Cook in a double boiler recipes for Lent

0.7k 5 60м 4
Chinese pompushki with onions, steamed. To prepare 7 - 15 minutes in the steamer.
Steam cutlets of pike
0.6k 5 - -
Very diet of burgers, cooks them, my mother, and she was happy to share its recipe with You.
Vegetable medley
0.6k 3 50м 8
This dish is cooked in a double boiler. Fast, simple, useful and very cute
Crumpets "Roses"
0.5k - 30м 4
These crumpets successfully replace the bread on your table.
Vegetable steamed buns of semolina stuffed with spinach
369 - - -
Useful, air, vegetable rolls cooked in a double boiler. Who are interested, please treat!!!
Steam duck with mushroom
351 - 25м 10
The last months I'm on a diet that excludes fried, and require frequent meals, therefore we started looking for tasty and healthy retseptiki for snacking. It was nice of steam sarnicki, made them almost every day. Now the diet has gone remission and sweet after the holidays you do not want, so I decided to experiment a bit with the recipe.
Spinach Turkish "Ispanak yemegi"
350 - 30м 4
A recipe for delicious and healthy food that is easy to cook.
Mini vegetable rolls for a couple
349 - 30м 4
Continue to have my steamer, so this recipe was born.
Megavitamins in the steamer
345 4 40м -
The vitamin seaweed salad cooked in a double boiler. There are many variations, but this favorite in our family.
"Lady" for advent
330 3 - -
Christmas fast is not as strict, and you can pamper yourself rolls that are delicious without meat.
Ring of salmon steamed with zucchini
325 - 70м 4
This dish is a dietary, natural flavor. Very diet that required me after the resort because the resort pounds that stuck on my wonderful body and have something to do with it!
Stuffed apples
320 3 15м 2
Two versions of the stuffed apples. A simple and delicious dessert. Will appeal to both adults and children.
Manty "Beet"
320 - 90м -
You never tried dumplings with beets? Here I am before time and time also are not business, but a diet and want something in pastry, muffins, pies or as well not, often boiled beets well I don't like her and that I remembered when I was in school we often served baked with beets. But the cakes were on the sweet dough, I decided to cook but for a few, but not pies, and dumplings. Here is what I got home and liked it, same dumplings can be prepared in the post or who's a vegetarian. Do not judge strictly, just someone interested in this recipe, just try it!!
302 4.7 - -
Meatloaf with vegetables definitely will like all the Housewives! Prepared in the steamer, I don't have it, so that the steamer was made of improvised means))). Participate in the contest "Fast "Philips"
Vegetable patties with fruit for a couple
300 - 180м 9
Very tasty patties, rolls out. Very tender, melt in your mouth. Don't suggest to make them larger. Worse shape and need longer to cook. While it's up.
Squash caviar in the steamer
295 - 120м 8
Squash caviar for lazy people, and very tasty and prepared with the least effort!
Meatless mushroom rolls
294 - 60м 4
By submitting these rolls to dinner during lent, you will understand that fasting is not so boring!
Steam orange-banana muffins
293 - 90м 8
Why to make scones, if you can weld it? Gentle, mild, orange-banana flavor. And then the buns to decorate and transform into cakes. Fast and easy.
Steamed buns with purple Yam
280 - 130м 15
Very bright, tasty. You can make such rolls are not only sweet potatoes, but with carrots, pumpkin. Only the correct fluid. It will need to take less. Recommend! Recipe peeped in a foreign blog.
Garlic paste, recipe for steamers
276 - 30м -
A paste of garlic. Delicious spread on bread or crackers.
The pumpkin from the steamer
269 3 25м -
This is for those who loves the pumpkin!