Cereal recipes

4k - 45м -
The original dish called Orzotto. Perlotto is a translation of the name of this dish in Russian language. The name comes from a combination of the names of Italian pearl barley (orzo brillato, perlato) and Italian dishes, "risotto", implying a certain way of cooking rice with various additives. In perlotto all done well, as in risotto but instead of rice use pearl barley. I made two options,1-lean 2-cheese
3.3k - 15м 3
Kuymak, he's muklawa is a national Turkish dish. It is served mainly for Breakfast with a fresh, fragrant bread. Incredibly rich, high in calories, but very tasty dish with a pronounced creamy taste. Kuymak cooked in a special pan with two handles, but you can in a regular stainless pot, the taste will not change.
Georgian cake "Mchadi"
2.8k - 20м 2
Dish of Georgian cuisine. Mchadi - tortilla made of corn flour, in the original small. By itself, the cake is a neutral, sweet taste. But very tasty with cheese, young cheese, sour cream. Also serves to lobio and pkhali. Does not hurt to mchadi a good glass of aromatic red wine!
2.4k 5 - -
Shah-pilaf-Khan-pilaw, Shah, ash, Royal pilaf - so many names this pilaf I found on the Internet. This risotto is the king of the table in Azerbaijan, an indispensable dish in any wedding. And he earned it rightfully, because it is not only beautiful, but incredibly delicious! Recipe adapted for the slow cooker. PS For authenticity do not claim, hence the amendment in the name.
Christmas sochivo
2.1k 3 - -
Christmas - surprising time when heart is filled with expectation of a miracle... And this miracle occurs!.. Merry Christmas!!!
Fried rice "Yaki Meshi" chicken
1.9k - 30м 4
Continuing the theme of Japanese cuisine, I want to introduce you to another of our favorite dish. Yaki Meshi - this is fried rice with vegetables, one of the Japanese dishes borrowed from the Chinese. Done easily, eaten quickly, leaving satiety and enjoyment of food.
1.9k - 45м -
It is the national dish of Indian cuisine, sometimes you want to try to cook something sort overseas, but that is not very sophisticated and available, it is possible to prepare Pello, because the combination of rice, pineapple and pork with seasonings, baked in the oven, it turns out very interesting and tasty dish.
Rice ladki
1.7k 4 30м 4
As always left rice after cooking stuffed pepper. Who wants to eat rice, if the fridge is pepper. Here and ripe for the recipe. Especially should appeal to the kiddies, my son burst is the only way, especially with jam. Turned out sweet, rather gentle ladki with the addition bannana and raisins!
Couscous with vegetables and chicken wings
1.7k - 30м 4
This recipe of couscous I discovered in my student years. Very simply, quickly and with minimal cost, and most importantly delicious!
Bulgur with vegetables and meatballs
1.7k - 40м 6
Budget recipe of bulgur, vegetables and meatballs. The dish is very hearty and delicious! A great option for a hearty lunch or dinner for family or a large company.
Vegetable pilaf with bulgur and dried fruit
1.6k - 120м 4
Today I made risotto without meat and bulgur with dried fruit: dried apricots, raisins and prunes. Took the pilaf in Uzbek rice. Used the spices that are added to the Uzbek pilaf, and they are: barberry, turmeric, and cumin, garlic, hot pepper. I have pilaf recipe, but with rice. Pilaf is good not only in the days of Fasting, when allowed vegetable oil. It can be prepared in ordinary days. I will give a detailed description of this dish and the ingredients do not need to change! You'll have a hearty, flavorful, beautiful and delicious dish for lunch or dinner.
Buckwheat with eggs and vegetables
1.6k - 30м 4
Hearty, bright and tasty. Crispy onions, rich eggplant soft, crumbly buckwheat and spicy, slightly spicy taste. Help yourself!
Fried rice in Korean
1.6k - 50м 4
Bokk Eum Bap Kimchi. Korean side dish - fried rice with kimchi. An excellent side dish, especially if You're a fan of spicy!
Libyan couscous classic
1.6k - 60м 6
Couscous - a traditional dish of North Africa. I became acquainted with this remarkable product in Tunisia, but cook learned in Libya. Why I love this dish because it is quick to prepare and very simple (although, at the same time, and exotic). You can experiment with vegetables and meat. But the original couscous is made with lamb. In Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, couscous is eaten from a common dish with the hands, sitting on the floor on cushions.
Risotto with beans or "Panessa"
1.6k - 35м 4
Panissa - a dish of rice and beans to Italian cuisine, prepared according to the same technology as risotto. Immediately ask "do not throw Slippers at me," know that risotto (by the Way, what kind? Yandex did not answer me) is made from rice Arborio, Carnaroli and vialone-nano. But try to make it from rice "amber" from "Mistral", and you will not be disappointed. Very tasty, hearty and flavorful!
Arroz con verdura-rice with vegetables
1.5k 4 60м 8
Popular Spanish dish. There are many recipes and different combinations of vegetables, chicken, rabbit. My rice with the vegetables in the vegetable broth and olive oil. A healthy, vegetarian dish, tasty and visually appealing.
1.5k - 40м 2
Is a Japanese dish in a hurry. It's quick and easy, especially if there is a ready boiled rice. It can be called a home version of a Japanese pilaf.
1.4k 3 25м 2
When I first became acquainted with her husband's parents, his mom made something for me new and unusual. The dish is hard to describe, or appetizer, or salad, but I fell in love with him. When we got home, I did, but it turned out not so good. It turned out that I didn't know those subtleties and some of the hidden ingredients that make the dish delicious. Today, my Turkish mother-in-law is staying with me and we have a chance to make a really tasty kisir! It is very useful, a lot of vitamins and can always replace your lunch or dinner.
Porridge "Sivuha"
1.4k - - 4
Slepukha, drain, millet porridge with potatoes and onions – a lot of names, but it's all one dish. An ancient, traditional Russian dish. In the black soil region in Russia she was known as the Wild field, in Ukraine – gruel. Prepares differently, but the principle of one main ingredient – wheat. The same porridge from an ax out of a fairy tale. It was prepared with long-term transitions carts from city to city, and later to field camps. And now it is perfect for cooking on the campfire in the woods, on the river or in the country. Again I'll note that the recipes, though similar to each other, but a lot of them. Write as I cooked.
Hot "Koshary"
1.4k - - 8
Koshary is a dish of Arabic cuisine, five years disdainfully and arrogantly avoided it until one day I tried it... and loved forever!!! My version of koshary with chickpeas, but you can add lentils or peas, and, in fact, anything at all, but I love to cook so... Come on in, help yourself and attached!!!
The poor man's pilaf with chickpeas
1.4k - - 6
Vegetarian pilaf this pilaf was called a poor man who could not afford to buy meat. But in our days this risotto has not lost relevance, for satiety and nutrition, he will not yield pilaf with meat. Great variety of days of fasting, decorate a small family celebration. By submitting a pilaf with aromatic spices, soft tortillas and salad you can create a pleasant atmosphere of the East.