Cook in a double boiler recipes

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Oromo (roll) — (literal translation from Kyrgyz "wrapped") dish in Kyrgyz cuisine. It can be made from meat or vegetables as a vegetarian dish. On our website there are similar recipes steam rolls, but Oromo unfairly bypassed.
Banh Bao-cakes in a few
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Husband likes these wonderful pies with unusual fillings: pork, black tree fungus, rice noodles, half chicken eggs. One such feature - a full Breakfast. I had to dig deep, and that's what happened. Of course, maybe something is wrong, but to me secrets no one wanted to tell, the answer is: "Many want to know," it is understandable, people earn it.
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The most popular dish of Mexican cuisine is, of course, Tamales! Tamale /tamale/ - specially prepared corn masa dough stuffed with meat and spicy sauce. And all this rolled up in leaves of corn cobs. In Mexico, I just love tamales! You can buy them from street vendors under noisy Mexican song "Hot, hot tamale!", and to order in a restaurant.
Dumplings in Uzbek "Gul-Khanum"
0.8k - 120м 8
This dish of Uzbek cuisine. Steamed. Very simple to prepare and looks original. I hope to taste You will enjoy.
Trout "Fish in Greek"
0.7k - 15м 1
The dish is very light, diet that contains no superfluous or the wrong fats, no component is subjected to a roasting heat treatment is minimal. In this hearty and very tasty thanks to the combination of flavors of ingredients. Invented to cook when I was losing weight, but the recipe is firmly established in the menu and "bezpajumtnieku" diet. You can cook not only in a double boiler, refer to the recipe, there is described the second way.
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Khanum is another masterpiece Eastern cooks. It is easy to manufacture the dish belongs to the Uzbek national cuisine. There are many options for its preparation, as well as plenty of sounds name: Khanum, Hanon, Hanon, Hanum, Hunan. The composition of the dish resembles the famous manta rays, with the difference that the Mrs cooked whole, rolling up the roll, and sculpt the piece.
Korean dumplings with kimchi
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Kimchi Wang Mandu. Many are familiar with simple (Uzbek) manti with pumpkin and meat and/or onions. Offer cooks a bit to broaden my horizons and meet manta rays (Mandu) in the Korean version
Buryat poses "Boozy"
0.5k - 60м 5
́PS — the name in Russian, Buryat - buuz. Every year throughout my life, I regularly travel to Buryatia. As a child, went to grandma's for the holidays, summer, winter. And now with their children every year in Buryatia, not breaking the tradition. Not one meal is not complete without buuz. At home we maintain that tradition and, if desired, can easily prepare a favorite childhood meal. In Buryatia there are competitions devoted to this dish, where mold and eat buuz, thus attaching young people to the culture.
Cavan mushy (puffy omelet)
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This dish of Japanese cuisine. In fact, there is nothing special. But still the idea of cooking and the filling of the omelet I was attracted to. Who healthy food - go!
Bay for a couple
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Long thought to offer you this recipe or not? It seems that similar saw, but then tried searching - found nothing. Began to remember from where I wrote it down to his culinary book and found this recipe on the website Have Saechki (from Olga (olgaS)). Thank her for the idea! I hope that all who read will like it too, as I do, because IT is VERY TO HAVE a N O !!!
Steamed cakes a La "Pagode"
494 - - -
The tender sweet yeast dough with juicy meat filling and spicy carrots. Very tasty!!!
Egg pudding steam
455 3.5 - -
"Pudding England a dish" "Truffaldino from Bergamo".
421 - 40м -
Pigadi or Korean cakes for a couple - very tasty dish! Originally I am from Kazakhstan and know firsthand about this dish, I had many friends-Koreans. Preparing pigadi very simple way of cooking something like dumplings, but the dough for pigadi used more. In the dough add the yeast and it's getting air, soft and white. As the filling use chopped meat or minced meat (pork and beef), as well as cabbage, radish, onion, garlic and spices. Pigadi served with soy sauce. I do not claim the accuracy of the recipe, perhaps someone is preparing it more right, but this recipe shared with me by my mother-in-law, and I did so, and not otherwise, in order to please my husband))
Banana manna in the steamer
411 - 30м -
For fans of manna and for those who don't know what else can be cooked in a double boiler.
Vegetable medley
408 3 50м 8
This dish is cooked in a double boiler. Fast, simple, useful and very cute
393 3 40м 2
Very tasty fish, like hake or walleye, but better.
Don't be a fatty!
387 3 20м 2
Prepractice dish of fish for those who lose weight.
Steam cutlets of pike
368 5 - -
Very diet of burgers, cooks them, my mother, and she was happy to share its recipe with You.
Chicken fillet with steamed vegetables
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Recipe for steamers, though for the oven, I think, too. Very tasty, tender and beautiful!
Fragrant rice cold meats with sauce "Vinaigrette"
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After another "intimidation" brother with the reminder: "Why are you steaming?", I descended today to the section "About tasty and healthy food"))). Dinner turned out pretty bad, and the meat sauce has caused a storm of positive emotions.
Steam cakes
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Love the cakes, especially homemade? Then +1 the recipe in your piggy Bank. BUT: the dough for these gingerbread is not supposed to ripen for a few hours, and these wonderful gingerbread steamed. Personally I have a homemade gingerbread directly associated with the New year! PS I Bought a package of whole wheat flour for culinary experiments, but stalled on the ground almost the entire package was gone in a systematic baking these cakes)))