Eggs recipes

Poached egg "Breakfast of the day"
4.5k 4.5 5м 2
A poached egg is an egg boiled in hot water without a shell. Squirrels will be quite solid, while the yolk will be soft and creamy. However, if you do not follow a few important rules, then you will have a shapeless mass instead of a dense poached. 1) Take only fresh eggs. The protein of a stale egg in hot water is likely to melt. 2) They must be room temperature! 3) Add a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to water to make the protein folding better. In an ideal use white vinegar, but also it's possible to use an apple or usual one. 4) Before you put the egg in the pan, it is better to break it into a bowl so that it is not damaged. 5) Do not cook more than 2-3 eggs in one pan. They can simply stick or the temperature will drop due to the large number of eggs, so the cooking time will increase or the result may not please you. In this recipe I will tell you how to properly prepare a poached egg. To do this, we will need directly the chicken egg itself, water, a little utensils and even less time: the entire cooking process will take about 5 minutes.
Scrambled eggs on serum
3.5k - 60м 5
Ruddy, delicious, juicy, hearty omelette for the husband's serum. History: was bought a bunch of milk (bottle 5), including omelets. But the milk turned forward than I was going to make an omelette. Sour milk made the kids cheese, from leftovers, i.e. Serum, were taken after an attempt to prepare an omelette. Why not just cook out of it, shoveled yesterday on the Internet a lot of pancake recipes-loaves-pirojki s-soups-sauces-cream s... anything but EGGS. And here I am at 12 at night, risking a dozen eggs, he decided to exploit. I hope is useful to someone;) don't pity me pour this stuff called serum.
"Fu Yong"
3.3k 5 30м 4
Ex-Chinese omelette with sweet & sour sauce. Once upon a time this dish was indeed Chinese, but changed over time to suit the taste of Europe and America. However, the omelet with chicken, shrimp and vegetables very good, simple and delicious and will become a full-fledged lunch or dinner with a side dish of rice. The addition of fillers (meat and vegetables) can be easily varied.
Georgian fried "twinkle, twinkle"
3.2k - 10м 2
I'm interested in one dish from the menu of his favorite Georgian restaurant, where it is signified as "Chizhik-Pyzhik". Search the Internet a little something given, except that as a variant it is called "Siskins-BII" intelligent recipe is not caught, therefore, nothing to do, go back to the restaurant, ordered and dissect a interesting dish. Parse a fork into components, consider that there is determined by the amount of slicing, the taste pretends spices, and then come home and cook. Forgive me, Georgians, perhaps something I have wrong. If I'm correct the people who are in the subject, I'm just glad. After several approaches I have developed slim and simple recipe for delicious, nutritious and flavorful dishes for Breakfast. It is cooked very quickly and gives consumers a good boost of energy and positivity for the whole day.
The Armenian scrambled eggs
2.9k - - -
The recipe of this egg told me my neighbour is Armenian. Said the so-called Armenian eggs. Probably we all tried a version of such eggs, but I didn't know she was Armenian.
The egg envelope on the Breakfast
2.8k - 15м 2
Offer another option for a quick and hearty Breakfast for the whole family. You will spend quite a bit of time and a hearty hot Breakfast will energize you for the whole day. Add any toppings in this envelope and serve to your loved ones.
2.8k 3 25м 4
My variation on the theme of scrambled eggs
Delicious Breakfast in 5 minutes
2.2k - 5м 3
Delicious, nutritious and very quick Breakfast in just 5 minutes!)) Maybe it's corny, but fans of eggs will appreciate)
Eggs Neapolitan
2.1k - 10м 2
Interesting cooking a delicious and quick Breakfast for a couple of minutes.
Omelet soufflé with buckwheat flakes "Breakfast!"
2.1k - 10м 3
Breakfast, which is pretty fast and easy. Omelet souffle cooked in the oven, with the addition of buckwheat cereal. Delicate, light, airy and nutritious Breakfast is the key to a successful day. And in the morning before the working day you can arrange a romantic Breakfast and therefore a wonderful mood You provided throughout the day.
Hotel scrambled eggs
2.1k - 20м 4
Don't know about other countries, but Egypt is almost in every hotel for Breakfast, among other things, prepare an omelet or scrambled eggs. Clever cook roast from two to four omelettes or fried eggs. The guests of hotel crockery displayed with different ingredients, and you can choose the ones you want, or ask to do a mix. Usually the ingredients are: chopped tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, cheese and sausage or meat. Try my version, my dear!
Kefir omelette
2k 3 10м 1
"in the Morning the scrambled eggs, day fried eggs, scrambled eggs in the evening, and at night - an omelette. I'm going to cluck like a chicken!" - lamented hero in the kitchen young wife. But if sometimes in the morning, you can.
Omelette with scallop
2k - 15м -
Offer you delicious original Breakfast of the day - scrambled eggs with scallops. And we will be cooking in Zepter. With Zepter pots easy to prepare meals: delicious, healthy and nutritious food. Zepter cooking without oil and salt, making them more useful and diet.
Stuffed omelet with a side of broccoli
1.9k - 30м 1
Very delicate, airy omelet stuffed with mushrooms, with a side dish of broccoli (baby broccoli) with sauce Bechamel. The delicate taste of the omelet goes well with fried mushrooms, slightly-warmed buds baby broccoli and creamy, slightly lemony, flavor of the sauce. Great for Breakfast on the weekend.
Delicious Breakfast or scrambled eggs in phyllo dough
1.9k - - -
Don't be surprised... Maybe the dish will seem too banal, but do not jump to conclusions without trying. Crispy thin crust, a filling of delicate eggs. Your kids will love it. How to make phyllo dough is well described by Lilechka (oliva7777 ). The batter can prepare for the future, Pat dry and store in the refrigerator or freezer. Or just buy it. But I know that recently the girls have complained that not everywhere it is.
1.8k 5 15м 3
This is a dish mom used to make us for Breakfast. I don't know where this name, but I know that is prepared simply and quickly, and now my son gladly eats Lamotte!
1.8k 5 5м 1
Don't even know what this is, whether a snack or a kind of a salad... But this dish is very good for Breakfast, especially kids! I was simply delighted as a child! While preparing simple, hope to have you and your children!
Scrambled eggs "Mash-vyruchalka"
1.8k - 20м 2
... or scrambled eggs, mouth. With careful stirring eggs on a very hot pan with butter, soft egg forming lumps. I made a country and hearty version of this eggs. I added the eggs in the prepared roasted vegetables. Served with millet TM MISTRAL on toast. Low products-a lot of fun.
Scrambled eggs "Mish-mash" in Bulgarian
1.8k - - -
Continue to test Zepter. I want to buy You cooks not only quick to prepare but delicious dish that is cooked in Zepter rules: cooked without oil, without salt, to preserve all the minerals and vitamins in this dish.
Eggs stuffed with mushrooms
1.8k - 30м 8
Gathered in the forest chanterelles. By itself, that's nice – clean, tasty, healthy. What else besides the usual frying and salting-marinating to do with it? Decided to stuff them with chicken eggs. That's what happened.
Scrambled eggs "In the window"
1.8k 3 10м 2
Saw something like this already on the site, but I have a little bit different. Can someone come in handy.