Sushi rolls recipes

Sushi "Funny Panda"
0.6k - 30м 10
For sushi lovers. I present to You sushi in a Fun Pandas. Very tasty and fun!
Maki, sushi roll "Mosaic"
456 - - -
Gunkan-Maki, tempura Maki, sake roll, temari sushi roll "Mosaic". And now in Russian. Gincana pumps, tempura - hot rolls, sake, temari - rice balls with salmon. It is not difficult! Hot and crispy spring rolls tempura will be appreciated by all without exception.
353 - 30м 3
Very easy to prepare and hearty dish, the main thing quickly, and is liked by everyone. We love him even children.
Sushi cake with mussels
339 - 40м 4
Started a week of snack cakes, the topic is unfamiliar, so it will be some of my improvisation. The first is a sushi cake with mussels. Had to climb on the Japanese site, and here's what I did. Suggest this to cook. Just treat your guests and yourself.
Sushi "Gunkan-Maki"
301 - 30м 2
I'm a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I want to introduce you to Gunkan-Maki Gunkan-machi (translated roll is a warship) is a kind of sushi, is a compressed palms figure, framed by the perimeter of the strip of nori to give it the shape of the ship. Often made with crab meat and flying fish eggs. This is a very delicious and simple to prepare.
My rolls
272 - 60м -
Inspired by recent successful experience in cooking sushi and rolls, I decided to experiment with the fillings, and this is one of the most successful variants - with crab sticks. Very tasty!
Rolls with salmon, avocado and peppers
265 - 45м 12
I'm not a big fan of rolls, but I liked this as my home.
Sushi canapes
257 - 90м 30
Sushi lovers offer to make these canapés. They can be submitted to the reception and they will please anyone who loves sushi, but has difficulty using chopsticks.
Rolls "My way"
247 4 90м 4
Love with your partner the rolls, but it is not always possible to go to a restaurant and eat them. Learned to make them at home. On the website there are recipes rolls, but I want to offer my own version.
246 - 90м 3
After reviewing all the recipes on the website, found only the classic versions with salmon, avocado, cucumber and similar ingredients. I want to show You different options of sushi and how to decorate. Will look like in the sushi bar!)).
Japanese sushi
226 - - -
Variants of sushi very much. Today I will show you how to quickly and easily make the simplest of them: nigiri-zushi, temaki-zushi and nori Maki. Nori Maki are of two kinds: Hoso-Maki (thin rolls), and futo-Maki (thick rolls). We will do futo-Maki. The most important thing for sushi that was very fresh fish. If you are sure that the fish you get is fresh, it can make them at home.
Rolls "Arabesque" or Maki-sushi
223 4 - -
As promised (sorry for the delay) show another technique for preparation of "colored" roll.
Maki-sushi at home
222 5 - -
Husband ordered rolls. This time made three with different fillings. Share the recipe and experience.
Rolls - modest dinner for two persons
209 3 60м -
Rolls - natural product.
Semi-sushi and egg-rolls
203 4 - -
I really wanted to try to do at home.
188 - - -
The recipe for nigiri-sushi with Kikkoman sauce for sushi and sashimi.
Rolls of yaki-Maki
186 - - -
Sometimes we love to enjoy Japanese cuisine. And, at times, pamper yourself rolls. Yaki-Maki - a kind of rolls that need to be baked.
Rolls "inside out" with caviar, seaweed
180 - 40м 4
An interesting variant of the rolls! Prepared quickly and easily. For the rolls "inside out" I took the rice Japonica. The grain of this variety absorbs a large amount of fluid, and thus become sticky, but still maintaining shape.
Rolls "rose" salmon
180 - - -
Offer to cook the rolls, the name of which in Japanese translates as "Spring". I want to show 2 options. To cook them is not difficult. The first in diameter to be not young at the expense of the toppings, the second - small diameter. Thank you for the recipe of Japanese cuisine.
Sushi ball
175 - 60м 10
Version of sushi for a festive table. Similar to Philadelphia.
168 4 50м 2
Uramaki. This overseas dish at least once, but tried many. I suggest to try to make it at home, moreover, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.