Pancakes recipes for 8th of March

Thin pancakes with milk
445 - 30м 6
This recipe is very tasty and thin pancakes with milk. The recipe is unusual and has a 100% success. You will forget what "the first pancake - lumpy". The uniqueness of this recipe is that you have to whip the whites separately before adding them to the dough, due to this the taste of pancakes is just gorgeous!!!
Pancakes with tuna
351 - 40м 2
Pancakes and milk with a filling of tuna, cheese, chili and green onions.
Buckwheat pancakes with meat
282 - 90м 4
Buckwheat... To my shame, I've never tried buckwheat pancakes. But in vain! Invite you to taste this wonderful dish and you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing taste of all our favorite pancakes, stuffed with meat with aromatic herbs, baked under a cheese crust. Please come to the table...
Pancakes "Under the dumplings"
238 - - -
Left the meat there, or here. On meatballs to start - so coarsely chopped, stew or even a little bit. But for pancakes – at the time, the second for lunch, very wonderful happened. And all have enough, and tasty, and as if the manta rays had a good feast. Fragrant, spicy, hot – winter-promezhnosti – sweet deal!
Crepe flambe
233 - 60м 2
The Flambeau (FR. flamber to flame, fire) cooking — receipt of cooking where the dish is sprinkled with brandy, vodka or other strong alcoholic drinks and set fire to, and why food gets its unique taste and aroma. The Flambeau was always higher culinary chic.
Crepes on the water
228 - 40м 6
These pancakes can be prepared even the young mistress: the thin air and with holes that many Housewives are given with great difficulty. The whole family will be fed pancakes and will definitely ask for seconds.
A dessert of pancakes and crepes
209 - 40м 6
A wonderful dessert with coffee flavor. Dessert enjoyed by adults and kids.
Pancakes "Semolina chocolate"
189 - - -
Very tender, moderately sweet filling with a light lemon flavor. Semolina porridge with chocolate very fine friends. This mini cake ate even those who do not like porridge, and even additives asked.))) For the idea thanks Natasha Natapit)))
Pancakes with pineapple!!!!
181 4 25м 10
well, very tasty!!!!
180 4 1м 20
Regular pancakes from sour milk. Taste like normal pancakes.
Pancake pie "Just "AH!"
176 - - -
Oh! as well.. once a year is such a delightful tradition: a week of eating pancakes!!! and in fact, the more you eat, the happier.. richer and better year!!!.. and need scale spend the winter and to meet the BEAUTIFUL SPRING!!!... and of course... every day I want to enjoy some SPECIAL pancakes.. pancakes or pies... I suggest to Your court sweet pancake pie... it's such a pleasure to ENJOY at least interesting piece of this cheese-chocolate-esavage bliss... and the words are redundant here... it's Woosnam, JUST.. AH!
Russian yeast pancakes
173 - 30м 6
Real Russian yeast pancakes that can be served with any filling, but my favorite sweet pancakes with cherries and sour cream.
The birds are back... pancakes bloomed... :-)
173 - 60м 6
And we in Hungary already this spring. And you? True, true... and the birds are singing, and the bees buzzed once in the yard I have snowdrops in the forest - yellow primrose. This spring inspired me to bake a multi-colored pancakes. I have designed the Tsvetik-Semitsvetik, others braided in "cell", some woven rolled into tubes, and even decorated the salad to the "basket". However, the show only Tsvetik-semicvetik and give you all a spring mood.
Cherry pancake cake with curd cream
172 - - -
Once I became the owner of bird-cherry flour, thanks to my cooking maid of Oksanochka OGIWAY. I just fell in love with the nutty flavor of this flour. And when I found it in the sale in our town, so I was in seventh heaven. Want to offer a cake of bird-cherry pancakes with cottage cheese and pineapple cream
Liver cake "Gentle"
167 - - -
On the website of these cakes, a lot, but I want to offer the option, as in my opinion, it's the fastest and not troublesome. Prepared with carrot and hepatic pancakes with cottage cheese and yogurt filling. Decorated cake vegetable canapés. Perfect for the holiday table, delicious and nutritious. Why not make a cake for the carnival?
Thai pancakes with egg and caramel
164 - 120м 8
But you love Thailand like I love him?! From another trip to this beautiful country I have brought with me this wonderful recipe for pancakes that can be made at home from available ingredients. Help yourself!
Pancake pie with cream of avocado
161 - 60м -
Pancakes, made from a dough with wheat and rye flour. Cream of avocado, cheese and sour cream. It all came together in a charming, useful pancake cake for a special celebration Breakfast. Cake suitable for a festive table in the form of snacks if we cut into a small and beautiful sector-triangles.
Pancakes on kefir
159 - - -
Pancakes are a universal food, which suitable for home drinking tea with jam, honey, condensed milk, etc., and to a rich meal with red caviar and other wonderful and delicious fillings)) Crepes are prepared very easily and quickly. Offer You one of the recipes based on kefir.
Pancakes with toppings of dried apricots
157 - 90м 6
For the kids dessert wine you can substitute freshly squeezed orange juice. With carnival you!
Pancakes "Barante"
157 - 35м 10
Tell You how instead of "Bolognese", "barante" work? Time was running out, the guests are practically on the doorstep... stopped at the store grabbed the package of meat - say, spaghetti always come to the rescue... the House looked, but the label clearly States: "ground Beef"... I had a dream...
Bags with cheese mousse
155 - 40м 4
Pancakes with cheese met us in a cafe and really liked that one. At home, whisking the cheese filling, wrapped it in pancakes in the form of bags and got a favorite dish in festive fancy. Help yourself!