Baking of pita bread recipes

Breakfast for the lazy. Pizza-scrambled eggs
476 - 20м 2
All ingenious is simple! Offer you a quick Breakfast or just a snack for a few minutes. It's everyone's favorite fried, but crispy and perfectly juicy filling.
Pita bread with meat "Rolls - Speedsters"
321 4 30м -
Very, very quick, tasty, simple, hearty, tastes like dumplings =)
Sweet cake of pita Experiment
195 4 - -
Yesterday I had a lazy Acme... and I thought that this way you can make a sweet pie... did today... I tried.. and with a light heart spread recipe... turned out very tasty and just))))
Quick meat pie pita
179 - 40м 8
I represent to your attention a cake of pita in a hurry. The cake turns out very tender and tasty, and the preparation will not take much time.
Pie cottage cheese in pita bread
167 3 - -
Simple cottage cheese cake.
Snack-pita bread with beans and chicken
155 - 50м 6
The recipe I spotted in the blog of Katie KиVи. I saw, I immediately wanted to cook. Did not regret. Very tasty! Cooking time is given without cooking the beans.
152 4 20м 8
Continuing the theme of pita bread.
Qutab "light"
152 - 30м -
On the motives of Azerbaijani cuisine. Kutabi - Azerbaijani Honkarakenne cakes of unleavened dough, fried on a dry pan - no oil Filling is the most varied - meat, cheese with herbs, cheese with herbs, just the greens with egg. Yes, even mashed potatoes can - be delicious. But to mess with the test I too lazy today - so I took a thin pita...
Lazy banitsa with cheese and banana
144 - 60м 9
Delicious and easy to prepare dish.
Stuffed pita
134 3.5 60м -
Very similar to Shawarma, but the taste is much better and nasishennie. Like and guests and husband! Can be consumed both hot or cold at a picnic!
Lavashnaya roll "Burst"
128 4.5 50м 6
Baked roll with liver pate, cheese and mushrooms. Impossible to resist!
Crackers pita
124 - 50м -
For those who can not calmly watch as the children eat the preservatives from the purchase of packs with crackers chips, etc. Or unusual tasty crackers.
Lazy strudel
123 - 45м 4
Very tasty and simple to prepare! I cooked without sugar, who loves sweet, add a couple tablespoons!
Enchiladas with chicken
118 5 30м 8
A very simple recipe of delicious Mexican dishes - enchiladas. If you want to make the dish poetry - add more red pepper.
115 5 25м 5
Delicious, hearty, spicy Shawarma. Prepared simply and quickly.
Lean Pictionary pita
113 - 30м 6
Recipe in a hurry! Dishes from thin pita on the website a lot, and of "Tolstoy" – times-two and obchelsya, honestly was looking for this recipe, not to be repeated. This "pizza" has long taken root in our family, its my mom cooked and she like the more recent school and College years...
Torn pie pita
113 - - -
And on the next Breakfast is on offer to prepare a simple pie Turkish pita or tortilla. Very tasty, hearty and fast. Prepare a Pie for the lazy! The cake turns out with a crispy crust and soft inside. The filling is minimal and completely arbitrary. Enjoy!
Pie pita
109 3 30м 6
Eternal theme! Versatile pita bread. What he did not do. I even tried to gather a collection of dishes! And each of them is a masterpiece of culinary thoughts. View this pie. Like anything new, the pita is the same, but I liked it so much that I decided to share!
Triangles of pita
104 - 25м 3
Delicious, quick, hearty, hot Breakfast or snack for the whole family. Recipe found on the Internet and for several years he is one of the favorite morning food.
Pie "three-Tiered pineapple in pita bread"
104 - 40м 8
Simple, tasty, easy, great... but just try it!!! For all lovers of pineapples and simple desserts!!! So come get some!!!
A quick strudel
102 3 - -
Tender, crispy strudel without the hassle!