Cooking in grills recipes for birthday

Kebab Istanbul
257 - 90м 4
No matter what was cooking in the outdoors, it seems to me that the king of the menu at the picnic always is and will be a young fresh lamb. A barbecue, made from the heart and liver of lamb is the pinnacle, the very height of luxury! The most delicious, fragrant, tender, never boring.
"Surprise" from grills
202 3.5 110м -
This is a dish I learned to cook in the convection oven, I suggest everyone who uses this thing!
Improvisation on the theme of "kebab"
201 4 20м 2
Burgers on the fire.
Barbecue home
197 3 160м 8
Yesterday decided to cook kebabs at home. Turned out very juicy meat with the smell of fire.
Potatoes "Aero"
178 - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers
174 5 - 2
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers.
Smoked fish in convection oven
167 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
Chicken in aerogrill
158 3 1м -
Chicken in mustard sauce baked in convection oven. It turns out very juicy and tender.
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches
157 - 60м 5
The dish is delicious! Very tender, very tasty! Will appeal to all! I seem to be in a special delight will be kids! The taste changes if the dish is hot or cold, but one thing consistently - it is always very tasty, I recommend!!!
Eclairs in aerogrill
151 4 - 4
Continue to master the grills and this is my first cakes in it. In principle, the recipe is not new, just specific instructions to the owners of this wonder-stove. So if you want to remove it, then so be it.
Roulade of chicken in aerogrill
148 - 30м 6
There are a lot of recipes this loaf. My cooked in aerogrill.
Drunken ribs
139 3 120м 4
Delicious, juicy, tender...
My favorite meat pie
139 3 70м 6
Shortcrust pastry combined with the meat taste divine!!! I usually this dish is cooked in the oven, and today I decided to experiment in the convection oven. It turned out great!
"Sea language" in aerogrill
139 3 30м 2
Tender, virtually fat sea fish. And most importantly, prepared with the least effort!
Just pork
139 - 90м 5
Stuffed with pork or beef.
Knuckle in aerogrill
135 - 80м 1
The husband can not live without meat, and it's starting to affect his tum. Lean meat he fundamentally believes, so you have to cheat. This helps me a lot aerogrill. The meat was very juicy, despite the fact that fat from it dripped a lot
Pork steak "Dinner"
132 - - 3
Juicy, tender, "sweet with a slight kick" steak will be a perfect dish for a dinner for two. A spicy marinade makes the meat soft and easy acuity, does not burden the stomach and gives satiety for the whole evening. Your spouse will be pleasantly surprised by this dish and thanks to you will not remain without gifts in return...)
Lamb in beer, cooked in aerogrill
131 5 60м 2
I don't really like lamb because of the smell, but having prepared so disappeared her peculiar smell, is very gentle grill! (Sorry for quality of pictures)
Chicken leg quarters in the test in aerogrill
131 - 40м 4
Leg of chicken baked in puff pastry pouches filled with potatoes (mushrooms - optional) in the convection oven.
Vegetables on skewers
130 5 50м 5
Spicy zucchini and tender squash.
Meatloaf "Moulin Rouge"
122 3 - -
Tender roll of several kinds of meat cooked in vaccinia.