Cooking in grills recipes for Christmas

Grated cake with jam in aerogrill
0.8k - 70м 6
Classic grated cake with jam recipe, adapted for a convection oven. Always baked through completely!
"Surprise" from grills
202 3.5 110м -
This is a dish I learned to cook in the convection oven, I suggest everyone who uses this thing!
Improvisation on the theme of "kebab"
201 4 20м 2
Burgers on the fire.
Potatoes "Aero"
178 - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers
174 5 - 2
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers.
Smoked fish in convection oven
167 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
Chicken in aerogrill
158 3 1м -
Chicken in mustard sauce baked in convection oven. It turns out very juicy and tender.
Roulade of chicken in aerogrill
148 - 30м 6
There are a lot of recipes this loaf. My cooked in aerogrill.
Drunken ribs
139 3 120м 4
Delicious, juicy, tender...
Just pork
139 - 90м 5
Stuffed with pork or beef.
Chicken leg quarters in the test in aerogrill
131 - 40м 4
Leg of chicken baked in puff pastry pouches filled with potatoes (mushrooms - optional) in the convection oven.
Eggplant "Kugel" of Emperor Constantine
130 4 - -
Once the court clown of Emperor Konstantin Kugel boasted the owner, he's not worse than it can rule an Empire. Constantine liked the idea, and he allowed the jester to rule the Empire one day in the year on 1 April. Probably, and dish it up with the court jester!..
Dinner "the husband's joy"
121 - 55м -
This is my first experience with a convection oven. You can say debut. I present you the chicken with a delicious honey-garlic crust, spicy potatoes and salad appetizer. Put not ratings sake, but for those who are starting to cook in aerogrill and learn from the mistakes and experience of others. Go! Let your tips, I found them very useful.
The chicken according to the method of Judy Rogers
120 - - -
Fried chicken, prepared by the method of dry brining, this is the recipe of the famous American chef Judy Rogers (Judy Rodgers, 2002, The Zuni Cafe Cookbook). Currently, this recipe posted, probably almost all the culinary resources. People in the know chicken recipe by Judy Rogers called the most famous in the world. The value and originality of this recipe - the chicken saline exposure and high temperature baking. So the chicken turns out very tasty and juicy! Prescription author the chicken is cooking in the oven. I adapted the recipe to a convection oven. And adapted to the taste preferences of your family. That is, instead of the herbs listed in the recipe (or rosemary, or thyme, or marjoram, or sage) I use garlic. For the rest, nothing new. Ready to take the tomatoes, eggs, shoes, etc.
Potatoes baked in the sleeve
118 4 - -
Potatoes baked in the fire hose (sleeve).
Brisket of pork baked in the convection oven
108 - 90м -
Preparing for a long time but without much fuss. Taste is cooked and baked. I read a lot of recipes for brisket, but they are all either confusing or is too boiled or roasted brisket. I'm lazy, this recipe invented itself to your taste.
Chicken wings in convection oven
105 - 60м 4
Easy and simple.
Twice marinated rabbit
96 - 120м 4
Offer to cook a rabbit in the convection oven. Is not very troublesome and delicious. Of course, this is different from the pork on the grill, but it turns out its delicious.
Baked potatoes "First snow"
88 5 45м -
Why "First snow"??? - You ask :) Because it is very fast "melted" on the plate :))) And wanted additives :))
Fish patties fillet of Pollock
81 - 40м -
With the advent in our home grills, the whole family started to experiment with cooking it all sorts of different dishes of meat and vegetables. And recently became interested in fish grill. But despite the fact that it is so easy (no need to stand at the stove), we are even more simplified the task finished fish meat. Try! I recommend to all :)