Cooking in grills recipes for Easter

Improvisation on the theme of "kebab"
201 4 20м 2
Burgers on the fire.
Potatoes "Aero"
178 - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Smoked fish in convection oven
167 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
Drunken ribs
139 3 120м 4
Delicious, juicy, tender...
Just pork
139 - 90м 5
Stuffed with pork or beef.
Pork steak "Dinner"
132 - - 3
Juicy, tender, "sweet with a slight kick" steak will be a perfect dish for a dinner for two. A spicy marinade makes the meat soft and easy acuity, does not burden the stomach and gives satiety for the whole evening. Your spouse will be pleasantly surprised by this dish and thanks to you will not remain without gifts in return...)
Rice pudding with raisins
115 3 - -
Delicious, nutritious and good Breakfast for both adults and children!
Brisket of pork baked in the convection oven
108 - 90м -
Preparing for a long time but without much fuss. Taste is cooked and baked. I read a lot of recipes for brisket, but they are all either confusing or is too boiled or roasted brisket. I'm lazy, this recipe invented itself to your taste.
Twice marinated rabbit
96 - 120м 4
Offer to cook a rabbit in the convection oven. Is not very troublesome and delicious. Of course, this is different from the pork on the grill, but it turns out its delicious.