Snacks from fish and seafood recipes

Fried smelt "Dinner on the seaside of a fisherman"
3k - 20м 2
If your significant other is an avid fisherman, there is nothing easier to please him is to cook him for dinner a dish of his catch. My husband is to fish in all of the world prefers smelt. He is an avid fisherman since childhood. Now we have, again, a season of ice fishing this fish. But to cook a romantic dinner of just fried fish and the most delicious, it is primitive. So I decided to do the fish in the form of snacks, especially because smelt delicious both hot and cold. And it made Korean sauce, which was taught to me by the future in-law. They are Koreans, and the sauce they always have on the table for all meals. While future SWAT also, incidentally, an avid fisherman. Thus it is possible to file any smaller fish.
Sea grapes in Sakhalin
2.8k - 40м 5
One of my good friend, each time returning from vacation from Sakhalin, brought sea grapes. She claimed this seaweed salad on Sakhalin, many cook at home, and even in supermarkets it is sold. The dish is very interesting. It tastes something between a stew with ferns and seaweed. Long could not understand what his doing. And last year alone saw - Sargasso seaweed! Yes, they on any beach more than sand! Since I started to cook this dish myself. I want to share the recipe.
Herring in wine sauce as Icelandic
2.3k - 30м 6
I really like the herring in wine sauce "Icelandic". Long wanted to prepare. On the Internet there are recipes for this delicacy, and become acquainted with the recommendations decided on your option. That's what I got...
Dried fish in a electric dryer
2.3k - - -
A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.
The bug of mackerel
2.1k - 1500м 6
Fillet of salted mackerel with spices, rolled in a special way and frozen.
Mousse of smoked trout
2k 5 - -
Today I offer you to cook the mousse of smoked trout, a wonderful appetizer of fish, simple and tasty. A great recipe for parties and receptions. You can use any red fish of cold Smoking (salmon, trout, salmon). This simple delicate mousse can be used as a filling for pancakes, you can serve it with crackers and croutons and with fresh vegetables such as cucumber slices or radishes. However, the presence of fruits does not exclude bread component.
Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"
2k - - -
Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.
Herring marinated in lemon juice
1.9k - 50м 4
Norwegian recipe. My favorite recipe pickled herring I have ever tasted. For me, it even takes priority over the pickled herring. So herring is marinated for buffet (smörgasbord) Marinated herring occupies a special, privileged position on the Norwegian "Swedish" table. The main difference from its Russian that the marinade is not used Sol.
Sprats in envelopes of puff pastry
1.8k 5 25м 8
These envelopes are prepared very quickly. But they are no less delicious. Perfect for Breakfast and snack. They're nice as well to eat with a Cup of delicious tea or coffee!
Carp in Korean
1.8k - 60м -
Carp is one of the most delicious river fish. Cook him a savoury snack, it's easy and delicious. Fans of Korean flavors, help yourself.
Mackerel pickled in a jar
1.8k - 60м 15
✅ Today, we pickle mackerel in the Bank. There are plenty of recipes how to pickle mackerel. In this video I want to show my favorite recipe, the mackerel makes a delicious, juicy, very aromatic with firm flesh that is not falling apart.
Rolls "Yasai tempura Maki"
1.8k - 60м 4
Don't consider myself a fan of Japanese food, but the rolls kiddies often cooked. Yasai tempura Maki is one of the most beloved (the beauty is that the options for filling can be different every time). The main difference from the usual tempory rolls - fried filling, and not the roll.
Sushi "Funny Panda"
1.7k - 30м 10
For sushi lovers. I present to You sushi in a Fun Pandas. Very tasty and fun!
Sushi canapes
1.7k - 90м 30
Sushi lovers offer to make these canapés. They can be submitted to the reception and they will please anyone who loves sushi, but has difficulty using chopsticks.
Marinated crab sticks
1.6k - 15м -
Unusual appetizer of crab sticks.
Pickled Zope
1.6k - 780м -
Fish home Ambassador. This recipe shared with me girlfriend a few years ago, since that time, we loved the homemade, salted fish. For this recipe I marinated and carp. The fish is ready to eat after 12 hours of salting.
Panchi (spicy salted fish with radish)
1.5k 4 60м -
The famous spicy Korean snack made of fish. Fans of spicy is the dish for You!
Spicy marinated sprat
1.5k - - -
We try on new year's table often to cook unusual dishes, often made from expensive products. But most low-end products can serve as a great snack! I offer a new take on salted pilchards is a great appetizer with vodka!
Sturgeon Russula
1.5k - 15м -
Sturgeon fish with unusual taste and I think in any form IT is very delicious but my Wife found our favorite flavor and it has prompted our friends, the fishermen SIMPLY AND VERY TASTY!!!
Snack with coconut
1.5k - 20м 24
This is an easy snack with the addition of tender coconut has a simple taste, and its composition of only those products, which are always at hand, so that the snack is perfect for You if You are expecting guests and don't know what to surprise them.
Sushi "Gunkan-Maki"
1.5k - 30м 2
I'm a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I want to introduce you to Gunkan-Maki Gunkan-machi (translated roll is a warship) is a kind of sushi, is a compressed palms figure, framed by the perimeter of the strip of nori to give it the shape of the ship. Often made with crab meat and flying fish eggs. This is a very delicious and simple to prepare.