Cook in a double boiler recipes for New Year

1.1k 4 - -
Oromo (roll) — (literal translation from Kyrgyz "wrapped") dish in Kyrgyz cuisine. It can be made from meat or vegetables as a vegetarian dish. On our website there are similar recipes steam rolls, but Oromo unfairly bypassed.
Steamed cakes a La "Pagode"
300 - - -
The tender sweet yeast dough with juicy meat filling and spicy carrots. Very tasty!!!
Steam cakes
246 - - -
Love the cakes, especially homemade? Then +1 the recipe in your piggy Bank. BUT: the dough for these gingerbread is not supposed to ripen for a few hours, and these wonderful gingerbread steamed. Personally I have a homemade gingerbread directly associated with the New year! PS I Bought a package of whole wheat flour for culinary experiments, but stalled on the ground almost the entire package was gone in a systematic baking these cakes)))
Pasties in Ukrainian with cabbage and meat
198 5 30м 10
Fried in oil, "otvarennye" in the steamer pasties and cabbage stuffing will please the eye with their appearance and taste as the family and guests at any time.
Steam chicken bun
178 - 180м -
Steamed cakes "Gift for huli-Jing". You know what huli Jing - the Chinese Fox is a werewolf? Beautiful, seductive and treacherous at times taking the form of beauty, in order to confuse the minds of the poor students... You may ask what does all foxes, and even the werewolves? And just huli-Jing, like all self-respecting foxes, for sure I love chicken! But eat them raw they are, perhaps, not by rank. So when she was going to make this time chicken, motivated by interest in Chinese culture and recently read "Notes Liao CIA of the extraordinary" woke up inspired.))) I wanted something soft and delicate, and however unusual, as the nine-tails huli-Jing. So I got these steamed cakes with chicken. The filling turns out really tender, and the soy sauce instead of salt and butter added to taste delicacy. Well, to judge, of course, You, dear cooks! I think Fox would not mind)))
Artichokes stuffed with mushrooms Turkey
164 - 25м -
Finally, our family gathered to show their work. For a very long time I couldn't come up with a dish for the Christmas contest. I wanted it all to be tasty, useful, beautiful, and all the family work to occupy. Randomly remembered the recipe, to which all hands did not reach, or rather dare not dare to cook this wonder of nature. Only have to buy artichokes, but it was not so easy to find them in our stores. Husband was looking for two days this overseas vegetable, traveled half of Moscow and, of course, found! Our work for the contest "Family dish of the year".
Carp with ginger
162 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Salad with rice and seafood
153 5 20м 8
A very hearty salad that can be used as a separate dish for lunch and dinner.
The tabs of "sleeves"
143 5 90м -
Series No. 3, until you get bored, I will cook in the "sleeve", very tasty and solid facilities.
Squid stuffed with "Sea"
141 - 15м 2
When you stand in the kitchen and in front of you lie the seafood, to think, what to do with them can be very long. Because of them you can do whatever you want. Here we are with my husband, remembering the statement that all ingenious is simple, I prepared this dish for a dinner devoted to Valentine's day! And raising glasses in voice proposed a toast: "give me tonight"!
Shrimp, Uwatse
127 - 40м 4
This is my last recipe for this year's one hundredth. Decided to treat the exquisite Greek dish. For this recipe, I was threatened more than a year! The cover photo will replace the first tasting dishes!
Pate "Rabbit joy"
124 5 60м 2
Gentle pashtetik...
Rice with mushrooms and chicken in the steamer
124 - 55м 5
Rich rice from the steamer. Good to cook it for lunch or for dinner. Moreover, cooking does not distract from other matters.
Mille - feuille salad "Red book"
123 - - -
Another easy, easy to stomach salad. Mille-feuille is a layered salad of French cuisine. It is made in large bowls, and portions of the cylinders or other forms. The contents of the "pages" can be absolutely anything. I have here a variant, the content and form completely corresponding to the New 2010 year of the Tiger. And a reminder: tigers of the horoscopes come "on schedule" after a dozen years, but the real beauties written in a book (a real course, not a salad) and they are smaller. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"
Chicken-liver pate
120 - 30м 5
Many on the website liver pate, that there is no such option. Very tasty, I wanted to freeze portions for sandwiches for Breakfast, but guests had arrived, and freeze there was nothing, and even a recipe picked...
Casserole with cream in a double boiler "Tenderness"
118 - 40м 6
This is the most tender and tasty casserole! For those who are on a diet, for children and adults. For Breakfast and for dessert. There is no better casserole!
Chicken cutlets with mushrooms from the steamer
118 - 40м 4
This recipe is not only useful for adults who are watching their health, it is very useful for the kids! The meat turns out juicy and tender!!!
Crab-chicken roll "Tenderness without borders"
118 - - -
Suitable for making sandwiches and as a snack in the thread. Variety of the usual flavor palette and surprise guests. And, well, sooo tender!
Cabbage rolls Chinese style
117 - 80м -
This dish is for lovers of Asian cuisine and for those who care about their figure.
Dumplings with minced chicken with red pepper
113 - 110м 3
Dumplings with spicy minced meat. Juicy and tasty!
Salad "Christmas lantern"
106 - - -
Almost Italian dish. An interesting and pleasant combination of products. It's different. As commented husband: it will take is one taste, another place will take a different taste, but all tastes delicious. Destroyed the table quickly, ask to repeat. The original dressing also gives your taste. Very festive decorated table. For the contest "Gorenje: Christmas song"