Pancakes recipes for Lent

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Hottok resembles pancakes, prepared with a filling of brown sugar, nuts and cinnamon. Is a popular and beloved Koreans have a kind of street food. Walking through the streets of Korea, it is difficult to resist the alluring spicy flavor of this pie. Hottok especially popular in the cold season, when you can not only eat, but also warm sweet and warm syrup.. mmm))
Pancakes with poppy-nut filling
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Thin custard pancakes with poppy-nut filling and honey aroma.
Pancakes with coconut walnut stuffing
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The main attention in this recipe deserves the coconut paste. I reviewed a lot of recipes for coconut cream, but everywhere it was the butter, condensed milk or eggs. I decided to go with a minimum of ingredients: we need in fact only the coconut. So the taste of mega-coconut, and combined with nuts, this filling for pancakes - just like being in Paradise! (P. S. This filling is also suitable for fasting.)
"Schnitzels" from nettles
195 5 30м 25
"Schnitzels" from the nettle.
Pancakes with full sun
193 - 60м -
Very fragrant, sweet, smelling mackerel pancakes, bring a lot of pleasure and variety in vegetarian menu. The hardest part is to gather strength for cutting mackerel.
Vegetable pancakes-crumpets
188 - 50м 15
Amazingly delicious and simple to prepare pancakes WITHOUT eggs, butter, and milk (kefir)! And it's no wonder they say that all brilliant - easy! These vegetable pancakes (crumpets) are frequent guests on our table... Cooked them for a long time. And thank you for the recipe Eva.
Pancakes "Nem"
186 - 30м 8
Today we cook a traditional Vietnamese dish. In my opinion, the taste turned out moderately spicy, moderately juicy and crispy.
Pancakes from rice flour with Apple
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Pancakes without eggs, gluten (wheat) and lactose (dairy products).
Vegetable carrot pancakes
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Of course, these vegetable pancakes are different from the normal balls, but sometimes during post, you want something tasty, but not! So I suggest your own version vegetable fritters.
Fritters of chickpea flour with peas
167 - 40м 6
Another lean, but no less tasty dish. Prepared simply and quickly, but it's delicious.
Rice cake with prunes and nuts
159 - 40м 3
Simple to prepare and hearty muffins of the available products. I offer two options - lean and nepolnye. Try!
Beet nut butter
149 - 20м 4
One of the best and most delicious beet pasta, in my opinion. Tender texture and interesting flavor to please even not fans of beets. And she's very harmonious here, it's a little nuts, light acidity from the citrus and savory spices. This paste can be submitted to pancakes, pancakes, toasts or chips. The recipe is from English chef Tess ward.
Corn fritters
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I'm sure you haven't tried corn fritters... Then what are you waiting for? You will enjoy their unusual taste and ease of cooking!
Vegetable fritters made of lentils
144 - 30м 12
I suggest You try the fritters with small green lentils from the Mistral, tasty and healthy dish with minimum ingredients.
139 - 20м 5
Very delicious and unusual pancakes! Try it!;)
Vegetable pancakes with cocoa and cinnamon
134 - 40м -
The yard is a Great post. But sometimes I want something tasty and slightly time consuming.
Korean vegetable pancakes with spicy sauce
130 - 40м 2
Korean pancakes with green onions and sauce is a delicious and hearty Breakfast or snack.
Buckwheat pancakes with honey
128 - 40м 5
It's hard to give up meat in lent. But with the advent of products "Mistral" for us, this problem was solved. Due to the wide range and quality products I can now quickly and easily prepare a variety of new recipes. Today I want to show you our signature family dish - "buckwheat pancakes"
Vegetable pancakes with greens
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Cakes in cucumber brine with herbs. Tasty and juicy.
Vegetable pancakes with halva
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Delicious and flavorful pancakes. My household and I also love sunflower halva. Add it to desserts and pastries.
Pumpkin-almond pancakes
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Offer the recipe is very delicious pumpkin - almond pancakes. These pancakes will be suitable for variety of vegetarian menu. A recipe from the Internet with my slight modifications.