Pancakes recipes

Pancake batter from a bread machine
6k - - -
I love my bread machine! Makes everything so easy. Scored the products, she prepares bread, muffin or pastry. Here and try to adapt to her different baking recipes. Found on a pack of yeast the recipe Droitwich pancakes and has tested on HP. "first!" the recipe also will lead for those who have no HP. These is a pancake on the website is not found, so add your own. But it turned out they izumitelnyi and not much fat, because the composition of the test oil no. As the dough stretches like a pita. Go!
4.1k - - -
Hottok resembles pancakes, prepared with a filling of brown sugar, nuts and cinnamon. Is a popular and beloved Koreans have a kind of street food. Walking through the streets of Korea, it is difficult to resist the alluring spicy flavor of this pie. Hottok especially popular in the cold season, when you can not only eat, but also warm sweet and warm syrup.. mmm))
Fluffy pancakes with kefir
3.2k 5 - -
Pancakes on kefir for this recipe literally melt in your mouth. They are fluffy and very soft. For me it's the perfect proportion of dough for pancakes on kefir.
Fluffy pancakes with kefir
2.9k 4 20м 6
Fluffy pancakes with kefir. Produces fragrant, soft as cushions.
Pancakes "From Blekberi"
2.3k - 45м 5
First tasted these pancakes at a cafe "Blakberi" and I liked them so much that wanted to repeat them at home! Chicken fillet stuffing with mashed potatoes and Apple-garlic sauce, very tasty and juicy!
Pancake mini Shawarma
2.2k - 40м 8
Shawarma is not a healthy diet, but sometimes we all want such Goodies))) And instead to tempt fate and look for any stall we cook her with her husband at home) And today I want to share with You the recipe of our mini Shawarma where instead of pita bread we use pancakes. The idea to make Shawarma pancakes is not new, but the filling we invented his, tried a lot of different and chose for themselves the best. Bon appetit)
Fishnet pancakes
2.2k - 30м 10
Twenty years ago, I went to Novosibirsk to son in the army on oath. Had dinner at some restaurant and there I had to try these pancakes. The filling was lettuce. Returned home with a new recipe and different fillings make. Like meat with rice and onions, and even broccoli with apples, grated into strips.
Pancake rosettes crepe
2.2k - 15м -
Pancake roses or as they call it, crepes ( crepes di rose) - a beautiful way of serving pancakes. The dough is thin and the rose crepe is small. Filling any.
2k - 60м 6
For me it's pancakes, pancakes from my childhood. Dad always brought them a treat from the homeland – of the Ryazan region. He told me how to cook them, and stressed that it is not... pancakes!, and karawaci!
Pancakes on culese grandma recipe
2k - - 12
And the pancakes my grandmother was notable: a smooth, yellow, aromatic, smooth surface and lots of holes... Everyone who tried it was delighted... And she shyly said: "Yeah, well it Kulesza"... for a Long time I was looking for grandma's recipe, finally found it... Cooking them in the evening, in the morning for Breakfast baking. I slightly adapted the technology of cooking, leaving the same ingredients. Try!!!
Thin pancakes on kefir
1.9k - - -
The recipe was reading in a cooking magazine and decided to share with you. even with these pancakes need to Tinker, but, in my opinion, they deserve it!
Pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries
1.9k - - -
A beautiful and delicious dessert! Yes, it's understandable... who doesn't love strawberries! If you do not add the rum, you can entertain and the kids! Try it!
Pancakes with tuna
1.8k - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
Belarusian machanka with pancakes
1.8k - 45м 3
Machanka is a dish of Belarusian national cuisine. Very hearty, unforgettable flavor and national flavor. Many of the dishes of Belarusian cuisine are named for the cooking method, or use ready meals. Here and machanka, it's something that you can dip into, most often pancakes. The most famous machanka pork, fat, and sometimes homemade sausage! Machanka with pancakes is one of those memorable dishes that you can try in the Belarusian village! Help yourself!!!
Pancakes for children's yogurt "mixture"
1.8k - - -
I have accumulated a lot of children's yogurt "mixture", which I get at the dairy kitchen. My son doesn't drink it much, but the pancakes baked from eating it just like that! So I suggest you apacite your kid pancakes on the yogurt. You will see how he would happily and hungrily eat them. And the mother joy and the baby fed. The pancakes turn out tender, soft and delicious. My family all love them.
Pancakes "coke"
1.8k - 30м -
Once I came up with the idea to make pancakes for "Coca Cola". Tried it and was satisfied. The pancakes had a characteristic flavor and smell of the drink.
Cottage cheese pancakes with rice cereal and fruit
1.8k - 30м 4
A great combination of cheese, rice cereal, pears and plums in sweet pancakes that can be prepared for Breakfast.
Thin pancakes on serum
1.7k - - -
How to cook pancakes on the whey. Thin, very soft and tender pancakes will delight you with its taste and ease of preparation.
Buckwheat pancakes with meat
1.6k - 90м 4
Buckwheat... To my shame, I've never tried buckwheat pancakes. But in vain! Invite you to taste this wonderful dish and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing taste of all our favorite pancakes, stuffed with meat with aromatic herbs, baked under a cheese crust. Please come to the table...
1.6k - - -
The knot-pie
1.5k 3.5 60м 10
Beautiful and unusual treat for guests. Unusual, delicious and beautiful.