Cook in a double boiler recipes for Easter

1.1k 4 - -
Oromo (roll) — (literal translation from Kyrgyz "wrapped") dish in Kyrgyz cuisine. It can be made from meat or vegetables as a vegetarian dish. On our website there are similar recipes steam rolls, but Oromo unfairly bypassed.
Steamed cakes a La "Pagode"
300 - - -
The tender sweet yeast dough with juicy meat filling and spicy carrots. Very tasty!!!
Carp with ginger
162 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Pate "Rabbit joy"
124 5 60м 2
Gentle pashtetik...
Chicken-liver pate
120 - 30м 5
Many on the website liver pate, that there is no such option. Very tasty, I wanted to freeze portions for sandwiches for Breakfast, but guests had arrived, and freeze there was nothing, and even a recipe picked...
Casserole with cream in a double boiler "Tenderness"
118 - 40м 6
This is the most tender and tasty casserole! For those who are on a diet, for children and adults. For Breakfast and for dessert. There is no better casserole!
Honey cakes with nuts a couple
117 - - 7
Very soft, aromatic gingerbread with a pronounced honey - nutty flavor! Cakes turn out rosy, though not baked! These cakes are steamed in the steamer or slow cooker.
Dumplings with minced chicken with red pepper
113 - 110м 3
Dumplings with spicy minced meat. Juicy and tasty!
Balls with nettles
112 - 90м -
And what is Gingerbread? It turns out that this word is a diminutive of the word "kolob" (the rolled up clod, dumpling made of unleavened dough). The gingerbread man is a purely Russian product, the emergence of which was accidental. The bun was the remnants of a different flour (wheat, oat, corn), everything in the house was. Variety of flour, different cross-section of the grinding provided the product excellent taste. This was, among peasants, the reason for the creation of fabulous stories about the gingerbread man. As for the ancient recipe of the gingerbread man, "the paintings of the king's meat," created in Muscovy in 1610-1613 g, referred to the dish "Kolob", consisting of 3 blades of flour, semolina, 25 eggs, and 3 grivenka fat govharaga. My balls, of course, not up to Royal, and they are prepared steamed, not baked. But I think you'll like them.
Mini biscuits with cranberry sauce
93 - 30м 6
The biscuits are cooked in a double boiler and be very porous, airy and delicious. Cranberry sauce gives a special charm. Prepare biscuits quickly and easily. Try it!