Aspic recipes

Jellied stuffed pike and Zander
1k - - -
Whether You love the stuffed pike? Juicy, tender and flavorful? I love it! Now imagine this magnificence in the fish jelly in the neighborhood with pieces of pike perch, on a platter surrounded by other Goodies on the festive Christmas table! The recipe, of course, time-consuming and the time is long, but very tasty! Especially for fish lovers! For a very "lazy" Housewives!
Jellied eggs
0.9k 5 60м 15
The original filler in the form of eggs will be a perfect decoration of table
Aspic "Golden cock"
0.8k - 180м 4
Want to prepare beautiful, festive and not too rich dish? Then my prescription for you. :)
Marinated herring in jelly
0.7k - 60м 4
Popular national dish in Latvian cuisine. Ancient, time-tested recipe with a new twist. In Latvia, this appetizer is a mandatory attribute of the holiday table. I am also pleased to her home in "the Day of defender of the Fatherland".
Vegetable mess
0.7k 4 30м -
Perhaps for a cooking site is too plain. But really my kids love this vegetable medley. Especially in the hot summer. So I decided to share with you.
Aspic of pike-perch
0.6k - 180м 10
Girls - it's delicious, not nutritious, festive and just beautiful!
Lamprey marinade
0.6k 4 60м 6
Aspic sausage
0.6k - 30м 8
Quick aspic! Compared to conventional meat or gelatine jelly, - just zip. A minimum of effort, and the result is a delicious and colorful dish. And sausage slicing should be of high quality and different color.
Pike-perch filler
0.6k 5 - -
And not crap, this is our jellied fish!
Aspik chicken with vegetables
0.6k - 70м 6
Aspik is just jelly of French origin. Aspik can be made from meat, poultry, fish or seafood, filled with transparent jelly from concentrated, clarified broth. In the Russian culinary tradition is sometimes replaced with the distorted term — lanspik, the recipe of which is similar to alpikom. The dish can be a great cold appetizer on Your holiday table! Prepared quickly and simply.
Chicken in mayonnaise jelly
0.6k - - -
The recipe is very simple and absolutely not troublesome, but the result is very pleasing. A very delicate dish turned out.
Jellied eggs
0.6k 4 - -
I think that these eggs are good for Easter.
Jellied sprats for lazy people
0.6k 4 - -
Very quick and tasty...
0.6k - - -
Potjevleesch. Poti – what? What lies behind this strange name? It's just as simple. It is a kind of aspic. In the old days Potables was considered a poor dish, as prepared from poultry and a hare, shot in the woods. And only on major holidays there was added a small piece of pork. Patibles recipe first appeared in the 14th century. He hails from the North, from the French # through Flanders, the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Once in this region spoke Dutch (Flemish), but the beginning of the 21st century, the Flemish dialect almost out of use. But the titles of the recipes have remained intact. Potables means "little pot of meat". I have long doubted whether to put this recipe, whom we will surprise entirely? But first, it differs in cooking and in taste from those that are already on the site. Secondly, I really wanted to cook a dish from the region who loves my family and where I was born my father in law, whom I respect a lot.
0.6k - 1000м 5
Soon the New year and time to think about the menu on our holiday table. What is Christmas without the traditional recipes? I offer you the recipe of the jelly.
Appetizer "Kingdom Of Neptune"
0.6k 3 40м -
Aspic. Very easy, tasty, impressive appetizer with strong spirits.
Jell-o "Crab"
0.5k - - -
Bright mini-appetizer with crab flavor.
0.5k 4.5 300м 10
Aspic with the motives mujuru
Aspic "Turtle Tortila"
0.5k - 120м 10
There was an old organ-grinder Carlo. He went from house to house, playing and singing, he threw the copper coins. Carlo lived in a poor garret. One day his friend, Giuseppe, is brought to a piece of wood and said, "Cut him a doll to teach her how to sing and dance, you will have a nice assistant." And made Carlo Pinocchio. ... Pinocchio grabbed the Doberman Pinscher and threw it into the pond. Pinocchio hit the water. On the surface of the pond there was a large, scary snake head. She swam to the sheet, where he was Pinocchio. But it was not a snake. It was an older turtle tortila.
Jellied mushrooms
0.5k 3 30м 4
This is a very simple dish, yet very tasty. Try it and see for yourself.
Snack mini-galantine of rabbit
0.5k - - -
Always puzzled how you can apply beautiful rabbit. Whole bake, kind of awful. Pieces, once commonplace. I decided to experiment and make rabbit festive snack of mini jelly new silicone molds that are sent to me as a Christmas gift she is from Cyprus!!!