Casserole in aerogrill recipes

Baked pasta with smoked chicken
202 5 80м 15
Dear cooks, I have no doubt that similar dishes on the website abound, and all share, because every home owner has something different that it gives the dish, and what a heart and hands give a taste.. Just a unique combination of pasta, smoked flavor, mushrooms and vegetables, the smell while cooking was indescribable, and it's a separate dinner (lunch), and on the holiday table is not ashamed to put the son (5 years) estimated, leaving on the plate only pieces of onions (well, he does not like it) so I ask for my recipe
Casserole macaroni "Chieri"
152 4 - -
Recipe macaroni casserole with minced meat and dishes made of several recipes for fellow chefs. The recipe is nothing special, but I baked it in the convection oven - in my experience.
Pancake casserole cottage cheese-lemon
142 - 80м -
Very tasty, tender casserole with cottage cheese-lemon filling will appeal to you and your family!!!
Millet porridge with dried fruit in pots
141 5 30м 3
In General, I have for the New year aerogrill - husband favorite gave. Means you have something in it to cook. Here is gruel and decided. Turned out pretty! Anyway, the baby appreciated the fact that asked for more!
Cottage cheese-plum pie with oatmeal
137 - 35м 3
This casserole is a great Breakfast, useful for adults and children.
Cheese casserole in aerogrill
134 - 55м -
Continue to experiment with AH. The usual casserole was very gentle. Either in the oven or in the microwave so couldn't do it. However, for a long time, but the result is worth it.
Casserole with fish
130 4 - 4
Cheese rice with fish layer. Delicious casserole for cooking in aerogrill :)
Eggplant "Kugel" of Emperor Constantine
128 4 - -
Once the court clown of Emperor Konstantin Kugel boasted the owner, he's not worse than it can rule an Empire. Constantine liked the idea, and he allowed the jester to rule the Empire one day in the year on 1 April. Probably, and dish it up with the court jester!..
Delicate strawberry-cheesecake
123 - 30м 3
My son said to me, I love something sweet. So I tried. Delicious, juicy, very strawberry zapekanka for your child.
Rice pudding with raisins
112 3 - -
Delicious, nutritious and good Breakfast for both adults and children!
Gratin of cauliflower with chicken
105 5 - -
On the website I found this recipe, the tomatoes in this recipe add a special touch. Very delicate, creamy taste with some sourness
Pumpkin pudding and apples with poppy seeds
94 - 90м 8
Gentle casserole, similar to a soufflé, with a crisp poppy sweet crust... Orange and black... colors of the Game, the game of taste sensations.
Casserole with strawberries
91 - 35м -
At the height of berry season. I cook every day this casserole for Breakfast tea. It's simple, fast, and most importantly - delicious! Come on in, help yourself!!!
Delicate curd pudding with persimmons
91 - - 6
Not long left to wait for cold, frosty days. And soon from distant countries, we will bring the favorite treat adults and children persimmons. The proposed recipe with persimmon, very easy in execution and very delicate and original. Persimmon fruit is very useful, and if you combine the cottage cheese, it will not only health benefits but also very tasty!