Fruit desserts recipes for 23rd of February

Diet fruit dessert
313 - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
Pears in meringue with cherry sauce
271 - 90м 2
The basis of preparation of the dessert I took, many of us know, the recipe for "Drunk pear". Slightly modifying and adding to it, I got extremely tasty, tender and low calorie dessert.
Marshmallow roses
243 - 60м 12
Rose of cranberry and Apple marshmallow with a reduced amount of sugar
Scandinavian dessert
205 - 40м -
Very unusual dessert made of rice, unique taste which makes the combination of cherries and cranberries!
Snack to strong drinks
205 - - -
Today my heart Blizzard. When lonely and sad need to call my friend, to meet, to sit and talk. That's when You come in handy, appetizer-light, tart, just awesome. And sorrow and sadness will seem a doddle, because You have people who understand you and accept who you are.
Dessert "squadrons"
192 - 15м 2
Surprise guests with a Flambeau for the holidays, you can use this fruit dessert with a spicy dressing.
Stuffed dates
159 - 30м 6
A friend brought a gift box of dates stuffed with nuts in syrup. I decided to repeat, replaced the sugar syrup with honey, mix a few different types of nuts, and I'm perfuming it was delicious. Present at your trial.
Apples in beer batter with almonds
147 - 20м 3
Another recipe from the cookbook Andreas Geitl "bavarois brilliant"! Crispy almond crust, sweet and sour circles of apples, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar... have wanted? Forward!
"Sweet rose"
147 5 20м -
Don't know what happened today(maybe moon in some special phase or something.. ), but suddenly wanted to cook, but rather to engage in such sculpture.
Chocolate fruit rolls
136 - 30м -
Rolls of chocolate pancakes and delicate banana-Apple filling, with a great addition in the form of a tangerine and a walnut. This dessert will not go unnoticed on Your Christmas table.
Dessert "Euphoria"
127 - 30м 3
Delicious, sweet, uplifting dessert. All in a great mood!
Apple dessert sous vide
126 - - -
Very tasty dessert, tender apples soaked in a wine syrup with spices, airy sponge cake and silky cream laughing Sabayon. Great finish of the dinner for adults!
Salad "Halloween"
123 3.5 10м -
Very tasty and fresh salad with pumpkin and fruit.
A dessert made of apples and puff pastry
122 - 20м 2
The recipe is not even a recipe, so, notes in the margins.
Baked apples
122 - - -
This is another version of Apple dessert. Very tasty and healthy..............
Quinoa with cranberries and pear flambe
116 - 30м 2
Very flavorful dessert. Tart cranberry explodes on the tongue and enveloped a delicate sweet almond flavor of quinoa, and after this splendor remains an extraordinary aftertaste of pear brandy. We really liked it. Daughter ate for Breakfast, and my husband for dessert)))
Quinoa with Apple and cheese sauce.
113 - 25м 2
The combination of quinoa with cottage cheese and fruit is delicious. Useful and tasty dish suitable for both children and adults. This delicious dessert is dedicated to all the women who have bound their lives with the army, and fighting friends. It so happened that today, one year since my registration on the site, help yourself!
Apples baked in cream cream
111 - 40м 6
Dear friends, it is not a secret, always helps us delicious dessert! Fans of the apples in the recipe offer! I cream so just love them!
Sly banana pie "Thanks!"
111 - 30м 5
My dear, beloved cooks! This cake I want to give EACH one OF YOU! Every day You write me nice comments, send reports! When I checked on this site, I did not expect such interest in my recipes! And it's nice when experienced cooks, the recipes of which I have already the spirit captures, write me what I have done! It is beyond words! I'm only 25 and I am very glad that You help me to grow in the culinary field! You so much that I even afraid to list names for fear to forget someone! Thanks to You this website has become for me much more than just "what to cook today"! Gently embrace all of You! PS as for the cake, it is perfect if on the threshold suddenly appeared visit! To prepare for lightning! While people might argue over the last piece! This recipe and fair view borrowed from Jamie Oliver and adapted to our, so to speak, environment. Help yourself!
Pears in syrup
111 - 35м 1
Firework of tastes!!!
Fruit salad in papaya boat
110 - 15м 2
After dinner, you will certainly need to treat yourself to a fruit dessert made with papaya, it contains an enzyme that stimulates the digestion of food. Very easy and delicious dessert will delight you and your guests! And the kids will love it!!!