Hot dishes from minced fish recipes

Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce
1.4k - 60м 4
Delicious and intricate version of the feeder fish on the festive table. Guests at the table don't have to fight with fish bones! And many did not immediately understand that this is a fish dish. Restaurant dish at home.
"Best" chops
0.9k 4 30м 7
Meatballs from canned fish.
Juicy cutlets of Pollack in the oven
0.8k - 30м 5
Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of Pollock and cilantro in this dish they are very "friendly". Cutlets from minced meat this recipe can be prepared in several ways. It is possible, as shown in this video recipe, bake in the oven, burgers get not dry. You can fry, only in this case the flour add in the beef and Pripyat meatballs already in the pan. As well as diet-option - bake in silicone molds for muffin, in this case it is possible to do without eggs.
Fish cutlets "Monastery"
0.8k - - -
Tender, juicy, tasty burgers. Perfectly keep their shape, do not have a specific smell inherent to fish. Such cutlets are happy to eat even kids. The recipe is simple, budget. Without false modesty I can say that this is perhaps one of the most delicious fish tacos. Help yourself!!!
Kebab fish
0.8k - 45м 4
Want to offer a hearty and flavorful skewers of fish fillet.
Terrine of salmon
0.7k 3 20м 4
This dish is cooked for a very long time. How I got it, kill - I do not remember, but this is one of the favorite dishes of my husband. He's a Frenchman - thin nature and a foodie one. So, if you want to try something subtle and impressive, please look:)
Kebab with fish stuffing
0.6k - 45м 2
The basis of this skewer is grated potato. The stuffed fish fillet.
Fish cakes "Amazing"
0.6k 4 - -
Out very juicy, tasty and fluffy cakes. They can be cooked as for every day and for guests.
Fish meatballs in sweet and sour sauce
0.6k 5 - -
Dish for fish lovers. Prepared fillet of two fish: lean - Hyuk and fat - pangasius. In tomato sauce is added sugar. Try a very delicate dish.
Fish cakes with a savory breading
0.6k 3 40м 5
Here are so many recipes of fish cutlets. I want to share an interesting discovery. And it is in the way that the breading of the cutlets.
Cutlets of fillets of Alaska Pollock, "Pussies"
0.6k - - -
Truly tender, creamy patties of, like, "unsightly" Pollock. They should just try to fall in love with them once and for all! Help yourself!
Rybnik with mushrooms
0.6k - - 10
Rybnik - traditional Russian fish pie. It is eaten as a separate dish and as a snack. Fish doing a variety of additives. I suggest you get with mushrooms. This dish is very unusual! He doesn't have the bright flavor of fish or mushrooms, and the result is something extremely tasty, tender and juicy!!! My little fish is not very profitable, and in this version, ate a sweet soul, she didn't even realize it was a fish :))). Try to diversify your menu, replacing traditional cakes at a "fishmonger"! And on the holiday table, it would be a cool snack!!!
"Dolma" fish
0.6k - 120м 10
Dish cooked for your mom, who strictly adheres to all posts. And the yard is just the fast of the apostles. Sunday and Saturday you can eat the fish. So I decided to replace the boring fish cakes are something else... If this already exists, I apologize. Surely, someone before me thought...
Fish cutlets "Health"
0.5k 4 90м 8
Juicy and very useful. Even those who don't like seaweed, you'll never know she's there! Help yourself!
"C grade"
0.5k 3.5 30м -
This recipe I found in the paper 1000 tips for August of this year, Very simply, is me and bribed. Did and it turned out great. In the paper the recipe was sent to F. M. Zemlyansky from Samara.
Fish cakes with carrot tempura
0.5k - 30м 4
I want to offer you my cakes. Carrot batter with spices will give the pork chops a new taste. In addition, the cutlets are prepared quickly and will help out in those moments when there is no power for a long time "cast" in the kitchen. Revised to search more than 100 recipes for fish tacos - these are not seen if overlooked -do not judge strictly.
Fishcakes of haddock
0.5k - 60м 6
This recipe produced the most delicious fish cakes that I ever tasted! From haddock meat is white, very juicy, tender. Pleasant taste and smell, and the absence of hard fibers and small bones. Their meat is similar in taste and quality of meat of cod. Haddock is considered a dietary fish.
Fish cutlets "Emelino happiness"
0.5k - 60м 12
We all know from childhood the tale of Emelya and the magic pike. But not only desires happiness. You should be able to make this desire to manage to use it and understand what happiness IS! And you can have it all - and even a large pike, came to us from the distant lake. She is beautiful, but too huge and we decided to find out Emelino happiness on the most tasty recipe of my aunts Kamchatka. Thank you, my dear, for the delicious fish cakes from coho salmon. And we in Siberia will prepare them pike.
Fish cakes "By magic"
0.5k - - -
At first I did not think to put your experiment into your court, but the cakes turned out very even nothing! And went friend is a girl, so I barely plate dragged, husband almost no dinner left!
Casserole of salmon minced
0.5k - 40м 8
Juicy casserole. Very satisfying. Good with vegetables.
Salmon in breadcrumbs
0.5k 3.5 - -
Instead of flour have used the breadcrumbs :)I liked it :)no problems the main thing :)I want to share my joy :)finally I changed the kitchen table and chairs!!!URAAAAAAAAA!!!!!photo attached :)please rate!!!?