Dishes from minced meat recipes

5k - 90м 8
I have many friends and acquaintances ask what the kitchen refers to this recipe. Honestly, I don't know, maybe to the East, judging by the title. I liked it because of the combination of ingredients. I hope you will like.
Lazy cabbage rolls from Alla Koval'chuk
3k - - -
This recipe peeked in the "All Bodo relish" on Ukrainian TV channel STB. The secrets of a perfect lazy stuffed cabbage disclose the participant of the project Masterchef-Ukraine Alla Kovalchuk. My family this dish is appreciated. My husband just ate 6 pieces. Barely had time to leave for lunch and photos. Come, let us deal with the secrets.
Nest of pasta with minced meat
2.3k - 50м -
Nest of pasta with minced meat and tomatoes, baked under a cheese crust - a great dish for Your table!
2.3k - 60м 4
Their want is always! Even if you've already eaten 5 pieces))) Crispy fried on the outside, juicy on the inside. It is very tasty. Our family recipe. Help yourself! And if you don't have time for daily cooking, peremeci raw can be frozen for future use (like ravioli or dumplings), and when necessary, quickly roast it without spending time on defrosting.
Hamburger "Durwood Kirby"
1.9k - 40м 2
Opens my star week legendary lunch from the cult Quentin Tarantino film "pulp fiction". Juicy, passionate and delicious, same as the characters in the film - John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Meet - hamburger "Durwood Kirby" milkshake "Martin and Lewis".
Chops "the Nest of happiness"
1.9k - - -
First tried these meatballs at a friend's birthday and fell in love with them immediately!!! :)
1.7k - 60м -
Gupta is a Georgian dish, a popular dish of chopped meat, resembling meatballs. This is one of the variants of its preparation.
Cabbage rolls "Lazy"
1.6k 5 60м 6
Recipe from Leanna cook Jazzed. Very tasty and quick dinner. My husband stuffed not eating, and these meatballs for a sweet soul ate and praised!
1.4k - 90м 7
The Buryat national cuisine, we are in the home menu it is - an ordinary, often do, because I love all without exception; on the website there are recipes with a difference, try my version.
Gratin of meat and vegetables "French kiss"
1.4k - 100м 4
"Today is a holiday at the girls". Of course, the holiday, because in the kitchen wielding my youngest son. He prepares a romantic dinner for your beloved and for the contest "spring is in the heart". I have romantic nature and humorous at the same time. There would simply be called "casserole", he wanted to be romantic, in the French manner. Forgive him Lord French for the culinary lapses. The title is also entirely on his conscience.
Greek meatballs in the oven "Bifteki"
1.4k - - -
Once my family asked me: "what do we have for lunch today?" - "Tonight, we will eat Russian burgers," I replied. - "Chops? What is it? - "Cutlets are fried pieces of minced meat". The next question I was somewhat discouraged... "But what do they smell?"- "Well, measom, a little garlic and onions." - "???" - "all".- "Well, then it's tasteless". Here's a funny dialogue. You want to offer traditional Greek aromatic analogue, which is prepared in the oven.
Meat "Log"
1.3k 5 - -
Simply divine meat pie with pickles and beans. Very juicy and soft!!!
Meat hedgehogs
1.2k 4 60м 10
Meat hedgehogs, baked in the oven.
1.2k - - -
Shallops (Schnell - fast, klops - a piece of meat). The recipe was sent to me by my school friend who now lives in Hamburg. Very fast German dish of meat. While I was cooking, thought nothing, and was VERY tasty!!! Son is so ecstatic.
1.2k 5 - -
Forgive me, residents of Western Ukraine, if the name does not match this dish. But it's the first time I tried it was in this region of my country, I liked and asked the name, received the answer: "This is the same vertuny". Well, now I cook them. You can also try this.
Potato souffle
1.2k 3 - -
Potato soufflé with minced meat.
Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce
1.1k - 60м 4
Delicious and intricate version of the feeder fish on the festive table. Guests at the table don't have to fight with fish bones! And many did not immediately understand that this is a fish dish. Restaurant dish at home.
1.1k - - -
The recipe for this dish was posted on the website in 2008 by user tusja called "Sandals" and is illustrated with me in the framework of "Coloring". To take on the coloring of this recipe made me an unusual name. On the one hand funny, on the other - are consonant with the cute heart, a little forgotten me concepts - khinkali... Tsinandali... )). The result is a delicious, filling and a good dish, though not particularly elegant.
Cutlets of sardines and ground beef
1.1k - 40м -
In this recipe the main idea is the combination of the taste of canned fish and meat stuffing. Sardines make these burgers very juicy. This is my first recipe on the "Cook". Managed to try many dishes from this site.
Burgers "swallows nest"
1.1k 5 60м 6
I forgot about the classic meatballs in a skillet, try it (tried in the Crimea, succeeded to the prescription). Prepared quickly, the taste is very delicate, so any more beautiful!!!
Casserole "Jean-eggplant"
1.1k 3 60м 4
If You love eggplant and meat, then You are here. And if not, then I recommend to try. The result is worth it. Tender and juicy casserole of eggplant and ground beef with tomato-cream sauce will leave no one indifferent. Cooked very simply and quickly, and disappears instantly. Very tasty. Come and help yourself, dear cooks!