Cooking in grills recipes

Lunch in aerogrill
1.7k 3.7 60м -
This is not a recipe. This is one way of cooking food in the convection oven (when all the sisters on earrings - or to everyone's taste!). Thus it is possible to prepare several kinds of soup, a couple of the second, porridge, all at once, at once.
Grated cake with jam in aerogrill
1.1k - 70м 6
Classic grated cake with jam recipe, adapted for a convection oven. Always baked through completely!
Cheese and garlic croutons in aerogrill
0.8k - 25м 5
Delicious crispy croutons with garlic and cheese.
Burgers "Hunting"
0.5k 5 - -
The recipe is my own, so to speak, is obtained empirically. Highly recommend. This recipe is perfect not only for coffee, cakes can be cooked in duhoki, pre-fry them in vegetable oil. But! Than a good grill. Not a bit of excess oil, it all makes sense in its own juice. Tender, flavorful, very tasty.
Pork in Danish in aerogrill
0.5k 5 30м -
delicious rolls of pork
Lenten cake with poppy seeds
0.5k - - -
"And we're, you know, only playing..." (C) For lovers of buns and other pastries, which at the same time, keep fasts, offer Lenten cake with poppy seeds. On "search" among vegetable muffins such is not found. So post, maybe someone will use the recipe, and the cake will taste. The recipe I adapted for the grill. But originally it for the oven.
Chanakhi in aerogrill
464 4 - -
Georgian dish. There are many variations of this dish. I also slightly altered traditional recipe of chanakhi. They need to cook in a clay pot, unfortunately, I have, therefore, prepared in a saucepan.
"The frogs on the bump"
463 - 50м 3
The prototype of this dish was the recipe of an English chef Jamie Oliver "toad in the hole". But after changing some things in the original and seeing the result, I decided to call it "Frogs on the bump". Do not faint, you won't have to mess with these frogs, it's just sausages in the test.
Barbecue in aerogrill
411 3 30м -
On the nose summer... So I want barbeque, but on the nature to leave no opportunity. Rescued convection oven.
Hot sandwiches "Exotic" in grills
409 - 15м 2
In the gloomy autumn morning treat yourself and your loved ones hot exotic sandwiches that will lift your mood for the day! However, why only in the morning for Breakfast? Sandwiches "Exotic" you can have a snack at any time of the day. And can even offer their unexpected guests. Sandwiches are easy to prepare. And eaten... eaten so that you won't have time to blink))
Pot in aerogrill
398 - - -
Very convenient.
Apples stuffed with beets (in convection oven)
380 - 25м 3
This recipe is from the book of recipes for aerogrill Helena Gorokhovets. I make these apples for a long time, but I don't know what they relate - to dessert? or to snack? But I know for sure: apples stuffed with beets - delicious and a lot like. They can be eaten for Breakfast and in the afternoon, and when on a diet. And might be served as a snack on the table for the guests. Interesting is the reaction of guests, who see apples with beets for the first time. At first they look: what they say is inside the Apple? Then, when I tell you, they look with astonishment and skepticism. And some barely restrained so as not to say "I". After try - their faces are enlightened, and they cry out, "and nothing! edible!" And quite at the end: "cuuuuuuute!" And "and you?" Try it and You, dear povaryata, apples stuffed with beets! PS the cooking time are subject to a cooking beets.
Carbonate pig "Meeting", baked in the convection oven
355 3 - -
Husband returned from a trip, for two weeks no see! And then just on the eve of his arrival caught me in the store, "carbonate pork neck" (already sliced). Very handy! Marinated, however, is quite long, but all the preparation was very simple. But the result exceeded even my expectations!
Chicken Ukrainian
355 - - -
What to describe ?! Came up with the idea to cook burgers with bacon :)
Chicken wings "Mexico"
335 4 180м 3
Younger son loves the wings. Now he's preparing for the session, and I, to cheer him up, decided to please him - to make a favorite dish. Searched in Internet and found not the usual recipe.
Stuffed potatoes in aerogrill
321 4 50м 5
Very tender and flavorful with Golden crispy crust and almost as in the Russian oven
Potato mud pies
317 - 20м -
Very tasty dish, which is just 20 minutes to cook in aerogrill. Filling for potato mud pies can be varied. It all depends on Your imagination.
Muesli pancakes in aerogrill
308 - 30м 2
My debut on "the Cook"... decides to share his invention - a wonderfully healthy, diet, delicious pancakes-cookies made of dried fruit and cereal. A single gram of oil, a gram of sugar! Great scope for imagination and in my not quite standard taste - great Breakfast. Possible, perhaps, to poshalit, but I and so delicious. The original idea - oatmeal with banana - peeped somewhere in the Internet, but since then I have modified and adapted for work - so probably nothing will break if you post your version? The artist from me so-so, so the pictures are not very beautiful, but I hope they don't scare off from this useful content.
Kebab Istanbul
298 - 90м 4
No matter what was cooking in the outdoors, it seems to me that the king of the menu at the picnic always is and will be a young fresh lamb. A barbecue, made from the heart and liver of lamb is the pinnacle, the very height of luxury! The most delicious, fragrant, tender, never boring.
Pork a La Tandoori
289 5 60м 4
Well, lovers of pork tremble! When pickled, the smell was awesome when baked - just unbearably hot when they ate my men, it was just silent. This dish of Indian cuisine. There it is called "Tandoori Pork", but to prepare the desired blend of spices "Garam Masala", every component I had, therefore, called "à La Tandoori".
Cake "nut-raisin"
289 - - -
Cake is perhaps the unvarnished, everyday, but the holidays are not every day. But simple, fast, delicious. And tasty want in everyday life. To prepare the cake in advance, because he is a callous better.