Dishes pita bread recipes

Breakfast for the lazy. Pizza-scrambled eggs
2.3k - 20м 2
All ingenious is simple! Offer you a quick Breakfast or just a snack for a few minutes. It's everyone's favorite fried, but crispy and perfectly juicy filling.
Roll with chicken
2.3k 4.6 - -
A hell of a habitual thing for us and much easier within the office, factory, plant, than a regular sandwich. The fact that the roll is easy to hold in hand, if it is normal to twist, none of the pieces will have been in vain – all will go into your digestive system. Besides, no one even guess is not that you have inside of the roll. So if you are a man with delusions of persecution, this thing for you!
2k 4.5 20м 3
Meat with vegetables and sauce, wrapped in pita bread. Hearty and delicious.
Shawarma in Russian
1.9k - 15м 1
Today experimented with Shawarma. Oldest son ordered a Shawarma in Russian with sauerkraut and pickles, and I've put an order in life:) Very tasty, juicy Shawarma turned out! Take two one pita Shawarma, because if one layer then breaks, it is very juicy it is!
Low calorie homemade Shawarma in pita bread
1.7k - 20м 4
Fast food is not only street food. The house is very often necessary to prepare something in haste. It would be desirable that it was delicious and not very nutritious. Shawarma or Shawarma - as someone closer is just that. Thin pita bread, vegetables and the sauce adds juiciness and lightness of meat. At the same time, this dish is not only easy but also satisfying
Shaverma with chicken
1.6k 5 15м 2
Going on a picnic or just camping? But the infamous sandwich is already tired? Prepare a "Shawarma" chicken.
Burrito in Russian
1.5k - - -
It is hearty and very tasty appetizer is made of the most affordable products. Instead of Savoy cabbage you can use lettuce. The filling you can use any to your taste!
Quick meat pie pita
1.3k - 40м 8
I represent to your attention a cake of pita in a hurry. The cake turns out very tender and tasty, and the preparation will not take much time.
Roll of pita
1.3k 3 20м 10
Very light and delicious appetizer of pita bread. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song".
Grilled pita bread with sprats
1.3k - 20м 6
This recipe was taken from the book and cooked with me. Videos are also mine, do not judge strictly.
Shawarma "Lazy"
1.3k - 5м 1
The easiest recipe of Shawarma in home design. Especially economical this option will be in the holiday period.
Sushi in Russian
1.2k 3 10м 10
Delicious rolls.
Salad in pita bread "A La Shawarma"
1.2k 4 60м 6
Walking past the kebab stalls, inadvertently pull the nose to the smell of chicken, but only stops the fact that the filling of this Taco is sometimes just necessary not to everyone's taste. Here I am, not having time to eat at work, I thought about this dish, came to the house and thought up)) (do not claim originality, but was delicious)
Roll of pita with salad
1.2k 4 20м 4
The gentle roll of thin pita bread for tea
Pizza lasagna in Russian
1.2k 4 40м -
Comfortable, quick, beautiful and delicious.
1.2k 4 20м -
Pita bread with filling.
Sultan kebab
1.2k - 40м 6
Sultan kebab is a great solution for cooking tasty meals quickly. Wonderful mini donery with a sauce of sour cream and butter.
Shawarma roll with the liver
1.2k - 20м 2
We love Shawarma, tried different options and combinations, but the chicken liver do for the first time, very interesting taste, and I advise you to try it!
Georgian roll
1.1k 4 - -
Quick, tasty, good for Breakfast. For photos thanks scullion yuvl.
Roll of pita bread with crab sticks
1.1k - 30м 8
Today I will tell you how to cook an appetizer of pita "Roll of pita bread with crab sticks". A simple and quick recipe for a loaf of bread will not leave you indifferent. Rolls of pita especially relevant in the season of picnics and holidays. Roll of pita bread with a filling of crab sticks safely replace boring sandwiches. The main plus is that is rolls very quickly. This easy to prepare appetizer of pita bread has a very pleasant and original taste, which give the crab sticks in combination with cheese and tomatoes. A wonderful bread recipe pita is useful for all Housewives! Watch the video and cook along with me these incredibly delicious and easy to prepare crab cake pita.
Sweet cake of pita Experiment
1.1k 4 - -
Yesterday I had a lazy Acme... and I thought that this way you can make a sweet pie... did today... I tried.. and with a light heart spread recipe... turned out very tasty and just))))