Hot dishes mixed stuffing recipes

Chops "the Nest of happiness"
2.8k - - -
First tried these meatballs at a friend's birthday and fell in love with them immediately!!! :)
Meat "Log"
2.1k 5 - -
Simply divine meat pie with pickles and beans. Very juicy and soft!!!
2k - 120м 4
Maultaschen. I am very interested in cuisine of different countries. Today I plan on Germany :) Maultaschen - dish of German cuisine, something resembling our dumplings. Part maultaschen be sure to include vegetables and bun. The technique of wrapping is very original, and the taste is unusual.
Casserole "Jean-eggplant"
1.6k 3 60м 4
If You love eggplant and meat, then You are here. And if not, then I recommend to try. The result is worth it. Tender and juicy casserole of eggplant and ground beef with tomato-cream sauce will leave no one indifferent. Cooked very simply and quickly, and disappears instantly. Very tasty. Come and help yourself, dear cooks!
1.6k 4 90м 8
Many divorced variants on this recipe. My version.
1.6k - 150м 10
National Buryat dish. Incredibly tasty, hearty and delicious.
Burgers "Summer"
1.6k - - -
Bright, juicy and tasty burgers with a young dill and sesame seeds. The original mix and the flavors will not leave you indifferent. Help yourself!
Meatballs with rice in sweet and sour sauce
1.5k - 60м -
This is a simple dish wand wand for me, working women, and for my family that loves to eat! Preparing quick, tasty, readily available from the usual ingredients, and looks delicious! We love you!
Burgers "hi 90-m"
1.5k 3 30м 6
Economical meat dish, but at the same time - juicy and delicious!!! THE IMPOSSIBLE BECAME POSSIBLE!!! after the adjustment of ANY products, little bit similar to meat, you CAN cook SOMETHING, even VERY edible, adding or "diluting" the minced meat with vegetables... In the 90s to "maloyed nome stuffing" we added onions, beets, potatoes, carrots, etc. vegetables, observing, of course, some proportion. Today I add FAVORITE VEGETABLES to JUICY burgers, but grateful ". s" menu and economical "science" hungry 90th...!
Meatloaf "Amazing"
1.5k 4 80м 6
Roll just melts in your mouth, very flavorful and tender. The combination of the ingredients give this fragrance, which is felt even from the neighbors))) This dish can not only annoy your neighbors, but also to impress loved ones and guests!
Two-tone meatballs
1.5k 3 - -
Juicy, soft and tasty meatballs will appeal not only adults but also the younger members of the family.
Roll "tricks of Hanami"
1.4k 5 80м 8
Fragrant, delicate hanuschik (rolls) of the softest dough with minced meat... framed... vegetables stewed in a creamy sour cream dressing... absorbed all the smells and the tastes... are incredible, just the most tender and tasty!!!
Meatballs without bread
1.4k - 30м -
These burgers makes my grandmother. They are very tasty, healthy, and most importantly, melt in your mouth. In the composition of the meatballs no bread crumb except for bread crumbs for frying.
Meat tarts
1.4k 5 - -
A worthy alternative to homemade cutlets.
Bestex with a side dish 2 in 1 "Feminine charms"
1.4k 4 90м 8
Definitely we have with Irina, who earlier put the cake "Chest mulatto," the same thought. So how about the approach of spring is felt? My husband came home from work and seeing what I made for dinner, he exclaimed: "how lovely"! And he added: "Female". Hence the name. Try to prepare them for their loved ones, and they will not be disappointed.
Meatballs in mango sauce
1.3k 4 - -
Soft, juicy meat meatballs in tender mango butter sauce.
1.3k - 60м 12
Very tasty and incredibly juicy burgers that always work.
1.3k 4 - -
Each family burgers turn out different. Try.
Stuffed eggplant "Pumps"
1.3k - 120м 8
Interesting recipe juicy stuffed eggplant, especially in the season when caviar, medallions tired) Try, very tasty and easy!
Meat casserole "red sunset"
1.3k - 45м 9
Incredibly tasty, hearty, mouth-watering meat casserole! The food is bright, colorful! Perfect for the guests and, of course, households. Hope you enjoy the recipe!
1.2k 4 - -
Such are the delicate patties in combination with buckwheat. Two-in-one.