Vegetable dishes in aerogrill recipes

Asparagus baked with lemon in aerogrill
1.2k - - -
Asparagus is a tasty, healthy, vitamin-rich vegetable. Asparagus can be eaten: both cold and hot; as an independent (main) dish and as a garnish. Ideal for fish (especially red) and seafood. Today, I offer the option of baked asparagus with lemon.
Potato mud pies
1.1k - 20м -
Very tasty dish, which is just 20 minutes to cook in aerogrill. Filling for potato mud pies can be varied. It all depends on Your imagination.
Potatoes with bacon baked in foil
0.8k - 60м 2
Baked potatoes with bacon... it's a dish where the garnish - a potato, it becomes the main ingredient... will be of interest to you, whether you like it or not. It becomes very tasty, tender and melting in your mouth. Truly, this dish is the most affordable, it requires no fine spices - all very simple, but the result exceeds expectations - incredible!!! It can be prepared on the fire, in the coals of burned wood simply by burying it in the flaming embers; on the grill-grilled on skewers, grill, etc. etc. - then you have endless possibilities, and fantasizing, you still get a very tasty and quick. As the saying goes: "No problems!!!" Looked at "Search recipes" on the website concerning baked potatoes and a little from his chair fell. There are, mother dear!!! And potato this, potato that, and bacon and cheese and chicken wings... just the ocean, but... still, my version with any of the recipes do not intersect. Therefore, the spread.
Potatoes "Aero"
0.8k - 60м 2
Potatoes baked in the convection oven in large chunks, fragrant, with a Golden crust.
Baked potatoes with cottage cheese
0.8k - 40м 2
Dear vegetarians, I offer you a recipe that I took from the book "GRILL - EASY AND DELICIOUS" (Der Grosse Grillspass) I adapted this recipe to suit your taste and made step-by-step photos. I hope you like it too!
Squash casserole a La pizza
0.8k - - -
I love zucchini. And what of them can be prepared in addition to the fritters, and casseroles? In search of the next recipe zucchini found this recipe. The name of the food is almost Italian, but the Italians of such, probably, was not prepared.
"Skewers" potatoes with mushrooms (healthy)
0.8k - - -
Fast and not burdensome to prepare. It turns out very tasty. Delicious crust on the potatoes makes you want to quickly try. What am I, cooks, and offer!
Buckwheat porridge with onions
0.7k - 30м 5
Buckwheat is soft and yet not mushy grains. Fans of buckwheat, hope you like it. Not found the side dishes, so it was placed in the section "Dishes of vegetables". Onions, carrots vegetables :-)
Potatoes in aerogrill
0.6k - 60м 5
Potatoes - a favorite dish of children and adults ))
Vegetables, breaded vegetable
0.6k - 60м 4
This recipe I have was born spontaneously and was wondering how it will taste. Dear cooks, it came out Very tasty)) All my family love it!!! Share with you my story.
Stuffed peppers with pineapple and cheese
0.6k - - -
Diversity standard stuffed peppers.
Potatoes baked in the sleeve
0.6k 4 - -
Potatoes baked in the fire hose (sleeve).
Potatoes "Marine fantasy"
0.6k - 15м -
The name of the dish came up with Beloved WIFE. Through FOOD you can convey your feelings! The recipe came to a head early Saturday morning! Baked potatoes with pickled fish and seafood salad. All a pleasant appetite!
Vegetables on skewers
0.5k 5 50м 5
Spicy zucchini and tender squash.
Stuffed potatoes a La "Crumb-potato"
0.5k - 55м -
Decided to make a version of stuffed baked potatoes. I think that the taste of the potatoes with the liver known to many, decided to combine them together with some additions. As the potatoes baked, and the use of this familiar vegetable remains.
Pepper stuffed
0.5k - 60м 6
Recipes stuffed peppers found the site a bit... My very simple, but a little different from the rest)))
Buckwheat with mushrooms in pots
0.5k - 40м 8
A very simple recipe of fragrant and nourishing buckwheat, cooked in aerogrill. An excellent side dish or a full vegetable dish. The perfect combination: buckwheat and beef Stroganoff. Plus a bonus: the recipe for beef Stroganoff.
Zucchini "cheese meadow"
0.5k - 25м 5
Quick, tasty and simple. On the 10th anniversary of joint life the husband gave up meat. Here, learn slowly. So, do not judge strictly.
The soup in the pot with croutons
0.5k 5 - -
The soup in the pot with crackers.
Cauliflower under the egg and cheese
0.5k - 35м 3
The dish is easy to make, light and yet hearty. And of course - delicious! It turns out that somewhere between an omelet and a casserole. Cauliflower under the cheese and egg I cook in the convection oven, but it is possible to cook in the oven.
Baked potato
485 - 50м 3
This is a simple and delicious side dish. Even if a baked potato cooked without spices, it is like almost everything. And so, if there are no contraindications on health, and add your favorite spices... yum! I offer the option of baked potatoes with rosemary.