Pancakes recipes for Easter

Pancakes with tuna
351 - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
Pancakes with semolina
281 5 30м -
Delicious homemade cakes, served on the family table with sour cream, butter, honey, homemade jam, will satisfy your family and friends.
Crepes on the water
228 - 40м 6
These pancakes can be prepared even the young mistress: the thin air and with holes that many Housewives are given with great difficulty. The whole family will be fed pancakes and will definitely ask for seconds.
180 4 1м 20
Regular pancakes from sour milk. Taste like normal pancakes.
Russian yeast pancakes
173 - 30м 6
Real Russian yeast pancakes that can be served with any filling, but my favorite sweet pancakes with cherries and sour cream.
The birds are back... pancakes bloomed... :-)
173 - 60м 6
And we in Hungary already this spring. And you? True, true... and the birds are singing, and the bees buzzed once in the yard I have snowdrops in the forest - yellow primrose. This spring inspired me to bake a multi-colored pancakes. I have designed the Tsvetik-Semitsvetik, others braided in "cell", some woven rolled into tubes, and even decorated the salad to the "basket". However, the show only Tsvetik-semicvetik and give you all a spring mood.
Pancakes with beetroot and carrot stuffing
172 - 30м -
We loved it as a snack wrapped in pancakes favorite spicy beet-carrot salad with cheese, raisins and nuts, sprinkling with sauce of their own making.
165 - 60м -
It turns out very tasty; always do brother, yum!!! You can make Apple, pumpkin or zucchini. My brother was making Apple fritters, but we didn't do it, burn, it means we missed something.
Pancake pie with cream of avocado
161 - 60м -
Pancakes, made from a dough with wheat and rye flour. Cream of avocado, cheese and sour cream. It all came together in a charming, useful pancake cake for a special celebration Breakfast. Cake suitable for a festive table in the form of snacks if we cut into a small and beautiful sector-triangles.
Pancakes on kefir
159 - - -
Pancakes are a universal food, which suitable for home drinking tea with jam, honey, condensed milk, etc., and to a rich meal with red caviar and other wonderful and delicious fillings)) Crepes are prepared very easily and quickly. Offer You one of the recipes based on kefir.
Millet pancakes
159 3 - 15
The taste of childhood, thank you grandma! Want to share with You.
Lviv cheese cake
157 - 120м -
A delicate and delicious cheesecake is sure to please both children and adults.
Thin French pancakes
156 - 90м -
The recipes are delicious delicate French pancakes was known since the time of Pushkin. In the mid-nineteenth century, the French even going to announce the pancakes are the national dish. I suggest you cook delicious French pancakes with me. Bake pancakes...:)
Bags with cheese mousse
155 - 40м 4
Pancakes with cheese met us in a cafe and really liked that one. At home, whisking the cheese filling, wrapped it in pancakes in the form of bags and got a favorite dish in festive fancy. Help yourself!
Poodle-Indian tomato fritters without eggs
155 4 30м 3
Do you like miracles? Me too! Especially if these miracles are happening in the kitchen. Having started to study Vedic cooking and Indian cuisine, I plunged into an incredible and magical world. Cooking for Ayur-Veda is true magic and I'm always happy to share with you my humble knowledge in this field. I present to you another absolutely stunning dish of Indian cuisine - tomato fritters "Poodle". After tasting this miracle, all remain in admiration, and I really want to share this enthusiasm with you.
Boxty with cheese and mushroom pate
149 - - -
Boxty - traditional Irish potato pancakes. One of the people that try to offer to tourists in Ireland. There are many variants of this dish. I prefer a recipe where the perfect balance of raw and cooked potatoes. They are prepared in the form of small fritters, and a single large cake, which is cut into several pieces and eat it like pizza. Can serve with sour cream or with various sauces. I suggest to boxty cheese mushroom pate, which prekrastno complement the taste of the potato pancake.
Pancakes with cottage cheese-marshmallow filling "Bullseye"
145 - 30м -
Many moms know how hard it is to feed children cheese. Me too, when the baby was small, had to smotryatsya. The alternative was a dessert of marshmallows with cheese, which podkashivaet food dye or natural dyes and bottled in the original silicone molds. Children love pancakes with an interesting filling.
Pancakes on the water
141 - 60м -
Delicious, simple pancakes on the water. These pancakes can be prepared with any filling, sweet or savory. Can pancakes just to dip in jam or honey, sour cream or yogurt, who what likes. To prepare pancakes easy, they deserve to be on your Desk. All of carnival and Bon appetit!
139 - 20м 5
Very delicious and unusual pancakes! Try it!;)
Pancake strudel
136 - 60м 6
From crepes in the baking process is an excellent framework that holds its shape, it becomes crispy in taste and very thin. Very similar to strudel. The filling is very tasty, light and juicy. And on top of a crispy crust.
Pancake cake with berries
135 - 60м 4
A delicious and elegant cake. Or rather, pancakes with stuffing in the form of a cupcake.