Dishes pita bread recipes for Easter

Breakfast for the lazy. Pizza-scrambled eggs
0.6k - 20м 2
All ingenious is simple! Offer you a quick Breakfast or just a snack for a few minutes. It's everyone's favorite fried, but crispy and perfectly juicy filling.
Roll of pita with vegetables in Korean
163 3 - -
Delicious snack option loaf of pita! As a filling taken only vegetables, but what!!!
"Cheese" salad in pita bread
163 5 15м 8
Salad processed cheese with garlic in pita bread. Quickly prepared and quickly eaten :) And not boring. Cook each week. In our family it is eaten instead of bread, with a variety of dishes...
146 - 20м 6
A great appetizer for the holiday table! Scatters "cheers" in 15 minutes!
Meatloaf with beets
146 - 15м 4
This is an improvisation on an ordinary beets with garlic and mayonnaise! Very tasty and festive! )))
Cheese-cheese mini quiches pita
146 - 60м 4
Mini-pies, because it's not the whole pie, and it is divided into 4 portions. It is convenient that the cake is initially cut and only put on a plate to the guest, the shape of the piece is not broken, as it would be when cutting the pie.
Roll of pita "my Fish"
138 - 20м 8
My acquaintance with rolls of pita began 5 years ago. I saw in the transfer of cooking recipe prepared and were disappointed. Like a great set of products (salmon, cream cheese), but it turned out dry and taste is not particularly impressed. But I never give up and after a couple of experimentation, found what I was looking for. Now this is my favorite nadinochka for a loaf of pita - juicy, tender and unusual. This option on the website not found, so post. Help yourself!
Appetizer in pita bread for any occasion
132 - 30м -
Hello, how are you? Today you will learn how to prepare a delicious cold snack in pita bread, with a delicious filling. This appetizer can be prepared in any case, that is, when guests came, at the Christmas table on the day of birth and so on. Thank you all for your attention.
Cheese lavash rolls
123 - 10м 10
A quick appetizer that disappears quickly. Creamy filling and crunchy fried pita. Help yourself!
Snack cake
122 - - -
A quick, tasty snack cake of pita bread with fried mushrooms and cheese. Cooked very easy and simple, this dish can be prepared a birthday or just to surprise your loved ones. Cooked in our recipe, this cake will turn out incredibly tender and very delicious snack which in a few minutes swept away from the table. And while you will save a lot of your time and effort and funds on products.
Roll of pita bread and cod liver
121 - 20м -
Our family is very fond of cod liver oil, but my fantasy is only enough to cook the deviled eggs. So on new year's table was invented here is not a tricky dish
Pie, pita "Cuts"
119 - 60м 4
In the spring you want to pamper yourself with something tasty, and the body requires energy and effort)) I Offer a cake of pita bread with three toppings;)
Banitsa pita
118 3 30м 9
Very tasty and quick to prepare dish. Who knows, he'll never guess it's made with pita bread. It turns out very thin and tasty dough.
Baked rolls of pita bread
117 - 50м 18
Here's a wonderful appetizer derived from seemingly ordinary ingredients. Moreover, it is surprisingly versatile - sliced, it can be applied to a normal lunch, but you can for the festive table - not lost among the other holiday dishes, you can take on the road as "lunch" but you can give the child to eat or camping. In General, the appetizer!
Juicy appetizer of pita bread
110 - 40м 16
Fragrant, juicy appetizer of pita bread suitable for festive and everyday table, as well as to picnic, hike and just snack. The amount and composition of the filling can vary, depending on your preference.
A crispy appetizer of pita bread with vegetables
108 - 20м 6
A crispy appetizer of pita bread. Pita bread stuffed with a Delicious and hearty appetizer. We recommend you to prepare. Very tasty!!!
Pie pita with chickpeas and mushrooms
96 5 90м 6
Twisted cake of pita bread with chickpeas, leeks and mushrooms. Very tasty, hearty pie for a cosy, homely tea. And this is my first cooking experiment at baking in the slow cooker. It seems to me that it worked for me! To share with you!)
Magic bags of pita
96 4 - -
Not far off the New year. What it will be and what it will bring we do not know. Everyone dreams about my gift... but in the meantime help yourself to my "magic bag" with a juicy filling in a crispy "package". Enjoy, dream and all will come true!!!
Eateries lavash rolls
91 3 15м 6
Very simple to prepare but very tasty snack. Flew off the plates instantly. The perfect snack that will decorate any table quickly prepared at a minimum cost.
Appetizer of pita bread in 5 minutes
89 - 20м 8
Delicious cold appetizer for the holiday and every day
Crab roll
89 4 30м 10
This dish is easy to prepare and very tasty. I recommend to try!