Hot drinks recipes for Valentine's Day

Masala tea
271 - 15м 2
... or divine bouquet in a Cup. It's hard to describe in words what is to that extent unusual, awesome and amazing. Words can only describe the taste in comparison, but to compare the divine, absolutely stunning flavor and aroma? Again once again and probably be right - the recipes of Vedic cooking, not to describe the need to prepare and enjoy! Six months I posted here of their recipes, so I decided to get back to you with something truly stunning - masala tea which will give you unforgettable pleasure!
Tea powder and drink it
182 - 10м 1
Good day! The name is stupid it turned out, I hope at least the recipe will make You happy) this recipe the ingredients are the powder of the match. To run around and look for it around town and I was lazy, so I found it on the Internet and found out that the powder of the match - this is a common green tea, just powdered (well, not exactly simple and the tea is ground not normal). I decided: why not to try? The benefit house was a grinder and a bunch of different teas and herbs. But I decided to try the green tea, as in the original, and most of these herbs that I collected personally run all summer. It was very tasty. I tried different brewing and came here to this method. What happens in the end tea is difficult to call, so let it be tea drink. So, in this recipe you will learn how to make tea powder and tea drink from it. The same recipe will be of interest to vegetarians like myself and tourists - very cool to save some space in the backpack, as the powder takes up much less space than regular tea.
Egg tea
168 - 20м 3
Custard popular in England hot beverage, the so-called "egg-tea". Generally I can't stand tea with milk, and even tea got, which is not as severely, not tasty and that's it. Got a recipe of the egg tea and tea prepared according to this recipe, was so delicious that I even decided to make this recipe a gift. And to give a prescription I want Natasha (FoodStation1). Now I know how is tasty to drink tea with milk. The only thing - I replaced the sugar in the cane. I hope like YOU and Natasha.
Hot chocolate
164 4 5м -
It's very simple, quick and awesome tasty. Sometimes I indulge my family, well, a favorite))).
Hot tea with wine and honey
155 - 30м -
Helps to warm up, treats colds and slightly intoxicating.
Tea Aristocrat
154 3.5 10м 1
Good afternoon comrades pavarati!! Is it possible that in the cold rainy nights the soul asks for something, namely: "Go there, do not know where, find something, do not know what, make that, don't know why??" If so, my recipe for You!
Creole chocolate
147 - 10м 6
Simple but very delicious recipe of hot chocolate!
Strawberry tea
146 - 8м 5
It is summer and all the blooms and smells. It's time to brew this delicious herbal teas, because all the necessary ingredients grow in the garden! I offer delicious and fragrant strawberry tea.
Hot chocolate
146 4 15м 2
On the website a lot of these drinks, I will share my. What could be better on a cold winter evening than a Cup of this delicious drink?
144 3 10м 1
Сarajillo quemado - coffee thing.
Hot chocolate
142 5 10м -
In the distant youth this divine drink can be enjoyed only in good restaurants. And now each of us will make it home.
Strawberry cocoa
140 - - 1
Hot cocoa is loved by all, but the addition of strawberries will enrich the taste of this drink! Frozen or fresh (in season) berries much will increase the nutritional value of cocoa adds velvety texture and delicate strawberry notes! Must try!!! Help yourself to health!!!
128 4.5 - -
Real hot chocolate for true gourmets
French chocolate "Paradise"
127 - 15м 2
Country romance is the largest manufacturer of hot chocolate in the world. French hot chocolate — this cult product, which is popular not less, than coffee, snails or oysters. This viscous drink is very tasty, hearty and rich!
An iced coffee
127 4.5 20м 4
According to recent research, coffee can remove from tap water from 78 to 90 percent of the contained heavy metals such as lead and copper, because an unsecured or negatively charged particles of coffee grounds attract positively charged particles of heavy metals. “The stronger the coffee, the more effective the removal of heavy metals,” says the chemist, specialist in environmental protection, Dr. Mike McLaughlin. The same experiments were conducted with tea bags. Tea removes water from about a third of the lead, but, it seems, almost does not reduce copper content.
101 - 7м 1
Delicious real cocoa, is much tastier than the coffee shops^^ the Whole family loves this drink!
A frothy coffee
100 - 5м 1
Coffee with a dense caramel Crema you can do at home in just 2 minutes. Also we will decorate a heart of cinnamon. This coffee will surprise your beloved and give a good mood for the whole day! Start Valentine's day with a gorgeous drink!!!
Coffee with a cloud
92 4.5 15м 4
... "I just remember not feeling of fatigue, sat down at the table of some outdoor cafe and brought me a tiny Cup of strong Turkish coffee, a few inches above which hovered a fluffy cloud of whipped cream: you can eat and you can leave and enjoy..." (© Max Frye, "Journey to Kettari"). Suggest you try similar coffee
Cappuccino at home
87 - 20м 1
Probably almost all love him, but not everyone has a coffee maker, capable of such miracles. Here's a recipe of cappuccino with the help of improvised means with all the subtleties :) it's delicious.
Hot chocolate with Nutella
83 - 10м 1
Very easy to prepare drink that is very popular with the children.
Hot chocolate "Sunday"
70 - 10м 3
The morning of the day. To just stay in bed, so warm and cozy under a blanket. That can force you to leave this comfort?... just a Cup of something fragrant and hot... mmmmm