Meat snacks recipes

Semi-smoked sausage "Krakow"
3.7k - - -
Krakow smoked sausage refers to sausages and was very popular in Soviet times.
Three entrees for buffet breast
3k - - -
Fillet of chicken breast and one Kikkoman soy sauce, some vegetables, and three different appetizers for a cocktail ready. A Pleasant New Year To You!
2.5k - 180м -
The best sausage is Kazi the Kazakhs say, as, indeed, Kyrgyz and Uzbeks. Historically, the nomads (nomads) were not able to use vegetable food, therefore, summer eating dairy product. and in the winter cooked meat. Imagine scoring a Kazakh horse, and he weighs under a ton. Just do not eat meat need to keep. One of the favorite recipes horse meat, it's Kazi. Today, I will say for Almaty, Kaza can be bought even at the supermarket, which I did the other day. and was wildly disappointed. The meat was gamy and tough. despite the fact that I cooked it for 3 hours. Therefore, once on the Green Bazaar (in Almaty's Central Bazaar), on the eve of the school year, because there was able to buy a school uniform so like and not at exorbitant price. Fate brought me after buying forms and shirts in butcher row, where I, quite by accident, bought about 7 lbs of horse meat and intestines. There, on the Green Bazaar, Kazi often at the request of buyers Packed into the intestine directly into the eyes of the customer, in order to eliminate fraud and zapihivanie poor quality of meat. Once, a couple years ago, I brought sogym (ғth). Traditionally, it is harvesting meat for the winter. In my case, distant relatives, they killed a horse and part of the meat distributed to relatives. What to do with a bag of horse meat? To make Kazi! Did it intuitively, remembering doing in the market. it turned out not worse, and maybe better, at least to the taste, so said the husband and children. And today, povspominat your experience, reading recipes in the Internet and Povarov, I cook the favorite dish of Kazakhs - Kazi. Kazi is a dish of the holiday table. At any wedding, funeral, birthdays and the New Year you will find the Kazakh cut into thin slices Kazi.
Charcuterie "Cold kebab"
2.3k - 300м 4
Suggest to prepare a juicy and flavorful meat snack "of Cold kebab." Just do a double shot! In our family, this dish flies off in a moment! Aroma and taste of the meat reminds everyone's favorite dish is barbecue. The feature is that the fry do not need anything, and the meat will not marinate BEFORE cooking, as is usually done, and AFTER. This recipe is a godsend for any cook. After all, the food is original, tasty and unusual.
Pork belly in two packages
2.2k - - -
Recipe from Cook with luba5 very fond of not only my family, but to all my friends.
Salsiccia Stagionate
1.8k - - -
Italian cured sausage with fennel Salsiccia Stagionata.
Sausage without skin "For 150 rubles"
1.5k 5 - -
All people are divided into those who like sausage and those who it hides, but still loves. I belong to the first. Love the sausage. Different, tasty and real meat. That is why I started to cook it myself. The difficulty in the preparation of homemade sausages in the sausage casing and the device in order for it to fill. It all is expensive and tricky. But there is a way! All the same sausage can be cooked without the shell in the form of meat loaf. The taste is not reflected, but greatly saves time and budget! But that's not all. The beauty of homemade sausage that its output in relation to raw meat is 100%. That is how it was raw meat so much sausage at the exit and turns. And finally a plus in favor of homemade sausage is that you can cook it from a very cheap meat, like pork knuckle. We have pork knuckle without bone sold at a cost of 150 rubles per kilogram, in my opinion it is more than the budget for such Goodies!
The sushi
1.5k - - -
The sushi is fast food Korean. And I called it fast food because it's simple and straightforward dish that is sold in Korea at every step and it only costs $ 1 for a roll. We saw a similar one for 119 rubles. A little expensive, but still necessary to know the place. So I suggest to do it yourself.
Cooked sausage "Doctor"
1.2k - - -
GOST 23670-79. Do you love sausage? And delicious? Me too. Today I want to show how easy it is to make at home doctoral sausage for guests, well, almost according to GOST, by itself not much the spices have expanded. To your taste, that you recommend. As different, in some detail, the process of cooking. The process is adapted to the conditions of a normal apartment and do not require any "exotic production". The quality of the product is not reduced.
1.2k - 15м 1
It's simple and quick to prepare meat dish is good for Breakfast. It can be considered as an alternative to the Shawarma. His birthplace - tureya province Zonguldak, part of the local cuisine.
1.1k - 145м -
1.1k 5 60м -
Spicy beef.
Peruvian appetizer "Kauza"
1k - - -
Despite the fact that the original dish is a section of appetizers, it's very rich, so I personally suitable as a main :) Here it is for you to decide.
Goose jerky
1k 3 - -
It is the national dish of Tatars and Bashkirs. I have here the recipe for sun-dried goose, but without the photos. Uncle bought me a goose and I zavyalili and photographed.
0.9k 3 40м 6
Not so long ago published we have a recipe of satsivi. Offer own variant with some differences. First of all, you'll be set herbs for satsivi. Preparing for a birthday in December, some guests were eating the sauce of all the dishes :))) Recipe shared friend, who has lived in Georgia for a long time. Thank You Vera:)
Basturma of beef
0.9k - - -
The meat turns out very tasty! Good option for snacks on the festive table. Perfect for sandwiches. Weight of the finished product - 730 gr.
French sausage "Boudin Blanc"
0.9k - 60м 15
De between rethel Boudin blanc (Boudin Blanc de Rethel) - homemade white sausages of the County of Rethel in France, originated in XV|| century from the Creator of Monsieur Jacques-Henri-Augustin, who was forced to hide in the County of Rethel forbidden at the time by cardinal Richelieu - duel. In order to survive and feed themselves, Monsieur Jacques-Henri-Augustin came up to cook and sell tasty white sausages, which quickly gained popularity among the nobles and was named in honor of the County, which brought him and the County the extraordinary glory! The literal translation is "white pudding," which justifies its name for its delicate texture and white color of the sausage. Production and sales between rethel Boudin blanc de popular to this day, in addition to the classic recipe, sausage sometimes add wild mushrooms, foie Gras or truffles. Serve these sausages with fruits, vegetables and champagne! I, as an avid colbster, I can say that this ancient recipe French white sausage worthy of your attention and chanting! Very tender, juicy, flavorful!
Mousse of chicken breast
0.9k - 60м 3
Want something delicate and unusual of chicken breast? What about mousse? Chicken breast like this has beautiful views, is perfect for any garnish and can be with a clear conscience allowed yourself to diet. Invite!
Bulgarian lukanka
0.8k - 100000м 20
Delicious wet-cured delicacy. Products need not much, but the time we have well. For those who have endurance and willpower, let's cook. For drying we need a ventilated room, not too hot and without direct sunlight. Anyone have a refrigerator with a function of know frost, and heat can be jerked there, just hanging on the door.
Chicken wings "Moulin Rouge"
0.8k - - -
Just chicken wings in sauce, with herbs and with humor...
Shepherd's purse
0.8k - 60м 8
Pretty bundles of puff pastry with filling (I like them a lot my friends when they come to visit, sweep first!)