Dishes pita bread recipes

Roll with chicken
1.3k 4.6 - -
A hell of a habitual thing for us and much easier within the office, factory, plant, than a regular sandwich. The fact that the roll is easy to hold in hand, if it is normal to twist, none of the pieces will have been in vain – all will go into your digestive system. Besides, no one even guess is not that you have inside of the roll. So if you are a man with delusions of persecution, this thing for you!
Breakfast for the lazy. Pizza-scrambled eggs
1.1k - 20м 2
All ingenious is simple! Offer you a quick Breakfast or just a snack for a few minutes. It's everyone's favorite fried, but crispy and perfectly juicy filling.
0.6k 4.5 20м 3
Meat with vegetables and sauce, wrapped in pita bread. Hearty and delicious.
Pita bread with meat "Rolls - Speedsters"
0.5k 4 30м -
Very, very quick, tasty, simple, hearty, tastes like dumplings =)
Quick meat pie pita
469 - 40м 8
I represent to your attention a cake of pita in a hurry. The cake turns out very tender and tasty, and the preparation will not take much time.
Sweet cake of pita Experiment
459 4 - -
Yesterday I had a lazy Acme... and I thought that this way you can make a sweet pie... did today... I tried.. and with a light heart spread recipe... turned out very tasty and just))))
Shaverma with chicken
445 5 15м 2
Going on a picnic or just camping? But the infamous sandwich is already tired? Prepare a "Shawarma" chicken.
Sushi in Russian
445 3 10м 10
Delicious rolls.
Georgian roll
441 4 - -
Quick, tasty, good for Breakfast. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Shawarma "Home"
435 5 20м 1
Just delicious, and at least know what you're eating... =)
Roll with Fetaki
416 4 - -
Roll - "Hello youth"
409 4 20м 10
A good roll of pita.
Roll of pita
409 3 20м 10
Very light and delicious appetizer of pita bread. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Roll of pita with salad
391 4 20м 4
The gentle roll of thin pita bread for tea
Fake sushi
383 4 15м -
Lavash rolls and salmon.
Meatloaf with canned fish
374 4.5 30м -
A good roll, quick to prepare and inexpensive!
Chicken salad in pita bread
372 - 30м 2
This snack like all the men in our family. The sons are grown and ourselves to cook a meal of delicious chicken in bread crumbs and crispy lettuce and onion.
371 4 15м -
For many years looking for the real name of this dish. It seems there was a letter H. So we and our guests began to call him "Ho". So for Korean food, this appetizer has nothing.
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
370 - 20м 10
My first photo recipe on the Pillsbury website. This roll we cook very often, my husband just loves it! Each hostess your recipe loaf of bread, I offer you mine. The site has looked for similar recipes found Roll "Hello youth" from the Sofa, but I have a little bit different. Please!
Envelopes with greenery, "Spring has come"
357 4 - -
Very spring dish for Breakfast, dinner or unexpected guests
Rolls with red fish
353 4 - -
simple and original in design, for guests and friends!