Hot drinks recipes for Lent

Coffee gram
239 - 25м 1
At the time of chickpea were prepared not only the first and second dishes, but also coffee drink. Decided to revive the tradition and to try to do. Nutty notes of this coffee drink from the chickpeas were a pleasant surprise. Highly recommend to cook, especially when it is so easy!!!
Tea made from pine needles and rose hips
210 - - -
In these winter days can be prepared vitamin tea of pine needles and dried rose hips! The drink is light, useful and with an interesting taste! For the first brewing it is advisable to take a smaller number of needles, not to get too resinous taste!
Tea powder and drink it
182 - 10м 1
Good day! The name is stupid it turned out, I hope at least the recipe will make You happy) this recipe the ingredients are the powder of the match. To run around and look for it around town and I was lazy, so I found it on the Internet and found out that the powder of the match - this is a common green tea, just powdered (well, not exactly simple and the tea is ground not normal). I decided: why not to try? The benefit house was a grinder and a bunch of different teas and herbs. But I decided to try the green tea, as in the original, and most of these herbs that I collected personally run all summer. It was very tasty. I tried different brewing and came here to this method. What happens in the end tea is difficult to call, so let it be tea drink. So, in this recipe you will learn how to make tea powder and tea drink from it. The same recipe will be of interest to vegetarians like myself and tourists - very cool to save some space in the backpack, as the powder takes up much less space than regular tea.
Sbiten with carrots and Melissa
179 - 45м 2
Sbiten - ancient and popular drink in Russia, which later "PAL" in the battle with tea. But in vain - because the drink is not only delicious but also very healthy beverage!
Sbiten "Winter"
169 - 80м 6
Sbiten (digest) is a Russian hot drink made from water, honey and spices, herbs. He was always present on the tables in Russia - holidays and everyday. And as someone fell ill and was treated with sbiten. This recipe will help with colds or just to warm up after a winter walk in the Christmas cold.
Turkish coffee
158 - 5м 1
How to cook Turkish coffee that it turned out really delicious with the exact amount of ingredients You will learn in this video recipe.
Peach-mint tea "Health"
155 - - -
I suggest to try a very easy, fragrant and healthy tea for Breakfast and not only! Doing it to children, well certainly not forget! This tea is so much better than store bought... Recipe found under this name (Peach-mint tea "Health"), did not change!
Almond milk with spices
153 - 15м 1
Bright, fragrant and delicious drink!
Creole chocolate
147 - 10м 6
Simple but very delicious recipe of hot chocolate!
Strawberry tea
146 - 8м 5
It is summer and all the blooms and smells. It's time to brew this delicious herbal teas, because all the necessary ingredients grow in the garden! I offer delicious and fragrant strawberry tea.
Minty tangerine tea
104 - - -
Today is international tea day and I invite you to brew and try the sweet tea with spices! This aromatic tea will lift the spirits, invigorate, eliminate fatigue and help to cope with colds!
Children's mulled wine
97 - 20м 6
A delicious flavored drink, especially good in the winter, outside the window the snow, the frost, and the house smells of Goodies...
Blueberry coffee
95 - 20м 2
Do you like coffee? Do you love blueberries? If at least one question You answered "Yes", then come and visit I'll buy You a delicious and aromatic coffee...
Rice hot chocolate
94 - 30м 2
Don't know about You, but my post was missing my favorite hot chocolate. Want to offer a option that really helps me.
Blueberry gleg
88 - 20м -
Froze to death on the street? You will warm sweet, spicy gleg! Soft for children and tight for adults.
English coffee with figs
86 - 20м -
This delicious, aromatic, full bodied coffee I give to my beloved bestie, the same kofemanka, like me, Olenka, our chereshenka (Olena731) and her boys, Vanya and Daniel.
Beet coffee on rice milk
86 - - -
This is a very unusual drink, taste like a cross between coffee, chicory and cocoa. Good option for lean drink, but on ordinary days you can cook on a conventional milk or any plant milk.
Coffee with coconut milk
83 - 7м 1
How great it is on Easter morning, with a slice of cake, drink a Cup of coffee with coconut milk! Come visit, I'll treat You)
Jelly on rye bread
82 - - -
Tasty useful, lean, very flavorful. Taste is multifaceted, as it seemed to me, the taste of kvass and coffee, the smell of fresh bread. Orange peel and lemon lend a very subtle citrus note.
Ginger tea with lemon and honey
82 - 15м 4
Offer to cook very healthy ginger tea, it's ginger drink. This tea is very fragrant, and besides, it's good for Your immune system, it accelerates metabolism, increases appetite, improves digestion and promotes weight loss
Hot chocolate with cereals
75 - - -
Hot chocolate with oatmeal makes a delicious, hearty, healthy. The consistency is no different from a real thick chocolate. p.s. Not fast days the water can be replaced with milk.