Fruit desserts recipes for birthday

Dessert for children's party
316 - 5м 5
Easy to make and beautiful dessert for children's parties
Diet fruit dessert
314 - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
Pears in meringue with cherry sauce
271 - 90м 2
The basis of preparation of the dessert I took, many of us know, the recipe for "Drunk pear". Slightly modifying and adding to it, I got extremely tasty, tender and low calorie dessert.
Marshmallow roses
243 - 60м 12
Rose of cranberry and Apple marshmallow with a reduced amount of sugar
Scandinavian dessert
205 - 40м -
Very unusual dessert made of rice, unique taste which makes the combination of cherries and cranberries!
Snack to strong drinks
205 - - -
Today my heart Blizzard. When lonely and sad need to call my friend, to meet, to sit and talk. That's when You come in handy, appetizer-light, tart, just awesome. And sorrow and sadness will seem a doddle, because You have people who understand you and accept who you are.
Dessert "squadrons"
192 - 15м 2
Surprise guests with a Flambeau for the holidays, you can use this fruit dessert with a spicy dressing.
Berry Mantin
184 - 30м 4
Berry Mantin, this dish was born in my head spontaneously, and the result is extraordinary. I tried to make a recipe low calorie, so meringue was added not a lot of vanilla sugar and for the filling used Apricot jam D arbo and frozen berries, you can be generous with the sugar to make meringue very sweet, then combined with sour berries, You'll get exactly the taste of that then say that it was a stunning dessert, or just add more jam D arbo.
Dessert strawberry cheese
172 - - -
Delicate, strawberry! Perfect for the holiday table. Help yourself!
Baked Apple with marshmallows
164 - 10м -
Offer dessert recipe baked Apple stuffed with nuts, cinnamon and marshmallows))) This dessert is the perfect end to a festive dinner!
Peach sambuk
157 - - -
I specifically looked for a friend Google what kind of this dessert is still male! Very refreshing and light dessert!
"Sweet rose"
147 5 20м -
Don't know what happened today(maybe moon in some special phase or something.. ), but suddenly wanted to cook, but rather to engage in such sculpture.
Apple slices in caramel
143 - 30м 4
I can only say: "It's delicious, easy and quick." Apples 2013 crop we have there, and eat just like last year's apples somehow boring. That's handy recipe in the series of pamphlets "Seven chefs" called "Dinner in the Oriental style", many thanks to the compilers and to the unknown cook for the recipe. I made very small changes and they relate to serving the dishes. Prepare, try, evaluate...
Fruit jelly with ginger and raspberries
142 - 30м 8
Delicious fruit jelly. Very strong grapefruit and many other refreshing flavors. Jelly is not very sweet. But who likes sweeter like me, eat Jell-o with whipped cream and fresh pureed raspberries.
Chocolate fruit rolls
136 - 30м -
Rolls of chocolate pancakes and delicate banana-Apple filling, with a great addition in the form of a tangerine and a walnut. This dessert will not go unnoticed on Your Christmas table.
Fried bananas in Bali
129 - 25м 2
This is the most popular dessert on the island of Bali in Indonesia can easily be on your Desk! Quick and easy to prepare!. Barely had time to take pictures of the neighborhood kids came running to the smell and when asked for more, I was convinced that the bananas turned out well! Be sure to try!
Dessert "Euphoria"
127 - 30м 3
Delicious, sweet, uplifting dessert. All in a great mood!
Apple dessert sous vide
126 - - -
Very tasty dessert, tender apples soaked in a wine syrup with spices, airy sponge cake and silky cream laughing Sabayon. Great finish of the dinner for adults!
Salad "Halloween"
123 3.5 10м -
Very tasty and fresh salad with pumpkin and fruit.
A dessert made of apples and puff pastry
122 - 20м 2
The recipe is not even a recipe, so, notes in the margins.
Baked apples
122 - - -
This is another version of Apple dessert. Very tasty and healthy..............