Cakes in aerogrill recipes

Grated cake with jam in aerogrill
2.8k - 70м 6
Classic grated cake with jam recipe, adapted for a convection oven. Always baked through completely!
Cheese and garlic croutons in aerogrill
2.4k - 25м 5
Delicious crispy croutons with garlic and cheese.
Lenten cake with poppy seeds
1.3k - - -
"And we're, you know, only playing..." (C) For lovers of buns and other pastries, which at the same time, keep fasts, offer Lenten cake with poppy seeds. On "search" among vegetable muffins such is not found. So post, maybe someone will use the recipe, and the cake will taste. The recipe I adapted for the grill. But originally it for the oven.
Chicken sausages in puff yeast dough
1k - - -
There is nothing pardon for breakfasts and snacks for their beloved family.
Cheese corners
1k - 20м 5
Very tasty cheese biscuits. It's quick and easy. Version of the recipe for aerogrill!
Cake "nut-raisin"
0.9k - - -
Cake is perhaps the unvarnished, everyday, but the holidays are not every day. But simple, fast, delicious. And tasty want in everyday life. To prepare the cake in advance, because he is a callous better.
Satisfying pizza at home (in the grills)
0.9k - 30м 4
In defiance of Italian and other overseas pizza offer the option of our pizza at home. That is to say, the pizza is in Russian)) Pizza is suitable both for a hearty Breakfast, and substitute a full dinner.
Biscuits "assumption"
0.9k - 25м 15
The last day of the Dormition fast. Available. Just. Quickly. I hope that's okay. And, most importantly, lean.
0.9k - - -
Cheesecake with cottage cheese and prunes
Eclairs in aerogrill
0.8k 4 - 4
Continue to master the grills and this is my first cakes in it. In principle, the recipe is not new, just specific instructions to the owners of this wonder-stove. So if you want to remove it, then so be it.
Cheese cakes in aerogrill
0.8k - - -
Cheesecakes in the convection oven – delicious diet food for Breakfast. The cheese is not overcooked absorbs oil as when cooking in a frying pan, while maintaining the beneficial properties. Cheesecakes in the convection oven bakes evenly, not peregrinas, without the formation of harmful fried crust, pelucas easily digestible. Cheesecakes in the convection oven to be tender with a delicate Golden crust, not overcooked saturated fats.
Apple pie in aerogrill
0.8k - 60м 10
In principle, the recipe is not new. But prepared quickly and costs little. I baked in the oven. And once set up an experiment and cooked in the convection oven now cook it there is always!!!. The taste is very fragrant and tender.
Cookies couscous
0.7k - 30м 1
Again, my diet Breakfast. Came up already several times made, I really like it - and here it seems nothing like not found. No butter, no sugar (although if you want, you can add), on top of a crust, soft inside, very simple and hopefully useful... the Invention, in one word.
Puff Pastry Bear Claws
0.7k 5 - -
Puff, pastry, convection oven.
Bread in the convection oven
0.7k - - -
Girls, I did not expect, was a small piece of dough from a pizza, and left such a wonderful bread tastes better than xn. To prepare the dough, used a measuring Cup and a spoon to HP.
My favorite meat pie
0.7k 3 70м 6
Shortcrust pastry combined with the meat taste divine!!! I usually this dish is cooked in the oven, and today I decided to experiment in the convection oven. It turned out great!
Muffins hepatic
0.7k - 40м 12
Savoury mini-muffins for Breakfast for fans of liver. Tastes like liver fritters (croquettes) or liver pate, but cooked in the convection oven, I have baked a crust on the outside and soft soufflé inside. Unlike the cutlets and pate in muffins reduced calorie.
Apple pie in aerogrill
0.7k - 60м 8
Today I cooked my first pie in the convection oven and want to share with you the result. Very worried as having read all in the Internet: and not baked through, and does not rise, and burns... But lo and behold, everything turned out perfectly. Of course, it is a trivial Apple pie, but... in the convection oven, and therefore has its own quirks. Anyone interested, come see.
Garlic croutons
0.6k 4 10м -
My family love to eat such grenochki. Join us!
Cheese pie "LAKOMKA"
0.6k - 50м 6
This pie cooked in the convection oven and the taste is simply divine. My husband does not like cheese, or rather, not loved until now... and this cake with the child was eating at the time, barely have time to take pictures)))
Pie "Juleta"
0.6k 4 40м -
The name of the pie I have dedicated to my sister Ulicke(her nickname Juleta). In childhood, when we lived with my parents, she always baked it herself. It is also called "Guest at the doorstep". Is cooked quickly and costs little. Whatever it was tasted, everyone loved and asked immediately for the recipe. Cooked it in the oven. And today I made an experiment and cooked in aerogrill. Hope YOU like it too!!!