your trial.
Fruit jelly with ginger and raspberries
142 - 30м 8
Delicious fruit jelly. Very strong grapefruit and many other refreshing flavors. Jelly is not very sweet. But who likes sweeter like me, eat Jell-o with whipped cream and fresh pureed raspberries.
Fruit tree
141 - 60м 4
Easy, healthy and tasty!
Chocolate fruit rolls
136 - 30м -
Rolls of chocolate pancakes and delicate banana-Apple filling, with a great addition in the form of a tangerine and a walnut. This dessert will not go unnoticed on Your Christmas table.
Dessert "Euphoria"
127 - 30м 3
Delicious, sweet, uplifting dessert. All in a great mood!
Apples stuffed with cous-cous
124 - 35м 2
For new year's table offered to prepare a light dessert! We plan a new year's abundance of snacks and not many can master and even a piece of cake! This sweet little gift I want to give Svetlana (avani), the same lover of couscous as I am! I hope my version of the dessert will like She and You, dear Cooks! Help yourself!
Salad "Halloween"
123 3.5 10м -
Very tasty and fresh salad with pumpkin and fruit.
A dessert made of apples and puff pastry
122 - 20м 2
The recipe is not even a recipe, so, notes in the margins.
Baked apples
122 - - -
This is another version of Apple dessert. Very tasty and healthy..............
Berry platter with pineapple sorbet
121 - 30м 2
Easy dessert for the holiday table, or prepare to give pleasure to his beloved. Delicious, easy, refreshing.
115 3.5 30м 4
Easy chocolate fruit dessert will not leave anyone indifferent.
Dessert salad "assorted Citrus"
112 4 - 2
A very delicious dessert consisting of grapefruit, orange, sweety, toasted almonds... delicious vanilla sauce.
Apples baked in cream cream
111 - 40м 6
Dear friends, it is not a secret, always helps us delicious dessert! Fans of the apples in the recipe offer! I cream so just love them!