Cook in a double boiler recipes for birthday

1.1k 4 - -
Oromo (roll) — (literal translation from Kyrgyz "wrapped") dish in Kyrgyz cuisine. It can be made from meat or vegetables as a vegetarian dish. On our website there are similar recipes steam rolls, but Oromo unfairly bypassed.
Trout "Fish in Greek"
480 - 15м 1
The dish is very light, diet that contains no superfluous or the wrong fats, no component is subjected to a roasting heat treatment is minimal. In this hearty and very tasty thanks to the combination of flavors of ingredients. Invented to cook when I was losing weight, but the recipe is firmly established in the menu and "bezpajumtnieku" diet. You can cook not only in a double boiler, refer to the recipe, there is described the second way.
Steamed cakes a La "Pagode"
300 - - -
The tender sweet yeast dough with juicy meat filling and spicy carrots. Very tasty!!!
Dumplings in Uzbek "Gul-Khanum"
246 - 120м 8
This dish of Uzbek cuisine. Steamed. Very simple to prepare and looks original. I hope to taste You will enjoy.
Pasties in Ukrainian with cabbage and meat
198 5 30м 10
Fried in oil, "otvarennye" in the steamer pasties and cabbage stuffing will please the eye with their appearance and taste as the family and guests at any time.
Carp with ginger
162 5 35м 4
Carp, in itself, a very tasty fish, and the ginger - something-something!
Salad with rice and seafood
153 5 20м 8
A very hearty salad that can be used as a separate dish for lunch and dinner.
Ravioli stuffed with curd-cheese nachinkoy for a couple of "Italiano"
153 - 40м 4
This is a wonderful dish - a kind of Italian pasta, products made from wheat dough with different fillings. The combination of tenderness, delicacy and lightness - that's what I wanted, everything turned out well!!!
The tabs of "sleeves"
143 5 90м -
Series No. 3, until you get bored, I will cook in the "sleeve", very tasty and solid facilities.
Squid stuffed with "Sea"
141 - 15м 2
When you stand in the kitchen and in front of you lie the seafood, to think, what to do with them can be very long. Because of them you can do whatever you want. Here we are with my husband, remembering the statement that all ingenious is simple, I prepared this dish for a dinner devoted to Valentine's day! And raising glasses in voice proposed a toast: "give me tonight"!
Tender chicken liver pate
127 - 40м 5
Tender chicken liver pate, so delicious that I just want a plate to eat together with him! Pleasant viewing!
Pate "Rabbit joy"
124 5 60м 2
Gentle pashtetik...
Rice with mushrooms and chicken in the steamer
124 - 55м 5
Rich rice from the steamer. Good to cook it for lunch or for dinner. Moreover, cooking does not distract from other matters.
Chicken-liver pate
120 - 30м 5
Many on the website liver pate, that there is no such option. Very tasty, I wanted to freeze portions for sandwiches for Breakfast, but guests had arrived, and freeze there was nothing, and even a recipe picked...
Casserole with cream in a double boiler "Tenderness"
118 - 40м 6
This is the most tender and tasty casserole! For those who are on a diet, for children and adults. For Breakfast and for dessert. There is no better casserole!
Chicken cutlets with mushrooms from the steamer
118 - 40м 4
This recipe is not only useful for adults who are watching their health, it is very useful for the kids! The meat turns out juicy and tender!!!
Jelly cheesecake "Holiday"
118 - - -
Beautiful, bright, spring sun. This cake will be a real decoration of the festive table.
Crab-chicken roll "Tenderness without borders"
118 - - -
Suitable for making sandwiches and as a snack in the thread. Variety of the usual flavor palette and surprise guests. And, well, sooo tender!
Dumplings with minced chicken with red pepper
113 - 110м 3
Dumplings with spicy minced meat. Juicy and tasty!
The most manly salad
104 5 15м 4
This salad has long been a favorite snack as my husband and all our friends. For some reason he likes men...
The steamed fish with cheese sauce
101 - - -
The beauty of this recipe is that we have managed to keep the majority of essential vitamins and minerals in fish. We also retained the natural flavor. And, of course, add all of this sauce!