Other soups recipes

Soup "Kelly Pacha"
6k - 180м 6
Dish of Turkish cuisine and is very popular among the local population. Soup of offal, namely, from the head lamb crop (stomach), tongue, hooves. The combination of ingredients changes frequently in terms of home cooking, but the head (kelle) is a mandatory component. He is so rich that often it is offered as a main dish for dinner.
Czech Christmas fish soup
3.9k - 30м 6
On the nose Christmas, and it is time for traditional recipes. In the Czech Republic is one of those recipes is fish soup. I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparation and interesting taste. I used Carp, because in the Czech Republic is the traditional Christmas fish.
3.6k - 60м 5
Manar, Manar. Rich Uighur dumpling soup
3.4k 5 - -
Very similar to dumplings. The difference is that the soup and dumplings are very small. One spoon should fit a few pieces. Time-consuming process.
Turkish soups "Iskembe" and "Tuzlama"
3.3k - 240м 5
Iskembe/Tuzlama. Fans of Turkish soups and Hash dedicated. :) These soups Turks usually eat 4-5 hours in the morning, after a heavy drinking. :) I personally love tuzlama more, but for beginners I would advise, iskembe (the difference in soups only in the size of the scar). Soup always help to sober up anyone :)
2.9k - - -
Gupta is a dish of Georgian cuisine. In fact, this meatball soup, but with a colorful and spicy spices. Variants of cooking this flavorful and hearty set. Want to offer your option. Help yourself!
The Belarusian Podravka
2.9k - - -
Another experiment with cooking a favorite and recommendable new: Zepter rules. Was pleased with the result.
2.9k - 20м 3
2.7k - 90м -
Traditional Azerbaijani lamb dish. Something between a soup and a second dish. Thanks to this dish I fell in love with the lamb!
Soup Maneštra
2.5k - - -
The cuisine of Croatia is incredibly interesting, varied, very tasty. The magnificent meat dishes, fabulous cakes. Fans of the first course, and I, you know, crazy on the soup, too, will find something to try. Soup Maneštra, for example! It combines the features of maize meal and meat soups. Croats like to add to the maneštra pickled turnips, fresh or pickled cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes in their own juice. Choose any component or combine them at its discretion. This soup just blew my mind, this is yummy! Amazing, magical, unusual soup! Thick, rich... my Husband appreciated it along with the Soup dealer of cattle from Tapei and Old soup. Recipe in principle simple, however, multistage and troublesome. But, my God, what is he tasty!
2.5k - - -
For two years I was thinking to post or not my version of this soup. But here's the thing. My brother almost 40 years living in Uzbekistan, near Fergana. Married to an Uzbek. Before they came to visit, brought Goodies, and of course, cooking Uzbek meals. Bear whale to cook rice. ADIB is also a good cook: dumplings she is incomparable. The mastava taught me to cook it. And yet I decided. My version differs from the two posted on the website. And I think he is right. Will explain the process. So, mastava recipe my sister-in-law Adibi from Fergana.
Vietnamese soup "Pho Hai San"
2.4k - - 1
One of the most popular dishes in Vietnam is Pho soup. Versions of this soup as much cabbage soup in Russia. The Vietnamese eat it early in the morning and we were happy to join them. Of all the Pho, to me, always slimming, is more like it with seafood. (Pho Hai San is translated Pho with seafood.) Therefore, a series of Fo will start with him.
Soup "Hot pot" with their hands
2.4k - 10м 2
Now, in the cold season, you really want something hot and tasty, and fast to warm up... Offer a "magic wand" version of the soup with the egg in a very hurry, a kind of "hot pot" with their hands. Saw a similar recipe online, but decided to simplify even more, and here is the result - the soup for 10 minutes)
Zaporizhia kapustnyak with bulgur
2.3k - 130м 2
Great soup with sauerkraut and bulgur from the Mistral. Delicious, nourishing. Come on in, help yourself.
Traditional Polish soup "Jurek"
2.2k - 60м 5
Zurek – traditional Polish soup. Full-bodied, fragrant, carries age-old traditions of Poland. It is prepared in each region and, probably, in every family. Recipes Zurek - a lot. This soup can be modest - for example, lean option with mushrooms. Or combine a variety of flavors - smoked meats, breads, mushrooms, etc. Every housewife lays in soup what she opposite sex.
Rice, bean soup "In haste"
2.2k - 30м 3
As one of those times when the soup is time-tested and brewed in a season many times. Often come to the cottage for dinner and need mega fast cook soup. If you have the broth, I have it usually frozen in such cases, it is good. But without the meat broth soup is great, hearty, flavorful... Pour plate?
2.1k - 540м 10
Just specify that on the website there are recipes Hasha. If dear moderators and cooks will find that my recipe is extra - do not be offended at the deletion. My recipe is adapted for cooking hash in urban kitchen on an ordinary stove. In my opinion, hash is the king of soups. It is so rich and tasty. Of course, the time of its preparation - minimum 8-9 hours, but this soup has so many advantages that you will spend this time not in vain, especially since it does not require attention. I'll try to list the advantages of the Hash. 1. Hashi is a great help in the treatment of fractures and diseases of bones, strengthen the backbone of the body during adolescence. In Georgia, doctors prescribe Hasnow diet. Soup will save money on expensive pharmacy bio-supplements for bones and joints. 2. It's a great hangover cure (itself personally did not try, but 5 cookbooks with recipes of Hash from different authors argue). 3. It's a balm for the stomach after a hearty feasts and long trips. 4. This delicious, rich soup - a distant cousin of the jelly. 5. Soup budget. Khash is prepared, in all 5 books chose the best option. I hope someone come in handy. 6. In the East there are still special places, Chechnya, which serves khash. National cuisine Uzbek bet, but this is Georgian cuisine, and the Transcaucasian and Iranian, Turkish (soup called Kall-pocha).
Italian soup "Zupa Tuscany"
2.1k - 40м 6
Offer you, dear cooks my favorite soup I tasted at an Italian restaurant in America. So delicious, rich, hearty, and garlic-butter...! Thank you Nastya, my friend for the recipe! In General, try it yourself, you will not regret!!!
Algerian chicken soup with couscous
2k - 60м 4
Oh, what came of soup. Thick, rich, flavorful, hearty. Cooked for lunch, but gladly ate and dinner. Gorgeous soup! Eat it?
2k 4.5 120м 6
Karachai soup, perfect for a feast with the family on cold winter days)))) For lovers of lamb and for those who don't know how delicious it is ))))
Veal chorba
2k - - -
Veal soup is the national dish of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, if you're ever in the Balkans, certainly try it! In the meantime, we can prepare Corbu themselves, the case for one - buy "right" veal. I was finally able to buy the tender meat and I want to share a recipe of delicious Carby.