Hot dishes from minced fish recipes

"Best" chops
170 4 30м 7
Meatballs from canned fish.
Carp "Chrysanthemum" sauce
169 - 60м 4
Delicious and intricate version of the feeder fish on the festive table. Guests at the table don't have to fight with fish bones! And many did not immediately understand that this is a fish dish. Restaurant dish at home.
Fish meatballs in sweet and sour sauce
137 5 - -
Dish for fish lovers. Prepared fillet of two fish: lean - Hyuk and fat - pangasius. In tomato sauce is added sugar. Try a very delicate dish.
Fish cakes
130 4 - -
Fish cakes
123 3 - -
Delicious cakes with sardines. Very little cost, and it turns out a lot! Try not to regret it.
Juicy cutlets of Pollack in the oven
118 - 30м 5
Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of Pollock and cilantro in this dish they are very "friendly". Cutlets from minced meat this recipe can be prepared in several ways. It is possible, as shown in this video recipe, bake in the oven, burgers get not dry. You can fry, only in this case the flour add in the beef and Pripyat meatballs already in the pan. As well as diet-option - bake in silicone molds for muffin, in this case it is possible to do without eggs.
"C grade"
117 3.5 30м -
This recipe I found in the paper 1000 tips for August of this year, Very simply, is me and bribed. Did and it turned out great. In the paper the recipe was sent to F. M. Zemlyansky from Samara.
Cutlets of fillets of Alaska Pollock, "Pussies"
112 - - -
Truly tender, creamy patties of, like, "unsightly" Pollock. They should just try to fall in love with them once and for all! Help yourself!
Fish cakes "Amazing"
111 4 - -
Out very juicy, tasty and fluffy cakes. They can be cooked as for every day and for guests.
Fish-tobacco with Brussels sprouts
108 - 20м -
Decided guests something new to cook. Marinate the mackerel and cooked in a pan for the chickens. Yummy!!! I hope rate.
Kolobochki fish with crab stuffing
106 3 60м 18
Fans of fish and dishes from it.
101 5 30м 4
The recipe from Internet. Good, when a little food, but something "sort" want. Prepares austere. Makes a delicious, nutritious dinner from ingredients you have on hand. I also did an impromptu salsa, all together very tasty.
Fish with vegetables in brandy
101 5 50м 6
Very tasty and tender fish along with a side dish
"Dolma" fish
99 - 120м 10
Dish cooked for your mom, who strictly adheres to all posts. And the yard is just the fast of the apostles. Sunday and Saturday you can eat the fish. So I decided to replace the boring fish cakes are something else... If this already exists, I apologize. Surely, someone before me thought...
Burgers from the black sea sardeli
98 4 - -
Recipe from gourmet magazine with my changes. The burgers turned out juicy and tender. Thanks to the author for a great idea
Pelmeni from sturgeon
96 4.5 40м 4
Unlike other dumplings, the beef cut into small cubes, not chopped in a meat grinder.
Roll fish
96 - - -
Roll turns very satisfying, a lot of this is not eaten! On the palate it is tender, juicy, I love it. Tasty...
Gefilte fish in Hebrew in the meatballs "Gefilte fish"
93 - - -
All my female relatives on the maternal line (grandmother, mother, aunts) did "Gefilte-Fi ø" it is for this recipe. As you can see, it is not new. And maybe for someone will be new. Moreover, there are variants of this dish. Zoe, the wife of Alexander.
Terrine of salmon
92 3 20м 4
This dish is cooked for a very long time. How I got it, kill - I do not remember, but this is one of the favorite dishes of my husband. He's a Frenchman - thin nature and a foodie one. So, if you want to try something subtle and impressive, please look:)
Fish zrazy with cheese
91 - 45м -
Don't know how to properly called patties or pancakes, but they turn out very juicy and tender, and this is important!!!
Fish cutlets "Health"
90 4 90м 8
Juicy and very useful. Even those who don't like seaweed, you'll never know she's there! Help yourself!