Fruit desserts recipes for Lent

Diet fruit dessert
316 - 5м 2
Jelly made from fruits berries agar-agar - replacement delicious cake for tea
234 - 20м 3
To describe in words, Hastak - it is impossible, it just need to try. A fantastically delicious and incredibly healthy treat. This Oriental sweet is popular around the world because of its delicious rich taste and many health benefits.
Honey Fig
221 - 20м -
Spicy, aromatic rice, with a strong dominance of cinnamon and orange. Perfect for desserts and fasting.
Scandinavian dessert
208 - 40м -
Very unusual dessert made of rice, unique taste which makes the combination of cherries and cranberries!
Dessert "Night flower"
169 4 45м 6
And again restaurant dish in half an hour ready in your kitchen, and amazement on the faces of your guests, guaranteed!!! Figs baked with goat cheese and walnuts!!! Words can not convey!!!
Dessert "eve"
153 - 40м 2
This dessert is versatile, it is delicious, both hot and cold. It can be submitted as a full balanced Breakfast, which is very important during Lent. I think that the female audience will appreciate his taste.
"Cream" of avocado and kiwi
148 - 5м 2
Now spring, the avitaminous period. Trying to feed my family healthy food, I try to make it even more delicious. Avocado and kiwi wonderful composition fruit, very vitamin. And most importantly they can be given to children.
"Sweet rose"
147 5 20м -
Don't know what happened today(maybe moon in some special phase or something.. ), but suddenly wanted to cook, but rather to engage in such sculpture.
Applesauce without sugar with cinnamon and vanilla
146 - 60м -
Wholesome, low-calorie Apple sauce, which will appeal to both children and adults. A great and delicious dessert that is easy to fit and diet. You can prepare puree for future use, as it is stored. Without water, no fat, no sugar. Well, just a storehouse of vitamins!
Fruit jelly with ginger and raspberries
142 - 30м 8
Delicious fruit jelly. Very strong grapefruit and many other refreshing flavors. Jelly is not very sweet. But who likes sweeter like me, eat Jell-o with whipped cream and fresh pureed raspberries.
Orange granite
139 - - -
Granite is a popular cold dessert, indispensable in the summer heat.
Raspberry sorbet with the taste of a tea rose
139 - 240м 1
Sorbet is probably the most delicious summer dessert. Sweet and cold, a thick pottage of fruits is loved by both adults and children. Sorbet can be called a diet dessert, because the calories in it a little, and a lot of vitamins. Sorbet can be done from practically any berries and fruits, as long as they were quite juicy.
Apples honey
135 - - -
Decided to experiment with baked apples and this is what came of it! The result is very pleased not only me but the entire family.
Apricot seeds walnuts
131 - 60м -
Forgotten fruit snack with a minimal amount of sugar. Has an intense apricot flavor, good color and minimal manufacturing costs.
Dessert "Relax"
123 - - 6
It happens that I bought a melon flavored candy init is not enough! Well, do not throw away!!? Prepare this dessert, whose name is fully justified. Jasmine rice, melon, honey, and Melissa is an incredibly fragrant and delicious combination that melon will absorb the sweetness of honey, Jasmine rice and Melissa will give your taste and aroma. Don't relax???!!!
Baked apples
122 - - -
This is another version of Apple dessert. Very tasty and healthy..............
Salad with melon
121 5 15м 1
Delicious! Try it!
119 3 20м 3
Orange salad
Apples, baked in the oven
116 - 30м 6
Apples are useful in any form, but baked apples are the perfect dessert that you can complete lunch or dinner.
Fruit dessert with nuts
115 - - -
Offer you pleasant and easy fruit salad using feijoas. Easy, delicious and healthy!
Easy dessert of mango and pitahaya
115 - 5м 2
Delicious easy exotic dessert.