Hot dishes of meat birds recipes

Cakes "Volcanoes"
276 4 60м 4
Tender chicken cutlets with stuffing and cheese. Prepared quickly, it turns out delicious! Try...
Antich with chicken or Turkey mince
240 - 120м 2
Antich is the Crimean chebureks are fried entirely without oil. From conventional pasties they differ only for a better view, and the stuffing is placed much more onion than pasties, and no water is added. My grandmother used to make two pasties and anyhow: holiday, according to the traditional recipe with lamb, and simpler, with chicken, explaining that the chicken is not greasy and always perfectly baked through. I always make pasties and antihi or Turkey or chicken - though it's not entirely traditional, but very gently. Since my recipe is not strictly traditional, I took the word ANTIH in quotation marks.
Roll "Good mood"
192 4 90м 6
Roll stuffed with chicken. The stuffing for this roulade can be crushed using food processor or knife on the job.
Chicken cutlets "Morning in the henhouse"
184 3 60м 4
Delicious and inexpensive.
Chicken cake
177 4 - -
Full improvisation! just had to feed our hungry artists, but to still surprise! We did it)))
Chicken cutlets "Unusual"
169 - 35м 6
Friends! Unusual is our recipe! We will add the gravy to the beef patties! Carrot-milk with onions of course! And rice is all we will have is flawless.
Chicken cutlets with Apple and cheese
154 4 - -
Chicken cutlets with the addition of Apple and cheese is like my children.
Meatballs of chicken and carrot "Tsukune"
135 - 25м 4
Tsukune. If you suddenly came to visit from Japan, and your wine cellar from traditional Japanese ingredients sachet miso soup and rice noodles... don't despair and prepare Tsukune - chicken meatballs round or oval shape, which Japanese often cook on a slow fire, and fry in a pan or grill.
Chicken cutlets
133 5 - -
Simple and delicious )
Hot "Pan c meatballs"
129 - - 4
Another popular meal is polpette di Teglia. I want to bring to Your attention one of the favorite dishes of my family. "the Pot of meatballs" is easy to make, nourishing, tasty and aromatic meal, which rightly can take one of the places of honor on the holiday table!!!
Chicken cutlet with cheese and mushrooms
120 - 30м 4
That would feed a man needs meat, and better meat with mushrooms and cheese. The original recipe meatballs with its unique taste and crispy crust.
Chicken roll with onions and cranberries
120 4 80м 6
I had minced chicken, burgers and just fed up. Here and invented this recipe.
Egg-chicken rolls in Japanese style
118 3 - -
The very idea of cooking was taken from Japanese cuisine, thus make the omelette, I decided to prepare not just eggs, but that was not only nourishing, tasty, but more suited as a hot dish. It turned out just amazing, as I had planned. Gentle gentle rolls with a very wonderful aroma and flavor, everyone loved it, and done quite easily and quickly.
Egg-chicken rolls "Brisola"
118 - 50м 5
Egg-chicken roll, baked in the oven.
The volcano
114 4 90м -
Very impressive dish of chicken and potatoes. Long read in the magazine. Lives up to its name.
Chicken breast in almond crust
113 5 60м 8
Tender, juicy, flavorful, coated in almonds and CHIPS!!! Very tasty, very beautiful, decorate both everyday and festive table, especially if it is fed with spring vitamin salad! And don't forget that in addition to its great taste, almonds contain various minerals needed for bone health. So, have some chicken with almonds and stay healthy!
Chicken sausages
110 4 60м 3
Chicken sausages - juicy tender taste of chicken meat.
Cannelloni with chicken tomato sauce
110 - 40м 4
A great dish for tomato season. Make your kitchen a little part of Italian cuisine. Bon appetit, AA.
Rice burgers with chicken
110 - - -
A great alternative to cutlet with a side dish - big burgers of fragrant rice stuffed with chicken mince! Option is quite low in calories, we can say diet, but the taste is reflected only in a positive quality! Cook those burgers, at least for dinner, lunch or Breakfast - in any case, the family will be fed and happy! It is very tasty, crispy!
Chicken roulade in a cheese crust
109 - - -
Simple and delicious
Chicken balls baked in rice
108 - 60м 4
The holidays are long and for variety, you can cook healthy and tasty dish of chicken and rice, baked in tomato juice with addition of eggs. Was such a chicken-rice casserole. Healthy food and delicious.