Fish dishes in aerogrill recipes

Cod fillet in aerogrill
1k - 40м 3
Fillet of cod tender and dietary fish. A convection oven allows you to preserve the usefulness and low-calorie product. Tasty fish for 30 minutes
Carp in aerogrill
1k 4 40м 2
This recipe is for those who love fish in any form. It can be prepared during lent not only in grills and in the oven! Help yourself, my dear cooks!!!
Trout hot smoked
0.9k 3.5 80м -
I bought here a pretty forelka weighing 1, 2 kg and decided not just on steaks, chop and fry and make something for Sunday, of course. And I have matured the decision to prepare from fish 3 meals. Head, tail, skin, fins for soup. One part raspolirovki fish on the skewers (about this report later, the process is still ongoing). And the second part, which was left with a ridge and a skin - on smoked. Take!!
Steaks of salmon in aerogrill
0.8k - 20м 3
Very tasty and very tender! Fast!
Perch smoked
0.7k 5 60м 1
It turns out very juicy and tasty fish! For cooking in the convection oven.
Salmon steak "Under the crust"
0.7k - 40м 1
I recommend to all lovers of a healthy lifestyle.
Smoked sturgeon
0.7k - 70м 2
What can I say - delicious...
Smoked bream "smoky"
0.7k 4 - 3
Bream cold-smoked, cooked in aerogrill.
Fish with vegetables with cheese sauce in aerogrill
0.7k - - 3
Another tried and tested recipe in the Treasury of recipes "Cooking in aerogrill". Easy, affordable products, quickly prepared. AND DELICIOUS!
Sandwiches Pacific saury in aerogrill
0.7k - 60м 5
A simple tasty recipe done in anything: in the oven, in the microwave. Now and before I got.
Carp in aerogrill
0.7k 4 35м 2
Was waiting for a loved one with a trip and thought, what would be his treat. That experimented with river fish.
Salmon surprise
0.7k - 40м 1
Variations on a theme fish. Delicious! Husband went mad!
Smoked fish in convection oven
0.6k 3 35м 2
Smoked fish.
"Sea language" in aerogrill
0.6k 3 30м 2
Tender, virtually fat sea fish. And most importantly, prepared with the least effort!
Pangasius with vegetables in aerogrill
0.6k - 25м 3
Made a fish for the first time with the use of such miracle of technology as a convection oven! =)) It was very tasty and lean! Even dirty dishes not left after cooking!
Fish medallions, "goldfish"
0.6k 3 40м -
"Golden" not only because the crust zarumyanilsya... But because once Your family taste this fish, it will perform all the desires of the hostess! Very good work!!! And it is to prepare this delicious we are from the simplest of ingredients - nothing is impossible!!!
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers
0.5k 5 - 2
Smoked herring with vegetable skewers.
Perch cold smoked in aerogrill
0.5k - - -
Don't know as grouper, the so-called cold-smoked, cooked in aerogrill correlated to taste with bass cold smoked, cooked in a real smoker... But believe me, perch x/K from meat is sooooo tasty! Eaten instantly! And describe me the way in aerogrill you can cook not only bass, but also mackerel, and cod, and probably also any species of fish. But other varieties I have not tried to cook. And mackerel I don't like because of its peculiar smell. So often smoked do perch, at least - cod.
Mackerel baked in foil
483 - 45м 2
Wanted to try a convection oven for cooking fish. And since fishing season is closed, I had to take the store mackerel. Turned out pretty well.
Salmon with figs and vegetables in aerogrill
482 - - -
A few years ago, such a dish for our small bachelorette party made one of my friends. For us the dish which combined the red fish with figs, lemon, honey and autumn seasonal vegetables, were unaccustomed, unusual, but very tasty. Then I'm home itself repeatedly preparing the same dish, but soon it was forgotten. And yesterday gave me figs, and I remembered this recipe. Especially in the refrigerator carcass fresh frozen chum salmon, and the balcony boxes with their country onions, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants.
Skewers of trout
464 4 30м 3
Continuing the theme of fish: trout, hot smoked, we have already prepared and, as it turned out, safely gobbled up, as were guests who were immensely excited about the new dish. Accordingly, waiting for the continuation of the Banquet, which was not long in coming. Take!!