Decoration of fruits recipes

The flowers of pineapple
249 - - -
Flowers of the pineapple is a beautiful and delicious decoration for cake, cupcake, cupcakes.
Fruit "snacks"
210 4.5 10м -
The flavor combination of your favorite fruit with crunchy wafers. Quick and easy.
The "flowers" of the melon
207 4 30м -
Decoration of melon.
"Sailing" from melon and watermelon
203 3 - -
The idea of this design seen in some magazine a long time ago. Here, finally brought it to life with their additions.
167 5 60м -
Melon and again, and again CARVING)))
"Flaming cocktail" of melon
156 5 - -
Exotic. This cocktail is dedicated to my friend OKSANA (OK-71 ), in honor of her birthday 01 July.
Candied citron-candied fruit for cake decorating
156 4 35м -
Stripes lemon zest - beautiful and delicious decoration for your cakes.
Fruit pizza no-bake "Peacock"
152 - 50м 10
Hello, dear friends! I would venture to suggest to You mA-a-ahonkaya a master class in decorating and serving buffet. The first bonus You can obtain quite independent and a delicious dessert, easy to manufacture. The second bonus You can, or rather just have to, to attract children to the manufacture of this dessert. Third bonus - the kids will be happy, parents happy, a pleasant shock!
"Pineapple" of the melon
151 3 - -
"Basket" of watermelon
150 3.5 150м -
Decoration. Well, I got to the watermelon!
Fruit basket
149 5 - -
This watermelon basket is well suited for feeding fruit salads. I manufactured to order, for a wedding.
Candied orange peels
133 - 90м -
This recipe produces fragrant candied fruit with a rich aroma of citrus, such thin and non-sticky. Very cool perfect for cakes! You can also cook and peel from the lemon.
Cake "Bird of happiness". Part 2 - cooking instructions bird of happiness
133 - 30м -
Very easy to cook this bird of happiness, and it looks amazing. Will decorate any holiday table (not necessarily on the cake, you can just to decorate the feast.) The idea of the cookbook.
Gift watermelon labels - 2
128 3.5 160м -
In this part I want to show You more examples of personalized carved watermelons.
Decoration of apples
128 3 30м -
simple, you only need a skill and the DESIRE. The idea is borrowed from Irina - Irinka-zaharinka Jazzedcook.
128 - 15м 1
Simple design
Rose orange
127 - 5м 4
Very beautiful rose orange, this beauty can do. All you need is a sharp knife and oranges. The main thing is to slice the orange in thin slices. If it has bones no problem, take your time, remove them when cutting. This rose to garnish any appetizer and dessert. Orange rose will be true for Valentine's day and 8 March. You can decorate any dessert, for example, any ice cream, or cake. Will pritrusit grated chocolate or drizzle topping. Enhance your meals, impress guests and loved ones.
"The candlestick" of the melon
126 4 - -
For a romantic evening
"Basket of fruit" from melon
122 4 - -
Decoration of melon
"Ivan watermelon watchman"
122 - - -
This terrible watchman guards the peace and order in my fridge. This idea is perfect for Halloween. Try and you will succeed!!!
Fruit basket
115 4 20м -
Was done at the cottage, so I used those fruits, which were at this stage, except, of course, pineapple :) of Course you can use absolutely any fruit))