Poultry dishes in aerogrill recipes

Chicken leg quarters in convection oven
0.9k 5 15м -
First experience with a convection oven. Fast, clean, tasty.
Juicy chicken Breasts
0.9k - 30м -
Breast of chicken in aerogrill, which work well, very juicy with a minimum of training. Can be used as a main dish or various salads, toppings, rolls, sandwiches and sandwiches.
Sweet chicken
0.8k 3 50м -
Our dad worked all weekend. It was necessary to please the father and husband his favourite dish. I'm sure that every cook has a recipe like this chicken. But maybe someone will find this recipe for something new. If not, do not judge strictly.
Stuffed chicken with mushrooms and cheese
0.8k - 90м -
Grilled chicken stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, cooked in aerogrill.
Chicken leg quarters in the test in aerogrill
0.8k - 40м 4
Leg of chicken baked in puff pastry pouches filled with potatoes (mushrooms - optional) in the convection oven.
Chicken stuffed with rice in the convection oven
0.8k - 80м 6
I recently received my prize, a convection oven. This is my first recipe section for cooking in grills. So as many opinions on the Internet about this unit and they are all very different, I decided to check it out personally. If you are interested, you are welcome!
Medallions of Turkey bacon in the convection oven
0.8k - 20м 6
Such a tender and tasty breast meat would seem dry Turkey, it turns out, probably only in grills. I was fascinated by the whole family. Recommend for Tanya Samoilova and her Margot, for Венерочки71 for irina_vip and Alice with their wonderful baby. And all who have AH, little kids and who likes low-fat but tasty meat.
Barbecue-Turkey liver with peaches
0.7k - 60м 5
The dish is delicious! Very tender, very tasty! Will appeal to all! I seem to be in a special delight will be kids! The taste changes if the dish is hot or cold, but one thing consistently - it is always very tasty, I recommend!!!
Roulade of chicken in aerogrill
0.7k - 30м 6
There are a lot of recipes this loaf. My cooked in aerogrill.
Chicken in aerogrill
0.7k - 120м 3
A simple, quick recipe delicious chicken grill.
Chicken wings in convection oven
0.7k - 60м 4
Easy and simple.
Juicy chicken fillet in aerogrill
0.7k - 60м 6
Not so long ago acquired a miracle of technology that everyone is talking about - aerogrill. So the other day I decided to cook something quick and tasty :-) my family all love chicken... so I made chicken in soy sauce! Quick, tasty and juicy! And that's what happened!!! Bon Appetit!
Smoked chicken
0.7k - 80м 4
Scared us recently, various horrors from all channels about the dangers of most conventional products. As a result, maturing decision to transition to natural farming, which in the conditions of urban life to carry out practically impossible, but a man can dream! And this is one of the steps.
Dinner "the husband's joy"
0.6k - 55м -
This is my first experience with a convection oven. You can say debut. I present you the chicken with a delicious honey-garlic crust, spicy potatoes and salad appetizer. Put not ratings sake, but for those who are starting to cook in aerogrill and learn from the mistakes and experience of others. Go! Let your tips, I found them very useful.
Chicken tipsy
0.6k - 60м 2
Thought to surprise me with some new recipe for cooking chicken is difficult. How wrong I was!!! To say that this chicken is good - it means nothing to say. You are welcome!
Skewers of liver in aerogrill
0.6k - - -
Recently, any trip to the nature, we can not do without the addition of pork barbecue that such "barbeque" from the liver. I liver never ate to live with it could not in any way, but this is just a fairy tale, eat and eat. But it is not even similar to "myself". Now I do them already at home in AG. Very tasty
Grilled chicken
0.6k - 100м 8
Chicken at home is one of the favorite dishes. Has a lot of things you can cook. But my favorite is the usual roasted whole chicken grilled.
Chicken meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs (in convection oven)
0.6k - - -
You know - the site of many kinds of chicken meatballs... However, I want to offer You my chicken meatballs with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. To cook these meatballs is not difficult. Besides the convection oven allows you to facilitate cooking.
Chicken wings with sauce of cicibela
0.6k 5 40м 2
Very delicate, sweet flavor co! Well, the way I like it cooked very quickly.
The chicken according to the method of Judy Rogers
0.5k - - -
Fried chicken, prepared by the method of dry brining, this is the recipe of the famous American chef Judy Rogers (Judy Rodgers, 2002, The Zuni Cafe Cookbook). Currently, this recipe posted, probably almost all the culinary resources. People in the know chicken recipe by Judy Rogers called the most famous in the world. The value and originality of this recipe - the chicken saline exposure and high temperature baking. So the chicken turns out very tasty and juicy! Prescription author the chicken is cooking in the oven. I adapted the recipe to a convection oven. And adapted to the taste preferences of your family. That is, instead of the herbs listed in the recipe (or rosemary, or thyme, or marjoram, or sage) I use garlic. For the rest, nothing new. Ready to take the tomatoes, eggs, shoes, etc.
Chicken in aerogrill
0.5k 3 1м -
Chicken in mustard sauce baked in convection oven. It turns out very juicy and tender.