Sauces recipes for Lent

Sweet sauce paste
1.1k - 15м -
A delicious, simple sauce for pancakes and fritters will please those with a sweet tooth and especially fans of halva. Try it!
Tomato-vegetable sauce
0.6k - 40м -
Fragrant, bright and rich vegetable sauce which perfectly complement the dishes from cereals, perfect and mashed potatoes. And if it is made thicker and the paste is well combined.
0.6k - - -
Bage - Georgian walnut sauce. Not to be confused with satsivi, though also very tasty, but much easier to cook and very quick. Bage is suitable for chicken, fish, vegetables and boiled eggs. The sauce is thick, rich, nutty, spicy and very flavorful. Each hostess your Bage with slight variations, but it is able to do every Georgian woman. It is really delicious. The Bages are used in cold and boil the BAJ is not necessary. Help yourself!
The guacamole and Basil
0.5k - 20м -
A delicate, silky texture, easy to prepare the avocado sauce with the aroma of Basil is perfect for meat and fish. They can fill lettuce or iceberg salad, pasta or just eat as a snack with bread.
Sauce for boiled potatoes almost "DZA-ziki"
0.5k 3 7м 3
Delicate light sauce with a slight slight kick, my dad was making it with dill, but I like it with oregano. Girls, congratulations to all, I apologize for what put such a simple recipe, but I hope maybe someone will like it :))
Sauce eggplant with parsley
489 - 60м 2
This sauce is not only perfect for all types of meat and poultry, but also with great success can be used as a dressing for salads. Minimum ingredients, simple cooking - tasty and healthy sauce.
Homemade mustard
485 - 30м 24
Homemade mustard is very tasty and flavorful sauce that can be added to almost any main courses, and appetizers. Offer a recipe of my favorite homemade mustard.
The cocktail sauce
470 - - -
Here you saw my recipe "Shrimp Malabar". This spicy sweet and sour sauce is perfect for these shrimp, and all seafood. It is quite simple to prepare and most importantly - there is only natural fresh ingredients without any additives, stabilizers, thickeners, etc.
Cranberry sauce
467 - - -
Cranberry sauce is always a great addition to any meal and table decoration! With ginger, pepper and honey will be interesting!
Sauce for salads
455 - 10м 8
This sauce will help You brighten up the days of the raw food diet. It can also be suitable for other dishes.
Spicy pasta by type of Shug
446 - - -
Shug is a Yemeni hot sauce. The recipe I first read here on the Scullion, the cook Галка41. For which many thanks to her! We fireworms, acute love gently and recipe tried. And then – as always usual – drove for themselves, for local products. The oil I put in less lemon juice is not acidified, and added walnuts. The result was that such strong flavored stuff.
Bean dip
439 - 30м -
Today I have prepared are not only delicious. but also very healthy food. Baked vegetables with dip. The main difference from the usual sauces is the way that the application — not a sauce poured on the food, and the food dipped in sauce. Hence the name "deep" (from the English. — dipping, a brief immersion (into liquid), to dip, to dip). So...
The sauce of roasted peppers
438 - 25м 8
This bright sauce enhances any vegetable or meat dish.
Salad dressings: of rasola of green peas and beans
433 - 30м -
The liquid from the cans of peas are usually discarded. But few people know that at its basis it is possible to cook a delicious homemade mayonnaise. And cooked beans also makes a great sauce that can be eaten even in the post. Try, because any salad dramatically changes the taste and appearance depending on the chosen filling.
Lenten chocolate topping
429 - - -
Vegetable cakes are not always completed. Sometimes you want to pour the chocolate so it was delicious. This desire led me to search online recipe for chocolate chip topping. Very tasty and without any Eshek!!!, as in-store counterpart. If freezing the sauce hardens, but you can heat them up and serve with fruit. Very tasty. SORRY for the quality pictures. Basically cook after work, you know what kind of lighting. Photo is mine, the words of the author, thanks to him that delivered me from the scribbling )))
Mushroom vegetable sauce "Christmas"
421 4 30м -
This sauce we usually prepare for Christmas Eve, as a Supplement to different vegetable dishes.
Mayonnaise without eggs
420 - 10м -
Again, I put the recipes in pairs, because one recipe depends on another. But I think that this mayonnaise will help you in the preparation of meatless dishes.
Plum chutney
411 - 180м 4
Thick sweet and spicy sauce is perfect for poultry and meat. A whole bunch of spices makes it a fantastically flavorful, and the cooking is not very complicated. I recommend to prepare, especially now the season of plums!
Meatless vegan mayonnaise and nutovo-carrot cakes
408 - - 3
I can not share with you the recipe for a great sauce. Its taste is very similar to the famous taste of mayonnaise, but no egg yolk in the recipe as the classic prototype, nor milk, as in the variations on its theme, we do not need. If I managed to intrigue you, you are welcome! Oh Yes! I almost forgot – burgers. Patties of chickpeas, carrots and onions, very simple but very tasty, I recommend!
Lean mayonnaise
407 - 15м 3
Came post, which will run until Christmas. Therefore, the fasting - vegetable mayonnaise at home. Thanks for the idea crybell in the recipe from the October 27, 2009.
Vegetable salad dressing
400 - 15м 1
Filling, which is ideal for vegetable salads, and salads with fish. And if the vinegar is replaced with lemon juice, this dressing will please the adherents of a healthy diet. The layout was given for 1 kg, to make it easier to calculate the right amount.