Sauces recipes for Easter

Beet sauce
0.6k - 10м 6
I can not share with you this sauce! Will definitely be useful to our friends and family! Gentle, velvety, and fluffy with horseradish and beets! Bright, creamy, spicy! You will enjoy with your family! Fragrant and garlic! Fish will be delicious for sure! The pork, tongue! And just to the table! You can spoon without! Will definitely fall in love with it!
Spicy mustard sauce
0.6k - 10м 5
This delicious sauce from Dr. Adera from very simple ingredients, will give a new taste to familiar dishes.
0.6k 3 20м 1
So named for mayonnaise in France. And thanks to a typo made in a cookbook, became famous mayonnaise.
Pancakes "tete-a-tete"
0.5k - 40м 6
On the eve of Valentine's Day I want to treat You to a nice crepes with raspberry sauce and chocolate. Very tasty. Great flow, spectacular colors. Definitely serve them a La carte, but on the same plate as a sign of unity with Your spouse. Let this treat makes a wonderful dessert, finishing Your dinner. Love, understanding and great happiness to Your families!
Salmon with sauce of sorrel
0.5k 5 10м -
More precisely, I want to show the recipe of the sauce. And what's under it to submit... your choice: this can be meat, just sausages!!! Very simple but tasty.
Cheese and garlic sauce
0.5k 5 10м 10
Well suited to grenkami and chicken dishes.
Caucasian sauce
0.5k - 20м -
One of my favorite sauces! Suitable for almost any dish, just perfect for barbecue.
Spinach sauce
491 - - -
Delicious, tender spinach sauce is perfect for fish and meat dishes. To prepare this sauce will not make you work. Taste qualities can vary from your chosen mustard. Who likes to go for the gusto, take a sharp mustard. Spinach can be frozen or fresh.
Spicy sauce-gravy with meat and horseradish
487 - 60м -
This dish as gravy suited to any garnish, or even as a sauce for any meat... Has an interesting taste of hell, and surprisingly not spicy taste... (well, of course, if you do not give a lot of shit).
Pancakes with sauce of dried apricots
476 - 60м 6
Ruddy pancakes with delicious sauce that has a very intense spicy flavor and a beautiful structure.
Salad dressing, vegetables, fish, poultry
476 4 5м 4
Tasty, easy, low-calorie.
Mushroom sauce
474 - 20м 2
Sauce addition to the dish. Without him in the main meal something is missing, I hope my recipe who will.
Sauce "Dip dessert"
449 - 10м -
This deep level of magic wand, because it is so quick and simple to prepare, besides incredibly delicious! With it you can make a delicious Express dessert in the blink of an eye, placing around a delicious jar of sliced fruit, cookies and waffles... pleasure to welcome you to the food, Cooks!
Bean dip
444 - 30м -
Today I have prepared are not only delicious. but also very healthy food. Baked vegetables with dip. The main difference from the usual sauces is the way that the application — not a sauce poured on the food, and the food dipped in sauce. Hence the name "deep" (from the English. — dipping, a brief immersion (into liquid), to dip, to dip). So...
Mushroom vegetable sauce "Christmas"
424 4 30м -
This sauce we usually prepare for Christmas Eve, as a Supplement to different vegetable dishes.
Sauce "kebab"
417 - 20м 4
Very tasty sauce, the cutlets and other products. Yes it can be spread on bread!
Grape-ginger chutney
405 - 70м 8
Cock spicy meat dishes.
Sauce a La "Bechamel" without butter
402 - 25м 8
Sauce "A La Bechamel," without butter. For those who are watching a figure and adheres to a healthy lifestyle.
Yogurt dressing for salads
399 - - -
A light dressing of yogurt for any vegetable salads. Even ordinary lettuce leaves, drenched in this dressing, be turned into a delicious salad.
Sauce "Love-carrot"
388 - 20м 10
Do you love carrots as much as I?)) Especially for fans of carrots)) the sauce is pronounced sweet-creamy - carrot taste, with light hints of rosemary and anise. In my opinion, it is perfect with white meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Well, its original color will accentuate and enhance any dish!
Delicious homemade sauce for meat, chicken and vegetables
383 - 15м 1
Great quick peanut sauce for meat or chicken, and you can serve it with vegetables. A great addition to different dishes. Homemade sauce with almonds in haste!