Hot food in the cauldron recipes

Porridge "Ryabushka"
0.6k - 40м 6
Russian response the Uzbek pilaf.
499 3 70м 10
Juicy vegetable dish with meat. Not time consuming, easy to prepare and extremely tasty. Extremely good domlama cooked on the fire.
Domlama in Uzbek
470 - 90м -
Very tasty, juicy and easy to prepare Uzbek dish. On the website saw a few recipes. Now, please enjoy my version.
417 - 150м 6
There, is there already Basma, but how many people - so many cooking options! Good, and the set of products, and their sequence can vary depending on the time of year, desire to cook, and preferences of consumers. The dish is Uzbek. On the East pilaf is a festive dish. I think this is not fair! Basma (accent on last syllable) with its insane flavor, colors and raznoobraziem cope with the role of the holiday is not worse! This dish can be cooked outdoors in a cauldron or pot, and at home on the stove in a thick-walled pot. So, my option.
416 - - -
To describe this dish can be long. Anyone who has ever tried strudel, become a fan of this dish. A native dish from Germany. But many have adapted it to your taste. Was no exception and my recipe. Meet the recipe for my family, which combines the Ukrainian, Uzbek and German cuisine.
Fish Cossack
408 - 60м 4
Cossack cuisine is simple, varied and very tasty. Cossacks lived good, prosperous, and have never been a lack of good fish. Offer the old Cossack recipe white fish. Of course, the best fish for this dish - pike perch. Cossacks often prepared this dish in a pot over an open fire, but at the plate we all will make it. Simple components, which are tasty in and of themselves, are connected in a wonderful and very tasty dish! Delicious in hot or cold.
394 - 100м -
Muli - common in Moldova the dish. Served as the latest hot at various celebrations. Very tasty and easy dish. Also this dish can be ordered in any Moldovan restaurant. Let's start...
Roast offal with mashed potatoes
389 - 180м 10
Please do not judge strictly for my first experience of putting some of the recipes. I want to offer you a traditional dish for our family and the holiday table. This recipe is the equivalent of the Kazakh national dishes "kuyrdak," which in the original is prepared from lamb offal. I use both beef and pork by-products (based on what is available), the taste does not change. The dish turns out very flavorful, hearty and very nutritious.
388 - 80м 8
Dimlama. A full, hearty, and most importantly a healthy lunch or dinner, with genuine products without adding oil and water. Cooking at home and outdoors. The recipe is simple...
Elahi Bakhsh
374 4 - 10
Wonderful pilaf created by Bukharian Jews, "edited" the Elder hankishieva. Found again in the book "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure". The dish that makes the stomach dimensionless...
323 - 200м 6
In fact it is garlic rice, simple and uncomplicated, the brilliant classics from Bukhara Jews - nothing more. But believe me, it is fabulous. A dream for vegetarians or a perfect side dish to meat. The recipe is not complicated, but with secrets, done under the guidance of the book of Stalik hankishiev and adapted for a smaller number of consumers. Went...
300 - 10м 10
Vegetarian vegetable dish. We have in the city is crazy hot, and much is not desirable in this weather, and vegetablesare that not the strength, even under the air conditioner. What I liked this dish, is that it is easy to prepare, 10 minutes to prep and 1 hour cooking, but without You. Eat hot or cold. And if strongly to want and not to change the original recipe, and it is possible for winter to close. A very versatile dish. And most importantly, delicious and easy!
Express lobio with chicken on the fire
280 - - 2
Spontaneously gathered in the forest, decided to cook something simple, quick and hearty. Turned out much tastier than expected. Even with the smell of smoke - delicious!
Pilaf with stuffed vine leaves in markilinski
278 3 300м 10
This dish requires a lot of work and a lot of time, but believe me, the result will exceed all your expectations! The reward will be enthusiastic bellowing of the guests and household words with his mouth full, hard to pronounce))) Source - book of Elder hankishieva "Kazan, Mangal and other male pleasure"!
276 - 140м 6
Will offer You the recipe from Elder hankishieva, almost rice, but tastier. At the time, the author of the recipe is borrowed from the Bukharian Jews ( in both!), and then they knew a lot about food.
260 3 240м 6
Very tasty dish just because there is a whole lot of gravy for the dish that allows you to make a dish differently each time.
Salt eggplant with noodles and vegetables
239 - - -
I love eggplant, though every day let! I have a billet of them - salty. After cooking they are similar in structure to the mushrooms, but the taste of your preserve. I dried them on a string, like mushrooms, is now nowhere, so salt. The dish turns out on the topic of Uighur cuisine. Help yourself!
224 4.5 90м -
I used to, before I met my husband, I wasn't pilaf, and porridge, but my husband learned to cook it like they cook at home; I will write all the details, as I was taught...
221 5 60м 10
A dish for those who like to "wrap" and eat it. Quickly, and most importantly very tasty
We found
216 4.5 30м 4
This is a recipe from my grandmother that she had borrowed from a friend. I was told - it's a Jewish kitchen. One of the variants of the roast.
202 - 60м 5
This Central Asian national dish. Stewed meat with vegetables. Very flavorful, hearty, helpful... Looks and smells amazing! This dish, above all, is considered and diet because of the fact that nothing is fried.